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Saree Wholesale Market Bangalore: Hello friends, Message hunting Marathe, with new thinking, new direction, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company and friends, which creature is today’s creature, today’s creature is going to live and is going to die in road and above diet. Inside, I am going to show you some such concepts, the one that will show us some such patterns, which will prove to be very effective in our coming festival season because you know that the way we will have Krishna, so that our collection will be in business. We increase our possibilities as much because what the customer demands is different, however its different concept that according to it, if we have Tara Collection, all the expressions are there, then we can sell it in the season, we can take good profit but the customer If you can also give much service to it, then I welcome you to this Marathe office in the video and what you are going to see today is going to be stuck, that office showing you the different folds inside the dry will dip you in it and which Krishna residing in him that too being different It is just you have to stay till the end of the video and anything or any career is yours or someone you think should be the quality whatever it is, now and if you want then take a screenshot of it and something is clear for you There is some question in your mind whether there is a business accordion here, a housewife who wants to start a business from home, then on the number given to you on the screen, you can call us here and do business recording, whatever problems you are facing.


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But if you do this, then you will not face any kind of problem and how do you get better service from your customers from here, then you can see that you are going to get the complete work in this, you are going to get that for the whole. Your lace is still not finished, still till the end of the blouse, you are going to get the full lace, which one I am going to stay away from with the trophy border and very wonderful and luxurious and all the customers who have The arrangement is that if you like all these things, then you can tell us by taking a screenshot, don’t like comment Don’t forget and then you have to see this road through WhatsApp video calling, then you can see because there are some customers who want to start a business from their home, it is a small thing that we can do our small work side income from here. If you want to do it, then do the products for them also, keep them at home. You will get and friends business, you know that you could not achieve success in that one day and you will have to keep special and keep one thing in mind, the one who happened in this world, I have laughed, he has created history, people will laugh at you. A will tell you what to do business, but friends, keep you professional, if you are determined that I will do business and achieve success in it, then you have to stand on your men, you have to walk on it, keep going, keep going till you get success It is not achieved because success is not so easily achieved.


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She asks for sacrifice, sacrifices and if you are ready to give it, then success will kiss your foot hunter 1%, just you have to recognize you should walk on your way, the path will open automatically and you will reach your destination one percent but fashion Along with you, you have to walk with the times, you know that the one who is walking step by step with the times is reaching its heights and we have to walk with the times in the same way. And according to the different creativity of the product which is going on in the market today, if I keep the whole collection, then I am not going to face any problem, then you can see that this alarm is taken inside the golden zari on the set but which play? It is golden, diamond ketchup is taken inside it, so in this way all of you are going inside the printer, I am telling you this Particular runs in some state because the demand of the customer is different, you know that Not only this, I am showing you some samples today so that you can get an idea of ​​what you are going to get here.


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Whether you will get the breast or not, the rice that you will get is going to be better and perfect, then the one who will show you from the next shop only with quarters, its full benefit is bad and the whole jail Cancer Internet What you are going to get in this way, you can see it is taken inside the simple sober tone tone trust and there is a fine grain for the cross, many raindrops like us, you can wear this saree on you You can see that the whole of the whole cirrus border has been taken inside the contract and in this way, which of the women are more like at the moment and if you have all the collection with this accordion, then you will get good service to the customer from here. You have combined that the whole is taken only inside it, due to which its look has been great and the beauty of the saree is looking even better, then in this way you will get this concept tree, you will find different patterns here and blouses. Ho, the model village level inside the blouse is what I have taken for you only. It’s looking really very good and whose resource you can get immediately, so which red is showing like this, but next I can see the one showing you, you have taken the whole android side and silver is inside it Hey stone You can do this, the front has taken full ketchup inside it and you can see its border is hardened and inside the students saw what you are going to get the salary and all the things of the festival according to you.


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The only thing you have to do from here is that if you want from such an angle, you want to keep it in this way, then you should take proper care, here you can see the whole thing, but if it is not clear for this reason. And have made up my mind whether not brother, now I have to walk, then you have been given the number above the skin, call us on that number, tender has also been arranged for you from here, so that you are going to understand something like for example Let me tell you that if you can do some 12% like Surat station answer ok, then if the broker had told you that we would not have Which app will you get at a cheap price, so please kindly tell about them, which is their work, if the commission stays in the middle, then they can take you to the wrong place, it may be colder than you. Don’t be tempted, you think I am you, how do you direct this look at Surat 10 I am going to tell you the things you can get, but when I come to you again, the product you will get is going to get better. Inside the golden zari, you have got its bootup and diamonds are installed inside it, so that all the beauty will get better for you and the thing is that if you fear the Kesaria Textile Company, see how you get the response, after that you will find the Kesaria Textile Company here.


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Due to paucity of time I am showing you select product so that you can guess If you will come here, how will the products you get here are made of living copper, then inside the net that Firoz has worked, I want to show you that you can see that the whole sari is filled with Siroski diamonds and tone. Tone and Black According Inside it is full Nilesh, which makes the sari look very beautiful and till this simple sober, the pattern is small or there is a lot of demand for it, then keeping all those things in mind, in today’s video I have placed in front of you and You have come to know that the product is going to be like this, what kind of kidney they are and let me tell you that you are going to get a blouse in this way, if you get fancy blouse like that, then how beautiful are you or not the quality product inside are going to meet and I hope how you liked today’s video don’t forget to like share comment and if you haven’t subscribed my channel then do it now and don’t forget to press bell icon because it’s in short Options can bring us great success inside our business.


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You will get new year notifications which are going to be useful to you in business, you will not get videos, so that you will get information about the product, which new ranger is also available, what kind of creativity do I need, what kind of products will he give you for the video If you can meet through the medium then Message Chicken Maratha Hope you have liked this best and if there is any problem whether there is a business recording, there is a recording of coming here, then the number above is given to you, call us, we will help you with all these problems. I will try to start the video with the new product till then thank you.


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