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Saree Manufacturers in Lucknow: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company of Shikar Marathe with new thinking new direction, so many you must have seen many new videos, but today’s video is about to happen and especially something unique and something special. It is going to happen because you are looking here, there is a whole treasury of midnight work all around me, some of that treasure has been brought for you today in selected pearls, so that you will know that today’s collection is going to be there. What is he going to be like and in today’s video I am going to show you the collection of fancy blouses over plain size which are very much in demand of women that we will go one and a half simple sober, but the blouse they make is of chicken. It should be through or it should be of cheer, it should all be of jerry, the operation of the blouse inside it should be different, so keeping all these small things in mind, in today’s video your Be the one to put forward and especially now you know that the purpose of all the coming legislations are you. Rakshabandhan is going to come after this, many features are going to come after this Navratri.


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According the venue, today’s video is going to be very beneficial for you and in this video I will show you different Vichitra’s inside Georgette. I will show it in different fabrics inside satin but the blouse that is going to be there is going to be something unique, something different is going to be special and on the inside friends, I am going to show you something positive so that you will know that today’s video Why is it going to be special, so let’s start what I am going to show you first quality inside the Brother printer and rubber friends, you will get different designs on the quality that you are going to get, the blouse that is going to get something special. Something is going to happen guys let’s start and if what you are going to see from the print inside the printer, what was it going to be you can see sorry simple sober but unlike the rubber printed Ujjain inside it, the pulse concept is also inside and that border you can see white border its Taken inside, I want to tell you that the blouse you will get is going to be made of chicken work, yes friends were unicorns like this, then you are going to get the complete diversity of the blouse, the border of the blouse you live in this way.


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It is a resident and it has two types of golden and silver color Jain president inside it, apart from which it is named gold-silver and its skirting you can see exactly dyed center question given white inside them you can see Complete in collection which is going to be complete like this I am going to live and I told you earlier that the blouse is the friends of its living and the very unique because it is in demand, this saree will be simple sober, but whatever the blouse is, we need some unique blouse, then just that Keeping this thing in mind, today’s contact is now look at the whole body, which blouse is going to be stuck inside the tone, what is the complete changer or add simple sober and great concept like this You are going to get the complete design in this, you will get many but time bonding, I am showing you one thing so that you will know what kind of collection is going to be, you will get the best fabric within 6 grams which is a Inside you are going to get the different Everest catalog above and in that you will get the blouse, especially the blouse in it, you are going to get the unique one which will be different according to the fabric that you are going to get, then you can see in it.


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It is going to be found inside the apps, you can see that Nehra’s whole look has been taken inside it, according to it, you will get your blouse in tone tone, you will get the creativity of the blouse, you will get the whole fabric inside the whole video, you can see that Which is all the blouses, you get different different quantity, which is the whole of today’s whole, you must have seen many videos in which you will get light Absolutely but today’s bill yes it is completely different, inside it you will be shown all the updates that you will get separately, so what is completely inside the file, the melt is printed inside it and the whole mesh concept inside The provided skirt is embedded inside the whole sari i.e. unicorn is going to live, you are going to get a unique print, which is completely different, just the video you are going to be pregnant, what kind of it is going to be but its white color subscribe is complete You are going to get the whole whole, so I am going to show you and you are going to get its blouse too, friends.


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It is quite simple that inside it you are getting the setting bandage and you can see that you are seeing such a great look inside it, look at the skirting props, you are going to get the blouse, friends, then you will get the perfect unit. It seems to be getting out of the way, you can see its blouse, the contrast is taken inside, it has been taken inside through the whole oath and inside it is the matter of embroidery, then the American surgery which is taken inside it, then picked up a little more concept inside It has been taken and if there will be any Paris cricketer you understand, then send it to us by taking a screenshot of it, you will see that here you see the different different patterns that you are going to get the cords, now look, you can see the whole sari inside gray color It is a plane but the border you see is diamond fitted, you are going to get a plain saree, so I told you earlier, but cultural friends, the contrast is taken inside, yes you can see that the whole lentil concept has developed inside it.


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Golden zari sequences taken inside There has been tone tone inside the contract, the drive work of queen color is done inside it, no figure 34 different change is going to happen, so I already told you which one you are going to get different, so I told you earlier that today’s video and Do it this way, if you can see through the video and if you want to come, welcome me once again to tell your market at a difference of 10 minutes that the market is on the blog servisu and here, in this way you So look here, you will understand that the subscriber is engaged and the concept is going to be very wonderful and wonderful, you can see that the fabric is very light weight and this fabric you are going to get According to her, the blouse that makes her is also very special, yes friends, in this way you are going to get the whole blouse inside by cutting its prison inside the languages, that too golden inside the font state, through its control. Whatever collection you will get, you will get a very different walk from friends.


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They are next sitting side, I am last but not last in this collection, you are going to get many different contacts, you just have to come here once and you think that new I want to visit one time Kesaria Textile Company. Welcome friends, come here now you can see that the entire golden zari has been taken inside it and you are going to get the blouse like this, the background of mehndi color has been taken but the golden will go to the stuff inside it. In a different way, the friends you get on different dates, then this will give you an ID that the concept is going to be like this, what kind of collection you are going to get, then I hope you will understand today’s video Which top will understand which many friends you have, but today especially festival accordion, I chose this tank WhatsApp so that you will know that such different cases are found in different companies under one roof. Different panchayat creativity heaps of saris and if I talk about the number of saris, the number above it You have been given a call to us on that number and you can get all the details, then I meet Marathe in the next video, thank you for the time that they are hungry for you.


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