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Printed Silk Saree Manufacturer: Hello Marathi Nayi Soch, welcome to the new direction and today’s new video is going to be live in this and in the print section, you know that there are many varieties, many different you need to know about it. Concepts are found inside and the more you go down inside it, you are going to get different designs inside it, that is, if you talk about centuries, then you are standing in a sea of ​​prints, but it is out of the sea. I have brought a few selected pearls for you, after seeing the pearls, you will know what kind of variety of prints and with whom you are going to get the collection and what is in Kesaria Textile Company is absolutely in your hour. Our goal is to give better products or better products to the customer than here and we have to stick to the same thing, it is still there and we are going to live in these future and friends, you can see where I stood where I stood. There are only saris but some of them will show you the prints in the selected test.

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If yes, without taking much time, we are going to start the loss within the print section, which is a century which is of daily ware, but all this connection is going to be very beneficial for us in our business too, so today I am the first one. I am going to show you my favorite rangoli fabrics and talk about rangoli fabrics, it is a very soft cloth, it is a shiny cloth, but right now its demand has become a bit high, so I will give you some prints from here which is rangoli. What you have inside the fabric, inside friends, I am going to show you all the new designs, so you are going to get the print in this way, you can see how much shining is hitting the cloth inside it, which is Rangoli.

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Its specialty is that it is the favorite that it kills shining and if I talk about the prince inside it, you are going to get countless friends, the figure you are going to get inside it, they are going to get different and You will never have any shortage of anything in prints, so this is how What is the collection of Rah, you are going to get the collection here and if you want to keep this kind of collection, if for some reason you cannot come, then you can also watch and order all this collection through video calling and The thing being, what is being shown to you in this, that thing will be shown to you here and you will also be guided by the same thing and all the things will be shown to you from here and it is a matter of if you have made a man or not me saffron.

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If you want to come with Kesaria Textile Company then you are warmly welcome why we tell you that there is a lot of difference between watching video calling and coming face to face if you have made a man that I have to go to Surat to see all the collection of Sara inside the Kesaria Textile Company If so, you just have to reduce the number given on the screen, friends, what to do is only for the call, so what happened to you that the person who is our property is going to come here to pick you up and especially the facility of ficon drop is available to you. If it has been kept for you, then all the problems that you are going to face with it will not face all the problems. You will have to do this and here you will be shown all these collections properly, so that you will get an idea of ​​what kind of collection you are going to get inside all the companies and if we talk about prints, then here you will not get prints. Along with the print, you are going to get countless such collections which are going to help you a lot if your business recording is going to help you a lot and apart from the century, here you will get the bridal saree, you will get the direct collection, after that you will get the lehenga.

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You will get all the cotton tops, you will get crop tops, you will get the gowns, you will get the tops, you will get the whole collection of dupattas, the blouses, the collections you are going to get even inside the blouses you will get, the hosiery blouses are going to get its Later, you are going to get the complete collection of dupatta from here, so you are going to get the treasure of suit material from here, then you are going to get all the things under one roof, which will happen that you do not need to hear this sound. You will have the entire collection of Sara The seraction is going to be found inside the Kesaria Textile Company, friends, do not delay and see that the Kesaria Textile Company has kept all the treasures for you, so you do not need to go anywhere with that. Look and let’s talk about the address, then you have to get down so rotation, then you just have to make a call and from there if you want to come yourself then you can also do it yourself, but it has been kept for you, it is 10 minutes from Surat station and Here you are going to get to see the protection of the outside, the address which is given to you in the description box but on milneum market B block 33132 first mala ring road, you can get to see the whole thing here. You can see that there is a fine print inside the crepe, there is a pallu inside it, but the cloth is very shiny and it is a soft cloth, so whatever you have inside it, you are going to get different prints, different treasures and the matter of packing.

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Do friends, you are going to get amazing packing, you are going to get great with barcode with such a complete You are going to get the closure and the quality is going to be exactly A1, so stay cool, then you are going to get this kind of don concept here, you can see how beautiful the print is, along with the blouse that is taken, the way you get the contrast I am going to show you the quality in the next, that is, the weightless fabrics inside the weightless are very wonderful and as the name atlas means very light weight century and you are going to get a lot of prints in it then you can see this The entire print of the whole that is taken is taken inside the flower, in this way the whole mesh concept is going to be complete all over it, so in this also you are going to get the don prints what you have in those prints. You are going to get treasure somewhere you need to go, just look for it and take your business to the heights, then you are going to get this type of Don Peters blouse, you will get this type of blouse in contrast, in the same way Don Patterns will give you prints. What I’m going to show you inside and next I am going to show this type of concept inside the tty, it is a new new one, but with the high demand of such patterns, you can see its shine from here, you will see how wonderful the luxurious fabrics are.

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But the satin strip which is taken inside it is still released, so this kind of concept is going to be found here, friends, you can see that the whole satin strip is taken inside it and you can use the print which is the collection for you. You are going to get it in many different fabrics, so the same status and the prints you are going to get are all available here for you, hope today’s video and today’s joe The quality I showed was understood by all of you, but if you need any information about anything, whether it is business recording or our mothers who are excuses who want to do business from home, then the number given to you on the screen You call on him, we will try to short out all your problems. Go and in the same way, you will continue to get the quality fabrics you have, then you will get the next variety in the next video, if you have not subscribed to our channel, then do it now and do not forget to press the bell icon because this will give you the notification you are going to get. She is going to be very helpful in your business, she is going to help a lot, so see you with the next in the next video, thank you till then bye-bye.

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