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Printed Saree Manufacturer Mumbai: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, if you are looking for a good manufacturer, then I can confidently say to you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has continuous clothing business for years. It is inside us that this person makes all the products that today we have many old customers who have built trust in us. We also add such customers who want to do new business, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world, Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much. Build trust in us and keep placing orders with us from the front because this is a tradition with which we have been dealing, so hope you will also do business with us because this is the reason why we are recognized in your success With this hope now I am in Pune I would say that you join us and do not keep the foundation with the Kesaria Textile Company, thank you very much for this, it was all action Hello friends, do not think of the message in Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome you friends, today’s video is going to be that There is going to be a recording with print and you know that print rape cases are being linked, I am moving and Trent Rollins is absolutely used to it and today’s video is going to create world propaganda and your attitude is going to come, Rakshabandhan is coming.


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And many festivals are about to come and there is some different such bread in the middle of those walls, so this collection which is inside the print, all those checkups are in high demand, so today I have shown all the words inside the printer. I am going to show you select a few prints from inside what is going to be ready and from that print you will be given that how can we fail by having such a collection and we will be able to help the customer. how can get good thing from here and today i am going to tell you The one who is going to bully the print scanner, only the one who shows the phone from death, the one who shows the marble should be the one to show the matter, in this way whatever is the selected print light, I am going to show you all from here, then you See that what I am going to show you is inside the edit phone, which is also called morphine and the print inside it, if I talk about it, then you are going to get all the collection of Sara like this, you can see that such a fine print And at the same time, people have definitely given inside it, the beauty of the saree is looking better than that, so to see the whole collection of this kind, you have to do one thing if you like this type of collection, you only have one.


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To work that you have been given a purse number to the skin, you can do video calling on that number, through video calling, you can see the whole collection of this whole here and you have made up your mind that new I have to go to Surat, go to Surat. By doing this Kesaria Textile Company I want to see the whole collection of Sara then you are welcome and after coming here I want you to do only one thing. That’s why you have to call on the number given to you on the top of the skin, after that call, our happy will pick and drop you from here and will show you the whole collection of Sara why I tell you coat paint for your convenience. Keep in mind that a lot of customers go, it is their fulfillment that we have many people from the station, they disturb us or some pimps would disturb us here that you will give better quality than someone who gives you goods better than them.


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So that you do not have to face all the products, so that we keep the record for you always special for you and you can take advantage of this facility and you can get rid of all these problems, so in this way, the next one who runs I’m going to show you those guys who show you the body at the angle of the answer, my purpose is just to warn you, I told you to come to the 10 shop so that you have to take direct and come inside the Kesaria Textile Company, but our purpose is to warn you and you Just call the number given to you in this video and click here I can come and see the entire collection of live star and I am showing you the video today, just saw the sarees but the collection I will get to you friends is going to be very unique and after that big in the center, you are going to get all the service. I am going to get you a print catalogue, cement works, a bridal collection, and I am going to get all the vestiges of cotton sarees, followed by the bandhi and wahiriya patterns that are torn, just look at her mind. I am engaged not only in Maharashtra, but in all the states of Gujarat, you are going to get this tying and all the work of this pattern here, plus here you are going to get that ghagra, you will get wrap top gown inside it.


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After getting all the bread, you are going to get your petticoat, you are going to get all the collection of blouses and I am going to get you daily inside the blouse, so you can get all the similar questions from here and its later you will get the dupatta will get the gives You will get nighty, after that talk about shuttle, you are going to get all this collection under one roof and friends, I am very happy to tell you that in the coming time, I will get you home in the Kesaria Textile Company. You are going to get a collection of undergarments from Hai Children, that means your search is not going to end all because you will get all the vestiges under one roof, will you have to roam somewhere? You will not need it and you are going to get all the questions of Sara that Kesaria Textile Company, don’t think too much, let’s see what you are going to get inside the Kesaria Textile Company because I told you earlier that the Kesaria Textile Company has its own Jo Quality is there, does not compromise in it, our aim is to make you the best and only we need your cooperation in that thing because you care about the Kesaria Textile Company, friends and when you come here, you have to be like this Prince’s.


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treasure can be found you can see that so much love Have taken the queen but the texture which is given inside it is mind blowing, so in print you are going to get many options here but what to do for that you have to come here the number has been given above the skin, just call on it By doing this, you can get to see the entire collection of this whole here, then you can see that it is so cute that the print is given in it, like this you will get many wonderful collections here but the condition is the same that you have to come here. And you have to see such a unique and lovely collection which friends say that you will not come until you come, otherwise the condition is that you should and see what kind of collection you are going to get inside the print. Such tents but you are going to meet here and next I am going to show you that inside the LS you can see the prince inside it, if I talk about it, then many stomachs are going to be clean here and I have told you first. Told you that you are going to get a wealth of prints here, so you can see that in this way you will find yourself inside the unique prince.


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You can see how beautiful you want flowers are taken inside it, all the beauty and vadas are looking like it and the beauty of the border is looking very cool to you, so you are going to get many such options, that only And just for the time being inside the Kesaria Textile Company so don’t think too much you are welcome and in this way your mind I have some business recording or any other option so I think you have any doubt, we have given you the number above Spain, it is on that number, we will try to sweater it from all your problems because your problem If it is solved, then our problem is definitely going to be in your office, so friends, if you do not delay and hope that today’s video show you how did you like the whole of the printer car, if you like something, then take a shot of it. And if you have any problem with this recording, then ask us how did you like today’s video, don’t forget to share like comment and if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now and don’t forget to press the bell icon friends because it You are going to get all the information of business recording which is going to prove to be very beneficial for you and your business, then you will get next video in next video with next remedy, thank you till then bye-bye.


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