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Kurti Manufacturer in West Bengal: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company of Shivkant Marathe, Nayi Soch Nayi Disha, and friends, whatever is going to happen today is special and special because according to Abhijit, special festivals are going to come. If we have a special collection inside the fruit family on it, then we are going to have four moons inside our business, but if we have prior preparations, then it is going to be icing on the gold, have you prepared before this, otherwise it By watching the video, you will get an idea of ​​why I have to prepare in advance because it is said that anything has to be done in the beginning, if we stand in the last, then we will be far behind and we will not take the benefit of that thing. You will find that all the people are taking it because it is said that change is the law of nature and we have to change it, whether it is our personal life or business, it is our relation that we will have to bring change in anything, its accordion and collection with me.


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If not, then I will be flown in business You may have to face a lot of trouble, so don’t worry now, with what kind of a Kesaria Textile Company is going to give you all the gas lotion, if you want to do new business then how will you get help how? From here you will be given guidelines so that you too can make a lot of income inside the business, if you can set up yourself, then today’s life is going to be alive and kurti is going to be a learning center and kurti will give you something in this center. The person showing different rates should be showing different fabrics in which Krishna you are going to get very different and special friends because they say that if I have the whole collection of Perfect Sara, different creativity will be different. If there is a contact, then I will not face any kind of problem in the business, then do not take tension, be worry-free because the Kesaria Textile Company is sharing 45 years of experience of its career with you, yes friends, how is the Kesaria Textile Company working in the market since last 45 years? working inside and keeping in mind all the things that happen in the market.


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We approve all the things so that the customer does not have any kind of problem, so let’s start today that today I will show you different mridangs inside the kurta, the kurti will fall in it, separately I will show you so that you will know how Kesaria Textile Company is performing so well today because performance is very important and performance is on things, performance is on its product and I want to tell you that Kesaria Textile Company absolutely any kind of deficiency in its product Because our motive is the same that the customer should be given the best product from here so that he does not face any kind of problem inside the business, so today we see different Krishnas who see different remedies inside the kurta. So that you will know that the dress you are going to get here is how you can see that you are going to get things in kurta, you will get it complete from now on and if I talk to you about the range, you will get here right here. But the kurti starts from 10. Yes, it starts on its own from 30. If it goes, you will get different prints in it, which one you are going to get inside it, you will get different prints and if you talk about matching, then you are going to get the whole thing in this way.


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Even if they have been prepared separately, not with the barcode, you will get better product and service of the concept because if all these things are perfect, then our system is going to go in the perfect direction, so what are all different things like this Are going to be found on the page in which you can see that Priyanka has taken WhatsApp, she is with the earth, you will also find different patterns in it, so you will get different patterns inside it, you are going to get a plate and the treasure was very much for you. It is going to be great because the concepts you will get are different so you can see next I am showing you this way you are going to get the tying pattern in this way you are going to get the stomach in dam style and you know The capital a lot of coming Rakshabandhan is coming after that Navratri will come.


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Nice many festivals are coming but if I don’t have preparation according to that, then be worry free that in Kesaria Textile Company you can see through collection videos like detail and if you understand something you like then its By taking a screenshot, you can send us the number given to you on the top of the skin, so that you will be able to see and understand the collection very easily and in this way you will get different fabrics and who can talk in power. So wanted to tell you here that you are going to get treasure inside the kurta inside the suit, just out of that treasure you have to take a few selected pearls and with the help of that idol you can set up your business well, then you can see Yes, inside every person you are going to get a fold like this, inside the golden foil is going to be different non stop, but the product you will get inside it is going to be very wonderful because it was not if the product would be better then your The result is going to be better and I saw you doing it, you are going to have a catalogue.


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I am in which you are going to get MB leadership as well as you can now see it in your arms, till now you have taken WhatsApp with family and you are also going to get its scarf, so what a great dealer’s work he has done inside it. Together it has a total play and you can see what you will get in its dupatta. When you stay in your shop, you can provide better service to the customer, you can see this concept is completed inside the umbrella style, through the center is taken and in this you can see the embroidery along with the boot handed over here Gaya is going to get WhatsApp in this way very much Stay happy and you will get its response, you are going to be really great, so there are two such different concepts that if you keep it, then the response you are going to get will be very good because it is said that nothing is preceded by anything. If we have to make preparations, then you can add this kind of pre-preparation with us, you will get different Krishna, you are going to get seated and inside the suit you will get a lot of relief and by keeping such a collection, you can do your business well.


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If you can take it to a height, then you can see that its scarf is also taken inside a very nice total, along with its full address and which ones you will get, you just have to start, what will happen from the beginning. You will not be behind in that thing, every one you will get completely fancy packing which you will get complete, along with those next ones who will take you with them, if what you are going to get, you will also get the complete packing in such a way in which Different colors so that the fabrics you get are great, stay luxurious It is going to start, don’t delay that you see Surat, you have to call on the number given to you on this number and you can see all such collection by coming here and seeing your business. If you can take it to a higher level, friends, I hope you have liked today’s video, what kind of introduction, anything you want to ask, business recording and if anyone, you have been given a number on the skin, call that number here If you try to start all your problems with this, then you will see in the next video but if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now don’t forget to press the bell icon because this will give you notifications in new videos so that you will get an idea that What kind of appointment do I get, not in the next video but together, thank you Ajay for the same.


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