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Jaipuri Bandhani Printed Sarees: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company with a new thinking and new direction and friends, the one who is going to grow up today is going to be very special and very sweet because today I am going to show you the balance. He will be showing some unique something special, send time is going on, festival time is going on and at the time of festival that you know that the demand is very unique and very special and keeping all those things in mind Today, it is going to be the same proposal, in which you will be going to show different fabric above showing you the different patterns of Lahariya Dam, so that you will get the ID that why today’s video is going to be special, friends. And if we talk about the collection, then the collection is going to be amazing, then we start with above 60 grams, which you can see, in this way you are going to get the whole sari that is going to be found inside the bandha pattern and the matter is skin and skin. So I will show you what kind of operation you are going to get inside it so you can see what the saree is Very cute and tied iPad is done but the work that has been done inside it is done in sequence like stars are twinkling in the day so you are going to see such a unique and lovely collection here and here’s the thing.

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Here I am showing you the collection, you can see all of it from here, so that you will know what kind of collection you are going to get and the pattern inside it, whatever the things inside it I am showing you now see you are inside the wave pattern, you will tie the cutting inside it And inside it, how many uniques are suitable for jhoom and do it in this way, the mothers who die in this way, while speaking, they want something unique, if you want something special, then special and unique for you, we have brought here the whole of the whole. There is a wave pattern but it is necessary and sequence work has been done from inside it, you can see that very cute worker has worked very clearly, that work is done according to it and Budha concept let me tell you that what it is like this Very soon but you will get it but it has completely changed and you are going to get it and friends if you like this way then you can wash through the video but if you decided that I have Surat and Kesaria Textile Company If you want to see the entire collection of Dussehra, then you are warmly welcome from here and if you come to Surat, then you have to do one thing that the number has been given to the skin, you just have to call on this number, keep the decision for you, this pick and end.

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Drop that our person will come to you and pick you up so that you can somehow I understand from here that the blouse of the print I showed you is not going to happen, you can see the contrast has been taken inside, the blouse I took is wonderful, the sequence with the inside medium, the work done in this kind of golden zari. You can get to see what is here, so yes you are going to get this kind of angle, but at the same time when you come here, not only the saree, I want to tell you what you have to do here. With this saree I am going to get you all the delivery, you are going to get the catalog print saree and the thing is, you are going to get all the corrections of the saree inside the diamond joint and you are going to get it here. Bridal collection is going to be available later, people’s decision cutting is very much in demand and you have to keep the whole collection here because you have to keep all the collections here because you do not know which customer will demand what, then you have to have one roof.

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Underneath Sara’s entire collection is going to be found, in which you are going to get the bridal collection, now like If I talk about this saree, then you can see that the work that is done inside it is the golden time located with the jerry and the tone tone diamond inside it is real, which makes all the beauty look very beautiful, so unique collection like this You can get to see here, after that the collection you get here is not like a dam, I am going to get the leheriya pattern, you are going to get the outer pattern as well as you will get an option to complete the complete lehenga crop top, preserving the quality detail to you. Friends are found under one roof, so you can see that in this way you are going to get a different pattern, inside the leheriya, you are going to get a wonderful and wonderful batter and now you can see the thing about the blouse which is inside it. The blouse is taken unique, the typing is taken, the myth is taken with golden zari till the diamond is taken inside it, so that the beauty of all is going to look very beautiful, then the one who will show you in the next will be inside it and you know That special is such a fabric, inside which you are inside as much as you want.

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From the workers, I want to show you the beauty of this fabric that what it is, you can use it even in marriage, which has become true, this type of collection is very much used inside it. Happens and 20 Rakshabandhan is coming, then my brothers and sisters who are special sick of our mothers, I want something different, I want something special, want something unique, then friends want to tell you that in this Kesaria Textile Company you have all of them. Which is going to be fulfilled by demand, because we believe in quality and you are going to get all the perfect things here. The thing that the problem provides should be found above, because when the customer comes to your place, he will see that thing, then he will say, what is the collection, what is the quality, then if his aunt looks good, then what austerity did you do, she became successful because you have collection like this. If it is kept, then all the things that you are going to get are not the same roof.

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You are going to get that fee under the Kesaria Textile Company, so do not delay, let’s see what kind of concept you are going to get here like I was telling you that inside this you will get work in this way inside golden zari After the border, you can see that such a great work has been done, heavy work has been done, diamond is taken, after that idol work is done here, it is with surgery and all the old people inside it It has been taken about the blouse, then you are going to get the blouse in this way, then those who reached showed themselves to the bridal 6 grams, which showed the result in this performance, now what I will show, this saree is very good, you are going to get only inside the phone and only So you will get different prints in which you can see the list phone that you have played inside the discus strip, friends, if I talk to you, Prince you will get this pattern and that I told you earlier that we The section where you are going to get the item while standing there is an accordion to the pattern found like this You are going to find all the things here, so in this way you are simple and sober Jyoti, its demand, you get a lot here, the fabrics are wonderful, now you can see that the Jerry Gold is taken inside it, so all of those that I have found here, you can get all of them under one roof.

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It is full but the special thing about it is that only the border which contrast is inside, so what kind of contracts to add with royal, along with the designs and so on. You can see that you can see the wonderful queen is taken inside the color and the border is all that you are going to get here with the diamond along the border of the search, so you can see who you are full of. It is going to be different and the contrast of the blouse is taken with only diamond lace, so in the same way you are going to get different patterns here, in this you will get this thing that is all perfect. And that thing, by selling which you will achieve your position, but along with the customer who comes to you will come with trust, then you can see that inside the silver coin you are being given a button to tie with samosa border. Together this type of different different one is going to get WhatsApp, he will get only and only Kesaria Textile Company Inside the knee, you can see that the blouse that has been taken has been treated next, I am going to show you the teacher who is going to show inside Ram, the one who is going to be inside the pattern, but the one who lives in its border with the world. Which animal you are going to get is going to be very wonderful because I told you earlier that where we are standing, the patterns you will find, the same accordion will be found inside the wave and tying and its border you are seeing broken I have been taken with Sooraj in this way in this unique and special festival According Sara’s entire collection, I hope that you will understand all the collapses but still if any doubt is clear in your mind, then the number you have on the skin We have to call on that number which is your problem, we will try to start from here, hope you have liked the video very much, then friends, see you with the next video in the next video, thank you for then.

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