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Fancy Cotton Saree Wholesaler: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you in the Kesaria Textile Company of Shikar Marathe with new thinking and new direction and today’s crowd is going to be very special and very special There is going to be a lot of tension that she is going to sit with Swaraj, inside you will get to see all different unicorns, in this there will be different patterns of nets, you will get to see inside her, so let’s start the first video which Let me show you the one who sells chanderi to show you the quality and you know that chanderi is a very light weight fragnet, there are 10 cloths, but which app is going to be found inside it, isn’t it very wonderful? And you will get very cool because such concept is very much in demand right now and you can see that the concept is very cute contact, the zari work done inside it is taken golden zari with different ways. Work has been done inside and with the set up of diamond that has been given to all the people who don’t care very much.


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Looks cool and very cute, you can see that the pallu you are going to get from such an angle is simple and sober, but what is going to be found inside it is going to be very nice, so I had to show you the photo of that photo Out of this, you will get an idea, which type of flower is going to be there and what kind of combination you are going to get inside the time, you are going to see it here, then you can see the saree which is very nice. hai work book is good, you will get the whole concept inside the dhal, in this way you will get your favorite as well as the whole leheriya pattern with golden zari in different swath request work is done inside it. You are going to get the entire collection of this kind of Sara’s from here and talk that as long as the Kesaria Textile Company is here, the products you are going to get here are going to be very good and great because our President is that the customer will get here. Better thing should be provided so that the customer is also happy, you are also happy and what will happen to your business. Roth who is going to stay will not be very good because the customer will come to your place once but if he will get the right product including the thing and will get the price, then he will come to you again and again and at the same time he will come here with such customers.


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Come or those whom you do not know, then it is because of the quality of the product that you have, how is its range, the work you are giving to the customer, keeping all these things in mind, the customer will come to you. And our purpose is that we will provide you the judges, how he is going to live, how he is going to work inside him or how you will be provided two products from here and it is going to happen, then you can see in this way you The whole collection is there but it is going to be available and if you talk about the product, then you will get the product wonderfully because our aim is to provide you better than here only, now you can see what you are showing in the NET. The products you are going to get, they are going to get great Chanderi fabric is going to be found inside But the quality of the work that is inside it is very good and the list is going to be silent, it is going to stay inside this year and you know that the mother who is now those who speak that we only have something inside If you want a new pattern, then keeping all these small things in mind, today’s video is going to be proposed only and you can see that it is simple but the voter which is played inside it is taken then after that.


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Inside, you have different patterns like this, but here you can see that the golden zari work is done with the contrast, but only with the encirclement inside it, all the beauty looks even better. If it is, then what we will do, we will open it and see that we will get the ID inside this saree and how it is done, what kind of concept you can see, you are simple to meet you with this school. With the girl, the concept of this type of laddu is very popular and there is a lot of demand for it, due to which its contrast is so good. It is taken inside the pulse, with only with the embedded tenacity taken inside it, but when all of this comes to you, your business is going to grow as well as the customer will get better things but all these apps How can you call you and you can see Sara’s whole through video but if you have made up your mind to come to Surat, then Surat you come call us, here all the corrections of this Sara will be shown to you the way I am telling you that I can see this blouse has been taken for Contra and in this way you are going to get the complete cut in which you can get the full benefit, then the best songs I am going to show you that He is going to live with a cotton dress, from this you can see his photo, you are going to live like this and with him and with him I am going to do all the work of complete embroidery here.


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It is inside that collection that how you will be given the complete collection and how you will grow best in it. If you can work here, then you can see that the entire pallu is taken, bring the whole of the sun with Siroski, the little ones of the sun are here and they have taken the embroiderer together, you see You can see how beautiful its skirt is, due to which the beauty of the sari is looking even better, so let’s see what kind of flower is going to be, then what will be provided to you from here and living like this Since you have got golden with different threads inside multi color inside it and the concept of jerry has been taken, the beauty of all looks even better. Which is looking even more beautiful, it’s time you can see that it is so beautiful and lively and you can do more, in this way you are going to get the full skirt and the border which is burnt its very software update so You are going to get the cloth but the border which I have is also going to be very cute, so that it is very easy to sell you another one.


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And the thing is, the blouse you are going to get is going to get tone tone, next what I am going to show you, WhatsApp is going to be a little different, this you can see that the whole of it inside the jerry is taken inside the golden zari and The thing is, it is completely inside its setting, this people is going to sell the entire ticket, which 15 has been taken all the water of the updates and Jerry is very cute and talk about the color with the whole border. You are going to get it in this way, then we will see how it is being given to you, the whole color that you will get is going to be very wonderful and the thing is its quality, we will now see what is inside it.


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The work zone is how it is taken because all that matters a lot in our business that you can see how the product we are taking is going to be and golden is taken with it and what is its midding It is taken very well, so friends let’s see how the center and how to subscribe very wonderfully and till gold diamond And it’s very nice so let’s see how to do it with Ghrita, the complete details are here. Soon but you can see the moment you meet, you complete the whole concept with Golden To subscribe, you have to subscribe to our channel first of all, you have to subscribe to our channel, don’t do it now and don’t forget to press the bell icon, friends see you in the next video till then thank!


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