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Kurti Manufacturer in Gujarat: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, if you are looking for a good manufacturer, then I can confidently say to you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has continuous clothing business for years. It is inside that we make this person all the products that today we have many old customers who have built trust in us. We also add such customers who want to do new business, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world, this Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much. But built faith and kept placing orders with us from the front because it is a tradition with which we have been dealing, so hope you will also do business with us because this is our reason why your success is our identity With this hope now I can say Pune Please join us and do not keep the foundation with the Kesaria Textile Company, thank you very much for this.

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It was all action Hello friends, I am a victim Marathi, with new thinking in the Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome you friends today’s Joe It is about to grow up and it is going to happen inside the teaching of kurtas, today I am going to show you such a collection from which you are going to get a lot of benefits and especially the festival which is going to come Rakshabandhan and many more festivals are going to come. And now all the schools have been opened in the college, so the girls who are special here can have their mind that we want top was short kurti, so today I am going to show you all the collection of Sara and after seeing the collection you will say what it is. The collection of this article has been put in front of us by the Kesaria Textile Company through the video, so let’s start that today I brought you a lot of kurti which I am going to show you collection and it is going to be very wonderful and you can see that this In this way, you get a lot of contacts in different prints.

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You are going to get some new patterns inside different inside, so in this way you get a lot of concepts, so friends, here we go, what I am going to show you next, you can see the embroidery is done here and inside it Responsible black shoes, slippers and tips, which looks very luxurious and looks very nice and what is inside the boiler inside it, what I did inside the White House, so those who fight for it even more wonderful friends, so many of you here in kurti like this are about to meet and before that I want to tell you that the collection you are seeing, you can also order it here through video and you can do many things in your business but if you make up your heart. If you come to Surat, you are most welcome, so many of you are getting it here, so don’t delay, thank you, you just have to call on that number which is being shown to you, that’s why I am telling you this. I am to you because this is a very good opportunity for you because all the customers here can get a lot of money. If you have to face all the problems, then you do not have to face all those problems, for this, the number has been given on the skin product, call you on it because the protection vibration of the facility of pick and drop is on you for all our customers.

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It is kept, through this you can see all the collection of this boss kurti here in this file, how much better you have taken the color of it and it is done here below, you are going to see a great collection from here and Talking about the collection, which one is going to get a lot here, but if you do not see the whole selection of Sara, because you can see so many words, there is a treasure all around me, but some of them Kurti was the only one to show you because it will give you an idea that what are the benefits and what kind of vests you are going to get inside the kurtis and tops inside the Kesaria Textile Company, then you can see from many such You are going to get a lot of remittances from here even in simple and sober, now give it inside the kurta You can eat the throat making of it so nice here the embroidery is taken together with all of it and sold it, so you are going to get a lot of it here, you can see how lovely the collection is, in this way you are going to get the network So in this way you are going to see different patterns in this kurti here and this is what I am showing you, which is the page which is inside the whole jerry concept, you can see and the button is taken inside it.

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It looks very cute and beautiful with diamond, so in this way you are going to see many different patterns here and the concept that I am talking to you friends, you will get many things here, this is my request. It is from you that you come here, you are going to get this type of bracelet from here, that too only bracelet is inside the Kesaria Textile Company, so what is it now I have shown you 31 different patterns inside, I am going to show you some stars that tops That the demand is very high inside the cotton so you can see how beautiful white is taken in it, that is with the button Absolutely very wonderful collection, what kind of hero do you get here, which friends you get here inside the top, then this kind of job is in high demand and keeping this demand in mind, this decision is taken by the Kesaria Textile Company What is different, you are going to see different top moon marriage words here, so in which hair I am showing this, it is very wonderful, which one is going to stay for you and this kind of collection when you If you put 101 person on your show, then the customer you are here will not go empty then every time the customers want something new, then whenever you come here, whenever you see a video, then you will get whatever you want.

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Periods are about to come, they are all different and new every time you see friends, so let’s go to the next top I am going to show you, what kind of top it is going to be, then you have a very beautiful top made inside the print But the beauty of the namaste stop with the button in it is looking very nice, simple sober in appearance but in today’s world. There is a demand, it is such a concept, so in this way you are going to get Dros here, inside the top you will find different prints in different points, I am going to meet you here, so here on many services But I am going to get it and I can show you that there is a lot of demand going on in the royals inside the files, so keeping in mind the demand, look how beautiful it is given here with the finance button and the lace in it If you have nerves, its beauty is looking even better, then you are not going to get such prints from the prints found in the royals found here, which are the different friends you meet here, so here you will get kurtis. And in the top, you are going to get the treasure because we try to provide the best things to the customer so that he can get a lot of profit in the business, now we can see in this way which many you are going to get here.

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So this kind of belly which is shown to you in this I hope you liked this collection very much and you will like my You can see all around, what is very tremendous you are going to get and if I talk about packing, then you will get the bench vice of packing in this way and in this you are going to get the market system, if you have lost a lot in Surat but you will get the market The system is nowhere to be found that it is behind this for a long time, this is your very best, you are going to get this proof, whatever you get here, you will get quality white and let me talk about the Kesaria Textile Company which is does not compromise in its quality at all. Our aim is only to give you the best thing from here and if I talk about packing, then you are going to get a complete set of four or five like this with barcode, you can see in which different office If you are going to meet, then you can see many more like this here, friends like this you get treasure here, I hope that today’s video was shown to you in Government College, you would have liked it if you did not subscribe to our channel If yes then subscribe now press that bell icon and comment me whatever you have on whatever If you want to understand, we will try to start with all your problems, then see you in the next video with the next quality, till then I will allow you to thank you!

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