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Dhakai Jamdani Saree Manufacturer: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, if you are looking for a good manufacturer, then I can confidently say to you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has continuous clothing business for years. It is inside us that this person makes all the products that today we have many old customers who have built trust in us. We also add such customers who want to do new business, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world, this Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much. Build trust in us and keep placing orders with us from the front because this is a tradition with which we have been dealing, so hope you will also do business with us because this is the reason why we are recognized in your success With this hope now I am in Pune I would say that you join us and do not keep the foundation with the Kesaria Textile Company, thank you very much for this, it was all action Hello message Chicken Marathe warmly welcome you to the special company and friends, today’s video is that I brought for you It is in silk item on cotton base and today.

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I am going to show you some grade in it then you will know how wonderful and powerful this practice is and if you see this item vestige now you will tell yourself whether not to select this collection for me I can also make a profit by keeping it in my shop, so I am going to show you a better collection here and you can see that I am standing here all around me, that is the cotton section and inside the cotton section, today I am dacoit silk above which cotton fabric I am going to show you some designs on it, you can see that Greg is Norman, on top of that you will get this type of design in silk base and the color combination you have taken inside it is very different. If this is done, then this fabric from which the dacoit silk cotton enhances his beauty greatly. If it seems, we see what it is and how it is designed inside it, so you can see that it is in cotton in such a great playlist, with very wonderful fabric and if you talk then it is called dacoit pack.

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Let me remind you, then inside it you can see that the collection of different types of intelligence has been taken or the concept is very brilliant and alive, then you can see inside it that there is a queen color, green color inside it The test has been taken and in this way you will get its border in the middle and in this way you will appreciate the Mukti collection and those who come inside it, then you can see how wonderful this pallu is, the combination of queen color and printer is taken and In this way now its touchup is taken between both the sides, so great you can see that it looks so great and if you show this type of fabric in front of the customer, then the customer is definitely liking it, I have seen you a Showed love, let me show you the second one, this is the second design above the shampoo dacoit mole and it is like this The great moment you get inside the planet, this is its pallu, you can see and can’t see the rain that has entered inside it is so amazing and I show you all this quick look is going to be like this, see this You are very wonderful its people, in this way the juice is taken inside it, the queen color green color blue color, the combination of this song again for the sari which is beautiful and also you can see it in this way.

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Pallu is about to come and what you are seeing is of fine clay which is tapped inside it, so it makes the saree look even more beautiful, so in the same way you are going to get a lot of collections inside Kesaria Textile Company whenever you visit Surat If you come, the number has been given to you from the top of the skin, you call on that number, after that call, our person will come to click you, then we go to the next collection, the AB dacoit is only inside but its Which one has been played is taken a little differently, so you can see that in this way you are going to get a collection inside the Budha concept and inside it Jerry’s. Paliyal that Gurjari combination which is taken is not so beautiful, it looks very luxurious, in this way the next color combination which is taken inside it is taken very brilliantly, so in this way the resident of sari’s pallu And she talks about half a year, then you have taken different types of different colors in this saree, inside that saree is going to make you better than that saree which is beautiful and thus wonderful you have a question. But if it is about to be found, then I will show you the second friend in it, which is above the cream color, but the color of all four of it is not very spectacular, you can see that in this way the yellow color has been sent inside it.

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By the way, it is white taken inside it, now you can see very good logic, look at this, in this way you are going to get different designs inside it and you can see how wonderful it is taken inside cream color inside it but You are going to get a great collection here, so friends, you are going to get a lot of corrections like this here and if I talk about the collection, then I I am standing here, you can see there is a section of cotton and all around me you can see that you will get such a wonderful collection here, you will get a similar collection from it, but for that you have to do one thing. You can call on the number which is skin pores, you can comment, if I will be on your fee, then we will try to shorten it from here, then what is the next dacoit just inside I want to show you how the other person says You can see the full response here, the full pallu and together you had to show that the inner portion of it is going to stay like this, it is going to stay in a very nice way, you see how different this new one is Only on the inside but in this way you are going to get a full read, you can see that you have been robbed of it wonderfully and it is justified for this that the beauty of the half year is looking even better with the coming of winter, look in a very good way, so in the same way you You are going to get a lot of collection here, just don’t talk to me, you will get Garhwal, you will get cotton, inside you will get cotton.

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You will get different types of checks that you are going to get practice here, in which friends you will get a lot of collections, then you can see that in this way you are going to get many collections here and today in particular I will show you only on person. Because dacoit is just such an item which runs in every season, if not only in marriage, then in every function we do it in every function, now it is better benefit to the customer of the truck, from here you can see the quality There are many but particular today I want you to cancel the order but I am showing you the different operation which is different operation, so in this way I want to show you the second pattern which is different from you. You can see that this is a sari of that color and look at what is inside it, it is a very beautiful pallu and by mixing it means don’t ask everyone has a vibrant and brilliant color, very much like this you will see again in a different way. You say it is more inside it, from the level of level you will get a lot of collection dacoits only talk about the quality and So mind and I want to tell you that how do not compromise in your quality at all, because our goal is the same to give the best thing to the customer and this should improve your business, you will get the progress in the business that you thought It is that I can go further in my business by joining the Kesaria Textile Company, so friends, all these things are possible, but for that only you have to take the extract because it is said that your one small step will take you towards your kind.

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Will take you to the teacher’s side, don’t delay, call on the number given to you exactly on the skin and you are going to get a lot of collection inside the Kesaria Textile Company at the time of saffron, so come and take your business to the heights today’s video friends How did you like what I have shown to the person, tell us exactly by commenting if I want to request you more that if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then do it now because it will give you information, will it not help you a lot in your business? can take it further How did you like this video today and whatever is your favorite, please tell us in the comment box, then we will try to shorten all your paris, so how did you like today’s video, then friends, see you with the next raw in the next video I am thank you till then bye-bye.

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