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Hello friends, while hunting, do not think in the Kesaria Textile Company this year, along with it today brought a new and best video in front of you, today you can see it all around me Blouse positive blouse readymade blouse Rabbit behind this its sea you can see it You are going to get blouses and blouses all around and today’s video is in front of you, I have brought this because the time to come is about the festivals, Rakshabandhan is about to come and many were going to come there, so special for this Ladies are the demand of the people, she will keep fulfilling her demand and keeping in mind the demand, the video that I am taking in front of you today is that you are going to get different reddi’s on top of the blouse and inside the blouse. I have a fancy blouse face blouse and the range inside the blouse is not what you can say, you are going to get it from here, friends, today’s video is going to be a blouse recording Sara’s collection I will show you What kind of credit is Akhilesh to the first one, so you can watch till the end of the video.


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I am going to show you the video that is happening today, especially on the basis of Rakshabandhan, and the Remedies inside it are going to be very wonderful and wonderful, friends, if I talk about the range, then I am here. I am talking about the blouses which are pieces, I am going to get the blouses from our printing and above and you can see the matter inside the blouse, you agree differently, in this way you are going to get the blouses here. And I was talking to you that the packing is going to happen in such a way that the quantity of the blouse starts from Rs.25 and in this way becomes the complement of 10 different color shading you will get here. If so, I am showing you the blouse, you can see that you are going to find so many wonderful different souls dear lord inside it in the neck, inside which only diamond is set up and many more like this you can find here. If I talk about the blouse and the blouse, then you know that ladies people are in special demand and they always have something new. Need something new, but keeping all these things in mind, today’s video is the same style I am showing you here, so you can see that so many fancy and beautiful blouses make you smartly like the way we get here.


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There is a treasure trove of blouses here in Delhi and you can find wonderful blouses here, so you can see how many lovely different types of blouses you get in it and only with the blouses that are coming with it. There is a lot of demand for it inside the market, so keeping this demand in mind, today’s video can be seen that you can see such a wonderful and beautiful blouse in different designs, now I can meet you here, if you see the sequence With the blouse that is here, how lovely ketchup must have been taken inside it, so its different in this way, friends, you are going to get the whole collection of this type of blouse here, but before that I want to tell you that in your mind I have already made that I have to keep the entire collection of blouses in my shop and all the customers of the customers. That I have to fulfill but if you want all the corrections of Sara is at your shop then you can also order all these collections on your own by doing video calling and if you have made up your mind that I have to go to Surat then Welcome to the Kesaria Textile Company at what rate this year and friends, if there is a business recording on a person or if you want to ask anything, then by calling the number you see on the top of the skin, we have called it as much as your diet.


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Business recording has been done from this, whatever it is that is X Y Z, all of it will be done to you from here and if you have already come to Surat, then you have come to Surat, then the number above the skin has been given to you on that number. You just have to call because the Kesaria Textile Company has put pick and drop facility here for you so that you can be saved from all the inconvenience and eyes here you will be shown the whole collection of Sara here you can see how cute -Dear blouse is here, I don’t say, here is the sea of ​​blouses, you will find a treasure here, all those new words You are going to get here in such a way that I am going to get you many blouses with different tapes in different weddings and in this way you can see simple and sober which is with buttons. You are going to get you and if I talk about fancy blouses, then you are going to get the sequence on different browsers which you are going to get in Gujjars in this way as well, that Zara collection you will get in leheriya pattern.


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You are going to see how wonderful the glass work is done inside it, that way you will get round Kailashchandra from the triangle, you will get different types of blouses here and in this way you can see Ho you are going to get the treasure of blouse here, so friends, this is the video of today, you have seen how many lovely collections you will get here and I I want to show you about the matter that in this way you have to be different for those 1 hour here. You are going to get redmi plots, you will get military blouses, you will get yourself in close with different cotton, you and I talk about the cut of the blouse, then you will get different patterns in the sequence from the whole withdrawal picture. You get Sara’s entire collection, you are going to get here, but if you want to see all this correction, then you just have to come here and if you come here all the correction of Sara, then it is going to be seen if one percent with her if you speak.


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Whether or not by video calling me, I can get small blouses here, but you can get a good collection on yourself from only five 10,000, so friends, today’s video was all the garages of this recording, how do you In this way, how do you have your requirements, definitely tell us the first number of the screen has been given to you, on that number you can also tell us what the query is, how you need help from the Kesaria Textile Company. In today’s video, what is the money shown in our video? Please tell me if you have not subscribed to our channel then subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon because you are going to get new notifications and new videos you get from here friends then get in next video new voice thanks for you till then bye-bye.


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