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Women’s Printed Sarees Manufacturer: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, if you are looking for a good manufacturer, then I can confidently say to you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has continuous clothing business for years. It is inside us that this person makes all the products that today we have many old customers who have built trust in us. We also add such customers who want to do new business, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world, this Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much.


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You do not need basic because in this Prince I am going to show you today that you will say that it is very nice to show you the different prints in the different fabrics inside the text box, that is another thing I am going to show you about the health of the catalogue. You know that the ladies who are there, the fabric which is the prince, they should sit inside it separately from the print, which one is different from what I want inside it. I have brought it for you today and I want to tell you that the video you are watching is all around me. You can eat that the treasure of sarees is full here and if you talk about sarees then you are going to be mind blowing and I am going to show you the different fabric above showing you the whole stomach, so let’s start with print catalog center So I am going to show you that text inside the gram, in the product and in this product base, you are going to get many designs in this, I am going to show you through this video in some selected prints, useful in my possession.


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There is so much quality and so many things, so it is not possible to show it inside a video, so for this I have only selected a few prints for you, so you can see that the flower tap is taken inside the prints and the border that is taken Cutwork has been found along with golden diamonds, so what you are going to get here, that too recording different prints, then you will definitely like this type of printer because when the fiber is fast and ladies people’s He always likes it, so in this way you will get 6 grams. If you find many friends inside different patterns, then the beautiful prints of such patterns are elaborated, Kesaria Textile Company will you get any time here and I am looking for blouses. The thing is, in this way you are going to have a contrast blouse because the pattern that comes inside it is different, so in this way you are going to get it in different prints and what I am showing you now is the stick. On the inside of the gram file, you can see how beautiful the sari is and the oil that is taken inside it is taken with golden tab and take samosa for the lace inside it, now there is a lot of demand for this lace with jhaler.


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Along with this you can see but you can see that next I am going to show you the ad and can call it from browser print inside the file, inside it you are going to get different patterns and you can see the place where It has become beautiful with golden zari and it is rising prematurely from inside it is only with diamond in this way you Which are the fairer friends you meet here and I tracked by talking, so which different apps get any time in this, only if you understand any words, then you can tell us by taking a screenshot of it. Yes, but you can see that your friends have taken it in Congress and you know that the contest looks very unique, so many services are going to be found here on this way and next I am going to show this to you friends here.


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But you will be different, in this way you are going to get straight lines now and edit the name of the marriage, if you come here, you are going to get different prints in this way, so talk in print, then friend, I am showing you and Brahmins have a more bad thinking, it is a very unique quality, the friends you are going to get inside it are also going to be wonderful 11, so you can see that the quality that has happened inside the buses with the laces inside You can see the friends she meets you like this, so this is how you are going to get total lace with Joe Brown you are looking It is very wonderful, the layer etc. is covered with dry tuff, so you are going to get a lot of it inside the buses inside it, along with the catalog, you can see how much love is printed inside it, in this way it is Which one you are going to get here and it is going to be interesting, it has taken you in this way, so let’s go next, so many beautiful different types of prints are going to be found inside it, that too by printing different prints on your own.


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And with different design and before that you are going to get that too you will get unique friends so next I am showing you weight like share and you are going to get print inside it how wonderful print you can see inside yellow color very Great but unit friend The person you meet here is so beautiful and after the lace, so let’s have a tone tone here with gum along with beautiful setup on it, so in the same way you have to Kesaria Textile Company here. If you are going to meet inside, I hope that what I have shown you, you will understand every single person. I must have come and I tell you every time in the video after the lesson, which Kesaria Textile Company never promises om in quality, our aim is the same, that the best thing should be provided to the customer from here because for that reason If there is no difficulty in wishing you, then you can see that its blouse is going to go in this way and I am going to tell you friends where I am standing, there is a sea of saris here, you will find many things here.


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If you are going to get, then whatever you are going to get in this way is going to be found in packing, along with the wicket you will get, then in this way you are going to get the whole thing, so I hope you understand what you have shown in today’s video. You must have come and find the particular message, show you the quality, if you are really concerned about that quality, then definitely tell us and to see many more like this, subscribe to our channel and you have not subscribed to the channel, then please do not subscribe now. do and don’t forget to press the bell icon you will get the message with next RAW in the next video I am thank you till then bye-bye.


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