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Digital Printed Sarees Manufacturers: That’s hello friends, you are warmly welcome under the patronage of Marathe, with new thinking, new direction, friends Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company of Ritesh Modi, if you are looking for a good manufacturer then I believe I can tell you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has been in the clothing business continuously for years, in this we this person make all the products, today we have many old customers who are with us, they built trust in us. With confidence, we also want to add our customers today, such customers who do business sitting at home that want to do new business, we also add such customers, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world.


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I can be sure that the Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much, they built their trust in us and kept placing orders with us from time to time because this is one of the world’s traditions with which we have been doing business. So hope you also do business with us Will work because this is the reason why we are recognized in your success, with this hope you will say home Pune There is going to be a print edition from those people today and today I am going to show you some points inside the print section, which our business felt is going to be of great benefit, whereas in Delhi it is all there but it has to be done in its own right.


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Very good by keeping it in the shop we can even refuse the compare and give the best to the customer from here we can give them and today’s pair is going to be that prince above I am going to show you different body and keep it apart with him How are you going to get print on the trees, all the different friends that are there in the flower, I am going to show all of them step by step and after seeing all of them I will let you know how excel companies Whatever collection you are going to get there, there is a clean shiva and very wonderful and you are going to get it. By which we can get a lot of benefits of doing business from here, so without delaying we go, today I am going to show you some fabric inside the prince, which you will know how the face is found here and different- I am going to show you a different pattern, from which we can have many benefits, friends, so you can see what I have placed in front of you and the weight loss is going to show you inside the bus and in this way you will find different things in it. Prince is about to meet and you can see that a completely different grade Goa concept is taken in this way, that’s how many princes you meet here, friends, now let me talk about quality clothes, so you need to think about it.


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No, because at the time the Kesaria Textile Company which is there, believes in quality and does not compromise in quality at all, our aim is the same, if the link is provided to the customer from here, then you can see that you are different in this way. But you are going to get it and in this way both the different prints inside the total box on this You are going to get inside and I would like to tell you that you have made up your mind to come to Surat and if you cannot come due to any reason then you can also do each of our here through the video and in this way you will get many concepts. Yes, you can also watch through video, but if you have made up your mind to come to Surat, then the property number of the screen has been given, you just have to call on that number and our question is that you will get all this information by pickup the ticket from there. You will get to see all the constipation live here and if you come here, then you will get to see all the different Vestiges that we have with you.


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If you can, then you can see, in this way you are going to get many different designs inside the Prince, you are going to get different Moral Favorites inside different Prince together, so in this way which one and a half friends you get here, then this If you want to see from many types, then please come here and see what kind of prints you have here, in this way you can see different Krishna. There is a laugh on the triangle here, it is given in it, in this way, inside the prints found here on good phone service and if I talk about it, you are going to get different fabrics as our customers demand. According to that demand, you need everything here, it will be available to you and if you come, we have kept Vikram Thakur here for you, but if you have any disorder in your mind, if you take business that you want to ask Or whatever MS Word is clear in your mind, then you can also ask us that you have been given a number on Pintu, so the next one I am going to show you the fabric is inside the marble and friends, the marble fabric is very soft and big.


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And you are going to get all the different prints in it, if you see how wonderful the print is taken inside it and the print is wonderful, in the same way the cloth is also its luxurious velvet cloth and in this country you will get The prints that are going to be found are going to be wonderful and wonderful, now you can see the blouse taken in this way. If it is taken in total, then in this way you are going to get a lot of prints inside the marble, friends, so the next class that will show you can increase it further inside the brahmins tree you know that inside it Jyoti is shining and your ancestors have a wonderful flower dripping, look inside it, what a wonderful flower is inside it and what is shabby inside it and its beauty is also shining inside the browser and very wonderful in this way you are different Apart from this, you will also get designs inside it, friends, so I hope that in today’s video you have been shown the cord that I show you, you must have liked it and if there is any disorder in your mind 1000 ask you something.


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If yes then you can ask and at the same time how did you like this video, do comment, share, and you can see where I am standing, there is a treasure trove of prints all around me and if you have not subscribed our channel So Subscribe Now Press The Bell Icon Because By This You Get Many Notifications. You will get to see all the different videos that you give, through which you can do many experiments inside your business, friends, so I hope that how did you like today’s video and what I have shown you about all the cards. If you like everyone, then friends meet you in the next video with different people, till then thank you!


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