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Cotton Saree Manufacturer Surat: That Star Hello friends Message Chicken Marathe with Nayi Soch Nayi Disha, warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company and friends today’s video is going to happen it is going to be inside cotton section and inside cotton you know that a lot of growth In that too, you are going to get different fabrics, you are going to get different patterns and friends quarter means not only the fabric used in summer, inside cotton you will get such words and such favourites. I am going to get cardamom which we can sell it outside by keeping it in our shop and who can fulfill the demand of the customer well, so today I am going to show you some such stomach inside Patan which you can see.


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In this way you are going to get the pallu along with the print, so one is the collection which I am showing you friends, if you like a collection, then you can get it through video also but if you want Made it or not brother, I have to go inside the Kesaria Textile Company to see all this correction myself, so don’t take too long and thought and Do not do that but call in the number given and through this you can be saved from all the problems because when we get down at Surat station in Surat through a lot of customers who go to our place, I get a lot. People harass and cheating happens with us by taking us to a different place, then you can be saved from all this problem, what you have to do is that you have been given a number to pause the skin, call us on that number.


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The person will come to you and bring you from that station directly to our place and after coming here you will get to see it in the best wonderful fabric and red and design Prahlad voice Prince here and you will really say that the sign which is seen inside the video Goes to see all the beans to see us live and we demand from the customer that you come here once because when you come here you see this wonderful treasure, then you get to know which horoscope What the Kesaria Textile Company says over there, it shows everything because our aim is the same.


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If you are given the best thing, so that you can make a lot of resentment inside your business and you can format the customer the best from here, then next I am going to show you the quality inside the moon inside Chanderi cheering and Inside Chanderi, you will get very good designs here, with the donations going to you in different designs, which fabric of different work, which is like this, I will show you that in this way you will get the whole net inside it. You are going to get and leadership is going to remain inside it, but look at the fruits of it, how beautiful is the pallu, similarly, what are you going to get inside Chanderi, you will get the response with the pendant inside and I told you earlier that The beauty of a half is made from the pendant, it shines very brightly, so the fabric you are going to get inside the chanderi like this, along with you are going to get a fancy blouse in such a way that the quality stays in a contrast and looks great. You can see that in this way the whole network of the whole will give you the right of Chanderi.


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I am going to get the rate and friends, this is what I give you inside fabric nikhar and chanderi, we have such boss date option with many different reddi’s, I told you earlier that time bonding happened, I will show you the items only in a few selected ones. I am going to give you an idea that in the cotton section, you have such Vestige which can prove to be very beneficial to you, then you are going to get such a lot from here, so the next one who is going to be my own. I will show you the quota check inside the quota, I know that you are going to meet one wonderful prince in this way and if you talk about the prince, which one Bhairav ​​is going to meet you here with the growth and reach you inside it.


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Like the different princes I am showing you, how you are going to get you inside the tying and you are going to get the design inside the tying separately, but in this way you are going to get inside it, so how wonderful you took it inside It has happened and the cut in the middle is going to be broken in this way, so who should find it like this? If you are going to get you inside Kota chest inside Chanderi, then next I am going to show you the pattern inside the leheriya pattern which is inside the cotton silk cotton, then the leheriya is the examiner in cotton, you will shower Jyoti ladies from the layer in the demand more Be impressed which all should be inside cotton, should be in different development in the world area, then in this way you have to get different figure smith but the pattern which is Leria is what you get in this way different inside it And inside the wave, you will find many designs near you, but in the prints of the figure, you will get different, so many friends like this, which you get here, so in this way you will get many things here.


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If you are not going to get one thing inside the cash withdrawal, then I hope you show it in this video and I have shown you different things inside the cotton, you must have liked it and if you understand one thing If you come, you can tell that there is a screenshot of it and if you have any doubt in your mind regarding the business of your favorite, then you book us, then we will have our retention, he will give you complete information about it and your enthusiasm will help him with this problem. Will try to ask questions from here and if you come to Rover here then it is a very good thing because if you come here, you will be put all the cards here, you will be told about all the things, so that all your The query which is there will be soft and it will take a lot of time for you to setup the business. Friends who get more help, then you can see that there is a treasure trove of sarees all around me, so you are going to get such a lot from here inside the cotton section, so if you have not subscribed to our channel then subscribe Do press the Bell Icon and do like comment and share, I hope and see you friends then in the new video with new quality till then thank you!


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