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Best Designer Saree Manufacturer: How to Kesaria Textile Company warmly welcome you with new thinking, new direction, friends, today I have brought both sides inside the diet section for you, you can see which one I want to show you which is which one. There is a free contact with the finance border and which one you can see that it was, but we are at the forefront and you know the concept that there is a demand for it everywhere so you can see that its How is the work done inside, how is the work done, you can see that golden zari with blue color embroidery has been used inside it and now you can see the water that its width is given in such a great way.


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And on both sides you can see the work that is along with the border, friends you can see it is white but when it is filled in a nice way, the blouse which is taken is in contrast and inside with Congress The lace which is taken on the blouse is also taken as necessary, so if you have many such points with you, then you can see And friends, I want to request you that we have quality is available but all can’t see you, if you want any one that they have tech account then you can call us on denga number and tell in comment that We have to see the question like this, if we want to see more like this, then I will be able to show you that thing, then friends sit on the side while walking, I want to show you that it will go golden inside the concept, inside it is ketchup taken and This chain is taken inside the zari, so in this way you are sitting a lot, you can see that MB is taken inside it, it has a combination of thread inside it with golden zari and inside it is excellent works And from the angle of the north, you can get to see us here and there is a lot of variety like this which is available inside the Kesaria Textile Company by taking how to fix it, I can not tell you every quality in the video but if you want to see the particular that which Like, what kind of snake lives inside the Kesaria Textile Company, then you visit it and you do not know this.


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I say that in which tractor do you think so first, then you come to Surat first, see how you get which one and after seeing all over the place, after understanding how you come inside the display And you can check yourself that till you are given quality here and I can tell you that quality is not compromised in any way inside the Kesaria Textile Company and you can see that its blouse is taken in contrast. The next quality is like that for everyone, I show you that you can see that the zari work is done in such a wonderful way and the zari work is also done in a complete way, you can see that the border It is taken inside and inside the golden zari you can see that the work that has been done is done by you with diamond touch with diamond, then its beauty increases automatically, friends, you can see and the work that has been done.


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Inside the party, she has done the work of Sikandar work in a very nice way with golden zari, let us tell you that This burn now you will get the detail inside it and inside the whole city, now you can see so this way we have Elva Edison inside the special strange and you will get to see that fast which is my request to you Visit once, see what kind of tree, how to drink equal, then you can get to see many things and if you want information about any quality, then you can call us on the number that is coming on our skin. So it will be easy for you to guide us towards the next flight, you can see that the diamond step is taken over Vichitra and taking the golden zari along its border, then the whole diamond is with it then you can see That is such a great work, its so beautiful, you can see that the scooter is all given here in such a great way with diamond, with gold and diamond, in the best way, with the word of blouse in it and and I want to tell you I am that this is a blouse, along with this if you have a requirement for a readymade blouse, then I would like to include it.


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There is a wide range of blouses that you can get here, let’s move to the next earth with golden zari. Great concept with golden zari dal and Tata consultancy and its border you can see the tone tone has been taken with red color in a very nice way you can see its look very nice when you wear the lace. You will get the beauty of this blouse, this is the last part of the blouse, you will get the complete lace here and friends, I want to tell you that whenever you visit Surat, how often do you come inside the Kesaria Textile Company once you are here.


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But the facility of pen drive is also available, so it is requested from you that whenever you come to Surat, now you can call us, our love facility is available here, so we move to the next sitting side you can see that inside it Salary and with whom is it for Jerry concept and with family With this you can see more colors, its beauty is piping and tone tone has taken diamond with jerry inside it you can see that this is such a beautiful beautiful saree so in this way we have so many concepts and which are so many That I can’t show you to us with the restrictions of us, we have a lot of details but friends show you some in Marathi You can call us and we can forward the bed you need information about, then see you in the next video with a brand new one, thank you till then bye-bye.


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