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Saree Manufacturer in Jaipur: Hello, the festive season has started, inside which you all know that you are busy purchasing very quickly, everyone laughs online shopping, join us and complete quotations are made here, here you can see. It is that the samples which are ready are the parcels which are yet to be packed and all these passes will be displayed very quickly so that you do not face any problem in selling, just like today’s video. How are we going to see the entire sales office of the Kesaria Textile Company, what changes are we going to get this time, here you can see that the whole of the Kesaria Textile Company, you must have been seeing Puri’s Puri which is branding. I am going to show you the complete office here and here you can see completely what is there now, we have entered the entrance, which is going to be the reception area of ​​the Kesaria Textile Company, here you can see Whenever the customers come, whatever is there for them, they have any queries to solve them.


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So sir are always ready and what is in their language, they also get sales executives so that they do not have any problem in purchasing and knowing their test, in the same way you can see the account department here too. It must have been so that when they select the variety, their bill is also generated as soon as possible and if they want to take the parcel or take it by hand, their facility is also available properly, so similarly when you use our Together we do online purchasing when a quotation is made, then here you can see, in such a way that what is your variety, which is done separately so that what is there as soon as possible which is also ready to be variety packed If we go, now we are going to burn in our sales office, where we are going to see what variety you are going to get here, so now let’s go to the sales office of the Kesaria Textile Company, where we are now live purchasing also We are going to see that too because it is morning time but the customer is like us.


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They stay connected and they also want that we should collect our variety as soon as possible, so here we have come here in our office, which you must have been seeing a whole heap of centuries here because Kesaria Textile Company, which is a century inside you, you get treasure here, every concept which is you are going to get different style of accordion, you get the test of All India, you get it from one place, so likewise our The collection here, you must be looking at, the quantity starts from 45, you can see that the variety you get is completely color chart, you are going to get perfect here and other than that whatever bunch you will get from here. The barkoni system is going to be visible on each variety because this thing happens so that the customer also has a confidence that the variety we are seeing is going to be the same collection from us because it often happens that when the customer Even when they come to Surat and do their purchasing, then they have a rate that there are many brokers somewhere, they are not in the wrong place.


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If the price is shown something else, if the price is not sold at any other price, then how you will not be seen in the Kesaria Textile Company and similarly here you can see the variety that is Puri’s Puri without lace You are going to get the concept of border here, within the century, which you get segment wise variety here and you can see that even without lace, you are going to get such lovely cute concepts in which you have some rubber. Printing designs are available with brocket blouses, so now we have seen the whole segment of our love without lace border of the century and now we move ahead as far as you are going to get, meaning weightless type sarees That even there you are going to get the All India Test Perfectly here, then you can see what is here Perfectly you also get the complete variety of box packing which you need along with the catalogue. If you want any concept, you can find every variety here.


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Now we are in the next segment because of our efforts. Yes, the collection is so many that I may not be able to tell you even through the overall look, for this you have to connect with us directly, you get the facility of video call so that all these collections which are there, you can easily find them in your own language. You can purchase by joining with Sales X children because you all know that Suraj which is the biggest hub of the textile industry, you also get a lot of brokers here but we have to keep in mind that where we are the most. If you have come to visit first, then first of all, you should visit there so that all these collections will be able to guess very easily, then you can see the variety that is going to happen now, the complete suit section of the suit materials is going to be here. There is unstitch variety, which you all know that women who like to wear Silva’s variety more, then special designs are available for them here that means if you want bite test, you want some cotton variety semi work heavy work banarasi which Pakistani You can find all the varieties like Suit Materials Lawn Cotton here.


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And what is inside it, according to the different fabrics, here you are going to get the designs, here you can see the complete segment wise you get these designs, in that too you are going to get the whole bunch vice, you want light color. Dark color is needed, in this way, you also get the designs according to the concept in Puri’s party, it is very important to know about the fabric because you all know that if we are doing business of clothes then till then we Till then there will be no information about all these designs, so we will not be able to tell the customer well how we are going to get the collection here, that’s why we have here in every segment, you get proper sales executives so that they can do these.


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About all the designs, we are able to tell you very well which test is going to run inside which area and what kind of variety is going to include you too, so quickly buy all these collections whatever you have. If you go out of stock somewhere, then you will have trouble purchasing varieties. In c, because what a manufacturing company is, it makes a lot of varieties, but at the time of the season no one is fixed as to which collection you are going to get here, so I hope today’s full variety and entire segment Through this, you must have come to know that how you are going to get good designs in the Kesaria Textile Company, so what is there in the days to come, some more New York varieties are going to be included here, which means that a lot of new sections are going to be included now. If so, then you will stay with us like this and you can also subscribe to the channel of the Kesaria Textile Company so that you will continue to get notifications of new videos and you will also get the details how you get the collection here. Till then thanks for watching!


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