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Banarasi Sarees Suppliers in Varanasi: Every time we find some such collections which are the most different and but all of you are worried that what we are going to invest our hard earned money, whether we are putting it under the right vigilance or not that you all know. There are many types of Bigg Boss but it is also necessary for us to see that through which business we can earn profit, so in today’s video there are going to be some similar products, so how can I Himanshi new in Kesaria Textile Company? Warmly welcome all of you with thinking and new direction and how retail companies all of you know that there is a manufacturing company, this is the biggest manufacturing company where you can not get the complete protein of women’s world here. It is every pattern, every design, every pregnant wife means that we get every variety like this saree, scooties, language, dupatta, plazo suit, material slang as well as whatever is there, now I have told this and we have a collection in recents.


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It is but very much water, you will get updates of many more collections. This is the one about which if you want to know, then you will subscribe to our channel so that you will continue to get notifications of all these collections as soon as possible, so today’s collection is going to be our collection Banarasi silk, this Banarasi concept is such that That is liked in All India, but the get up of it is going to be different because it is made according to the whole wing, you can see the first article which I am showing you, you will get something in this way. Look at this police, you are going to get IT inside this Banarasi silk, inside which you can see that our only colors made in very beautiful pallu have been used inside it, zari work is liked inside it but in this You can see the silk threads that have been used, you are going to get a son-to-phone, and with the sari, which skirts you get, you can see this saree here, you can see the small and big boot here too. You are going to get the work and it is made according to all the machinery and equipment, so this time What are the collections of P, how do you get state wise in the Kesaria Textile Company because we deal here only in more settings, order is not taken in single piece, definitely take care of it so that the details of all the collections are now linked from our side.


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Means you can buy this saree through a call, please buy it, then let’s go to the next flight, see what the next collection is, it will show you in all the new means that right now I am completely inside this whole but it is for you. It is going to be a complete and soft material, inside which you can see that all the work has been done in gray color, inside the whole pallu you are going to see this pattern, through which you can see that there is a design with quantity. There are those who are our women who are more sharp, then there are perfect varieties for them, as if you tell everyone, then you can see that they are designers of that way, complete in this way you get this pattern normally for small and big functions. According to this variety also runs in more trends, so I told you Taya, here is how our Kesaria Textile Company Banarasi Sarees Smart 210 is starting and going, inside which you want the collection of pattu saree, Kanjeevaram Dharma complete or which sandal should accord with Navvari saree or something else inside the seal Equal in this variety.


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You are going to get that contact too, see this is the next variety, in a similar way, it means that the festival season is going on now, then something similar is going to be a concept in which you can see that this pattern has been made but Here you also get the proper texture of the diamond of sewerage, with complete planning, the bell button has been made here, the small designs which are not there, they are made here with a lot of pension with a lot of turn, so its what The border is the most different, you are going to find a wonderful collection here in which we can see that you are going to be disturbed in the same way in the whole saree, take a look at this new design, the collection that is next, in this way you will get some kind of Leria’s. What is going to be found inside means that there is also a wave pattern inside Banarasi. In which you can see the whole pattern which is similar to skill’s accordion but the zari work has been done in its accordion and here you can see Sibal’s timer which is very pension with touch here This design has been made according to the given whole mile, that means that you are going to get printed together, even after using different, this whole concept is not going to get spoiled, so there are such varieties that we have here which is only from the front.


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Starting is done, inside which you will get different different collections, yes, if you want figure design inside it or you only want complete design in this way, according to triangle, here you want some superintendent of police titan, then that too the concept is the same. If you get it from the place, then why see the next design, whatever will remain inside the cotton, it is Banarasi but you are going to get cotton Banarasi silk Fix Banarasi mummy, you all know that and the knowledge is clear Cotton fabric is that What’s with the Seat Varieties More percentage goes, I am going to show you the whole collection of turtles inside the mix, so see this all the variety that I am going to get you inside the complete bell pattern, inside which the work was done very carefully, that too inside the flowers and here From this you can see the pallu very easy different treatment you get inside it means Ibrahim suicide which is the loop it is not that type of gesture collection you get banarasi silk saree in it too then all these collections are official even more for that If you like this type of sarees, if you want to change while sitting at home, then you can clean it very comfortably, for this, send a message to the director so that you get a good response from our online team. The flight is from the customer, who I comment and tell that we are not able to get the response, so what we apologize to you for that, it gets delayed from here that we also bring a new collection for you.


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And this is a completely new pattern, which you can see is the new design of 2022, inside which you are going to get that double border, in some way you will get the belt pattern, here you are going to get small blouse designs and This is also seen according to some ladies a concept, you can see it is very cute circulation Allu because I would be a thing if we want to buy a sari, first of all it is necessary to see how we are going to get the pallu, then the pallu is very The special you are going to get here, inside which you can see that you get a complete design, you take turmeric saris hot, then it must be noted that it is necessary to have a proper cut of the Sixth Day that along with it we get blouses. And at the same time we get all the bitter so that there is no problem in wearing If it does not come, then here you are going to get sarees only along with sarees and if you give a separate Banarasi blouse selection, then you also get that from us, the next guide is going to get you inside some light colors. It is a very simple folk, if you want a professional for that, then such variations are very much available in which you can now see the pallu you are going to get right now, in the same way you will get the oil along with the Zarine lining, you can see the very turn.


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There is a zari line made here with these small beauty along with it and you can see the border so it is very unique because this whole collection of something bad happened to you, you are going to see it here. And inside all these designs, you are going to get a fringe look that the loop of the saree is visible very well, so whatever collection is here, you are going to get it inside pure Banarasi only. If you want inside cotton, you will also get a scene made of cotton, if you want inside Kanjeevaram test or coach you will get fattu sari and tomorrow If you want some broad border inside, if you want variety, you will get everything, although here you will get the statement back from the green collection, then here you can see many sarees, you will be getting to see the view of which inside. If you need some variety of box packing, then which one you are going to get here, then here we have a collection which starts from just ₹ 40, if you want this printed saree inside it, if you want this printed saree, you can return the catalog. Want semi-very heavy and cotton saree, which of these Banarasi traders want a variety of digital prints? If you want to see then don’t forget to press the bell icon immediately because until you refresh the bell icon, you can not get the information of the new collection, so if you want to see more designs like this then Click on the i button to get more voice of this method Will get the updates of jines and Aftab is not going to lag behind in inputting in Russia at all, then I will keep laughing with News New Collection Till then money stay with us, whatever is the comment, you will definitely do which area Would you like to see the variety of the accordion?


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