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Ladies Banarasi Sarees: With no thinking and new direction, how Himanshi has come back from the Kesaria Textile Company by taking the mark of them with new varieties that every week there are some changes happening inside the designs that it is also necessary to move with the times so that we If you are able to give the details of the new collection very easily, then you can see that the whole Banarasi concept is going to be there, where you will get more than one pattern wherever you look. In which you go to many collections, now if I talk about the collection, then here in Banarasi, who gets 210 starting only inside it, the way catalog wide variety is needed inside it, you need variety of box packing, you also need many patterns in bridal concept. If you get it, then for more information, the numbers that have been given on your screen, now definitely call once and tweet otherwise so that you can get to know about all these collections very easily, then we talk about this website. So, in this way, you will be able to reach Banarasi in this way, which is variety first.


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It is found inside which is a very nice design that there is a color button and you all know that the summer season is going on and many more so it happens in this sometime the morning the functions inside are some light colors It happens that dark color is more liked, then it is such that it is very much liked in functions in the sun, it can be found from afar, you can see that the whole is complete, get this design inside cotton. Whose complete comes in golden color tube and which you can see the whole pattern has been made that you get inside it that if we talk then complete laugh damaged length is going to be found inside it, now the matter is catalog and non So of the catalogue, here you will get all the variety with the figures, for this you will stay till the end because today’s duty today’s pair is going to be science, it is going to be very special variety, so birthday new design suits designs which She is about to come too, she is about to come.


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Perfect design for the perfect bride because there is red color too but inside red color you also have to Very classic design is available means that you are going to get the complete traditional look inside it, then you can see that in some way this complete design is found here, here the whole Siroski diamond of silver color has been used with pallu In this way you can see one sided one sided you get the complete pattern which is made of complete golden zari and K accordion now the blouse which is going to be of this you can see the whole border concept with you here But the blouse goes to the golden color head, we have used three with its diamond and send it the variety, you are going to get a perfect play list set up of five PCS, then increase the new design and all this variety which is now home Those who are sitting sitting can also look once through PDF, the rest now come to Surat anytime, definitely win because you do online purchasing, but if you visit once, then it becomes easy for you too.


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Catalog you get Catalog what will remain In this way you can see what you get Colors Designs You get to know very easily if you like any of these designs Quickly take a screenshot Collect it so that it becomes easy for you to know the price of these, to know the price, you have to do this, it is necessary to connect with our online team that you can see the guidance that is available from them only. The entire pattern that is going to be made is made inside an important favorite. Inside which you get the whole different design of the stone which is golden colored stones, you get the patchup and the main thing is the pallu so you can see the very highlight pallu concept you get which is normal these functions which are It is possible to wear such varieties very comfortably even in the sun within the morning time, because summer is the season, in which we like to wear such colors, which make us entice ourselves with the eyes, such design is the time to progress.


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If you get the design combinations from one place here, then grow now inside the new design because new designs are going to be seeded, if you get it inside the premium collection, then you can see it some more in this way You are going to get a lot through box packing, you must be able to see the catalog, in some way you get the catalog and in this you can also see the pattern, you get the complete strips set up, in which you get the color very much. The special ones are going to be used in the regular routine, while the color combination Nor are you going to get here, now you can see that whatever length is there, it is also necessary to be complete, then you will also get this one-and-a-half inch plus, and in this also you can see that the whole is complete.


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Just like that and it grows, we went to the net variety and which is going to be very special because you get the complete bridal collection here because you can also use the recording of cigarettes, then you can see the complete Banarasi Concept Golden Zari With time you are going to get this complete work inside the saree and there is a Banarasi saree because you all Know that in the name of Banaras, it is necessary to keep the variety from so many families, so you can see this mask that you are going to get the whole full length here and this whole tight fabric is going to be inside in which you can see In this way, you get the Motu Patlu concept, it is absolutely the waste material you are going to get here, in the same way you get this complete design with great detail because the work of China is such which is the most different and such Variitis Jyoti is not considered very special for a traditional look, so whatever information you want about all these collections, then call the numbers given on your screen here and definitely need with us about the rest of the price.


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We are not able to tell you because you all know that there are some wholesalers also there are retailers who start doing business by connecting with us and in the same way you should not find any problem in setting up the margin, its full attention from here. If it is kept then I will come with some more new collection but till then you can like and comment. Do visit so that we can get to know many more information about it, that means I can get the information about how your test is going to be very easily, till then stay now Shravan Yadav.


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