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Ladies Banarasi Saree Manufacturer: Hello I Himanshi, Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking new direction welcome you and which of our Kesaria Textile Company’s youtube channel you all know how this Kesaria Textile Company is surat’s best festival manufacturing company means it is the only way That if we have to do business that too of clothes then under one roof we get complete collection of ladies wear that you all know we need only one chance to do business, we will have to think within the opportunity. That is, with which manufacturer we should join, from where we can also get full help and variety DJ with full quality, so what kind of Kesaria Textile Company is ours, here whatever variety you take, you will get absolutely hundred percent quality.


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You will get it together and the latest patterns that you sleep are in any variety, you can get them from here, so today’s variety I have brought for you, can be seen even inside the upcoming Banarasi which is there. You are going to get all the banarasi sarees with jack mole pattern if you want. That too concept here, if you get it in the same statement at the same place, then let’s move on to the varieties now, so the varieties that are happening right now are the Banarasi concept that we have here only two and it’s starting.


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Inside which it can be seen that the whole of it is made inside the jacquard pattern and it will remain inside the cotton, which means that there are varieties of cotton silk, and who brings their own for you, then you can see it. Guru is more beautiful, this pattern and a very cute design has been made inside it and you can see the color combination in it, which means that the rich and royal collection is not what you are going to get inside it, then you can see this pallu which You are going to get the whole thing inside the red color, you get the silver coat Kapoora, you can see inside that too you can see multiple colors as well as small booties, you are going to get this Banarasi contact right now.


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Know that there are various designs of puri in which you can see that the border has been created. It is very valuable because the border that is inside it is not the whole of the golden zari and that too inside the bull pattern, you are going to get the length that if we talk then you get the complete language of such a small saree. Inside it can be seen that this pattern is very beautiful, the Alvin design has been made inside it, now it is cotton but we can say what it is, at this time you get this pattern inside Jesus that the material which is of Banarasi You are also going to get a lot of that inside and you can see that a very cute prison warder has been made inside it, now there are such varieties, you also get a fringe inside the pallu, you can see that it is complete in this way.


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Here you are going to get the patti concept, which enhances the beauty of this saree even more and such Banarasi sarees are always at the forefront for the traditional look and not only that our only It is liked more in India itself, but it is very much liked all over the world, either this saree is worn according to the saree and its lehenga is made, from here send its word type pattern and wear it very much. If yes, then I would like to tell you that now the festival season is going on and if you also want to make a lot of progress in the festival season, that means you want to set up your fans for the clothes business, which all such contacts are very much now.


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If you can buy it easily, then you can see this of the birthday next design, it is coming next week, who will do this inside the mau saree, you can see very many colors that you are going to get, it is made from inside But it is a very material that has been used inside it and it has If you can see, then you are going to get it, but what is found here is complete and I like it very much that apart from that, we remain incomplete, then you know if you have liked it, but if If you want to know about all these collections, here you want to take this screenshot immediately so that it does not become bright so that you all know that now the festival season is going on with great fanfare, purchasing it very If it is going on in full swing, then many varieties are not out of stock, then when you can order all these varieties with a minimum budget of 5,000, then if you can see this, then this saree is going to be you, you are going to get this pattern very much. The cute little one inside it which you can see in the bright colors mine and it can be seen that the whole of the saree is complete, you are going to find Marathi people inside it that it is very much liked in Maharashtra, there are small and big functions. Whether or not someone’s marriage will be there, neither all these things are done to them very much, so here you can see. It is very beautiful, everything is made, in this way you get the tight design of the triangle, here you are going to see only more pattern and the pallu will be there, you can see it with small beauties which here you can see the pattern. It is found that sari traditional look is found here with fancy design variety but pallu is always what fashion accords traditional, its accordion is going to be in demand every time and women like it, it is always that some such patterns get to hear.


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Go that till today there is no pattern anywhere with them, first of all, you are going to get something like this in this way Banarasi sarees are used along with golden silver and then see the length taken in this way. Whether this variety is going to work or not, the same accord that you can purchase all these varieties from here, then I hope that if you want to see from the olive oil side design, then I will click the button immediately till all these Collection that you will keep getting notifications that you all know that if you are working hard then it is very important to get the fruits of your hard work, so here you can see that in this way you get box packing which is You are going to get plastic box packing here, if you want some bridal, then in this way, whichever bridal you go to us, then if you want to see a view of all these collections, then you diet join us. This means that whenever you come to Surat, do visit once, it is only five minutes away from the station. Millennium Market Moon of Verses chapter-2 All this variety can be ordered Jobs and Wise Worldwide shipping is available, if any problem is not going to come to you, then Himanshu will pile up with some new varieties till now we will remain like this thank you and If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, then do it by clicking on the bell icon so that you can keep getting updates about it, along with it, you will definitely tell by commenting, don’t forget at all that if I comment, then we get angry even more. is what we bring for you next time.


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