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Banarasi Silk Sarees Suppliers: Hello I Himanshi, Kesaria Textile Company With Nayi Soch Nayi Disha A warm welcome to all of you once again and as you all know how to Kesaria Textile Company which is a manufacturing company where you get ladies bank collection It means that if you are doing business of clothes, then you get very good help from here that what variety you should keep, now you will be able to see far and wide that you can see many collections here too. You can check that life is going on here, sales executives are found in your own language, but how the product is going to be priced in its price and especially in your area wise, what kind of variety goes, then you will get all its ideas from here.


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If you go, then here you can see all the varieties of this saree you get segment bhaji and here you can see all of it, which is Banarasi, which app is going to be available to you, which tree goes to you bridal like this Let’s talk back typing the top would get backpacking like this Which is what you can see, you are going to get the whole catalog wise, now in this also we can see that you get this premium collection in varieties like you, which is going to be very cute packing inside you, now in this now On seeing the designs which are going to be very special, the special bridal collection is now available here, which you can see there is no shortage in Colors Marathi because you want regular color or something like this. From this you can see that if you want bright color then you get it with catalog as well as tattoo’s are easily available so that you can also easily know about more colors and you can also convince the customers very easily.


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Even more now the batter is at the stage but we should not think at all because if I want to give an example, you would like to give an example to us from the Kesaria Textile Company which started with only the fabric that only inside the big they made one and a half saree designs after that They started to improve the variety which means that if I talk we get Ladies Bank Collection here, in that saree I will take 38 but dupatta plazo suit materials and blouse along with each such variety and a new segment first It has been done that inside the bedsheet, you get it inside the pure cotton, inside the expert’s cotton, you also get a lot of variety in it, you get everything in the manufacturing cost, in the same way a supportive bonding is not that.


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To be a lot It is necessary that if the intention is to be noble, then it means that we get the destination like this, then so is today’s generation, keep the same concept and the sun which you all know is the biggest hand of textile, in which the first If I wanted to take the name, then how is the name of the Kesaria Textile Company taken because which has come to such a big stage because the bonding that a customer believes with the quality wich product, we have kept it that way because Deal in the same way every time, you get only good varieties of yoga, and with the quality, you are getting the same price as it, how we also want to tell you that if any collection of the varieties we are showing you If you like it or business related, you want to take any idea and you can also add it to see with us, then now we move towards variety, then you can see that the floor is going to be variety, in this way you will get inside Banarasi. Only you get the whole golden wing inside and you are going to get it because it is difficult to see from afar.


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It is very attractive collection and in this you can see that now what is going to be its pallu concept, you get it very wonderful, you can see it looks like we have got some bouquet type designs here By the way, the complete pattern of the type is going to be found and every time in Banarasi, the highlight of the border is that it is the most liked and in this also you can see that you will get the complete pattern of the type everyday. Meaning that you get the don’t designs here, there is no shortage of colors too, why the increasing neck design, so the neck design which is going to be done now is also going to be inside only, you can see the whole of you Which is golden zari and many work is going to be done, special and bathroom Banarasi sarees that they bring for you, even now you must think that you bring sarees, every time they say that through there and but special all these sarees inside it You get the right time and in this also we bring only this passion variety for you every time but If you want to see many more such collections, you can click on the button as soon as possible so that you get the details regarding all these collections, how to mix your patterns and which designs you should include in your business. If I should, I should talk about the color now, but I must say a special day before the color that we do not order for a single piece here and it is dealt with only in the setting that we have everything here for you.


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You can see St. Rise is about to come as you can see that the new design has arrived, now you can see the packing, it is very cute, now the packing is available, how you are going to get the full logo of the Kesaria Textile Company here and so on You can see that you get the complete catalog as well, which is how the Kesaria Textile Company is going to be the brand and inside it you get a complete 5 inch set up, so take care of the new design which will keep you regular. If you want color or if you want some English color or want Siddharth color in this way, then the pattern Not if you get it here, then you can see that in this way you are going to get this complete design with multiple colors which you can see that the Camry Chain Royal Collection you get here is the beach silver zari Work is now used in this and here you can see that the sticker of Kesaria Textile Company is going to be found on every variety, inside it you have got the design and with it the fabric and it is going to pop that’s why you have to go here But if you get it manually, then this is the thing that we want to tell you that whatever collection you juice from here and you do not get the set voice but you get a screenshot well so that you have the complete victim facility too.


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Here’s how if you want catalog, want non-catalog variety, every single WhatsApp is going to be available, only bar coding system is available to you, till today, anytime you come to Surat, then how must you visit the Kesaria Textile Company which is from the station 10 inches away is the champions in Block 530 Sure, inside Millennium Market, all the variety that is there, you can see for yourself, feel yourself and observe yourself, you can purchase from here, so stay with us and if you liked it then hurry up Please like and comment soon so that we also grow And we get to know which one is going to be liked, so thank you till then in the next video.


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