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Banarasi Silk Saree Wholesalers: That the variety that is going to happen today is going to be a Banarasi saree, inside which you get the concept of Deru here, in the same way, if you like the pattern, it is necessary to take it state wise, the rest of the three sciences. You are not going to get the shortage, how do you warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company and today’s collection which is going to be a very traditional look here means you will get this saree inside it. But you are going to get such that you get more than one design with more than one design that the biggest advantage of joining with the manufacturing company is that each time the variety you get either is different with some different patterns. With different design combination with fabric, you get it here and so is today’s variety which is going to be Banarasi which is only 180 you start it here and inside if you want Kanchipuram Tej first Friday Taj’s Bar ID We start the first one which is going to be designed in some way it is you You can see that there is a complete saving pattern and you can also see the color, you get the color here and the pallu pattern that is going to come inside it is not that very colorful pattern, you get it.

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You can see Pallu, you are going to get some such accordion which Bumrah has been pinned and also which wing we get to see every time but without laptop every time you get to see but this vinegar you can see Golden is inside everyone, but the non-silk thread used in the pallu here is also available here with a lot of pension, you are not going to get any lack in the designs, that’s why we talked about the background of her saree. If you do this, you can see that you get this small flower pot with this saree in the same way and what is the border and what is the banarasi sari inside it there is a man thing that will give you one thing. If you die in a beach and here, then there are collections like this, all you can get inside your favorite. Even inside it you can see that there is light color, golden zari is above the light color too, but silk threads are definitely used in the golden zari box, nor are you going to get them completely inside the light because such products are there.

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I also like it very much in on tap in the party because the designs that are there, the border concept of them, nor does it make all the sarees feel behind that the variety is of this type and this variety is inside the banarasi silk In which you can see that the complete pallu pattern is not it, it is the most wonderful pattern because now you can see that the border has also been made very wonderfully well, here you will be able to see the design inside it and this is how we pallu Talking about it, you can see that the whole bad wing style is made inside which the whole machine is stupid and when we make all this variety then everyone knows it takes a lot of net but the product From here you are going to get the best and quality best varieties from here. It is going to happen because if we are also doing business then why are you not doing clothes business from home but you are working very hard and all you want is that the profit you get is some good price.

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If it keeps on coming, then the next varieties are burning, then the next variety is going to be the next variety, in some way you get the Kathiawadi look, now you must be wondering how are these Kathiawadi people, so in this you can see the pattern that has been created, the profile is the same. In this way, you get proper news of the right time, you get the complete design of silk threads, now I keep on telling you every time I worry, but this time we will also see what type of finishing you will get here You are going to get cystitis Dinesh Singh here, so it is you You can see complete, in the same way, you get the design, what is the discretion, you can also see the border, here some different flowers have been made inside the design and vivin which you can see, you can see the whole of you in the best way. It must be visible from the back side because even looking from the back side it is known that the front side will be a sari but it is a complete wing concept in the back side and whatever is inside it, you get more than one design, the colors that will remain in it.

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And the set up of features 557 6565 set up that you get here so that the more you have the collection, the more it keeps on increasing if your demand continues to grow, then why the next design then the next design that is going to come In some way you can see it which is very balance concept right now it is not variety of banarasi silk, the variety inside it is silk but you are going to get cotton make saver id you can see Islam is complete which will remain with it With a blouse piece, you get a 630 cut and add a round type design here. If you get the pattern of Rangoli type here we speak of these made, so by the way, you can see that this catalog is going to be named Heroine and you can see the design inside it, in some way you can get plus type.

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You get the design because it is like this and in this you can see at least you are going to get dark color inside and dance color but its design you can see the complete royal type pattern here You can see in the pallu design that you are going to get, in some ways you are going to see colorful patterns and in such a way that there is no variety, you can get all India test from this place so that you can know that 40 years old The experience that is there, it is very easy to know here that all The variety that you will get here is going to be the complete statement wise you will also get the complete collection on ladies and whatever the segment is now know the particular one you get the sales executives which all these variety very nice about it From these the details can tell you how the fabric is going to stay, how the designs are made, how you can set up the margins, how you are able to sell further, all the conversion you can do very easily.

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That’s why there is 1GB that any company we associate with, so maintaining a warning is also very important, so for this I would like to give call information that how to lie welcome toe which is every wednesday every wednesday which we have here. Live session is done on all the social media channels of our how-to Kesaria Textile Company so that whatever the custom’s queries, whatever their questions sleep, they get the answers very easily and if you know how to complete the sales of the Kesaria Textile Company. If you want to see the view of the office once, then for that you have to If you get complete information from here, then stay like this, you can stay with us and you can get updates about the collection of more Banarasi sarees by clicking on the I button and sitting at home who can do this purchasing, then I will come to Himanshu And that with all the new new designs, thanks!

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