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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Odisha: That every small change is a very big part of big success that you all know that just like the ant falls down again and again, so I would also like to tell you that when we do the business of clothes. Many problems also come, but it is important for us to keep in mind that how we will start our business and move it forward. If you do variety in cute then you all know that according to the festival season we can make very good profit now that how you Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction to all of you once again our Welcome to the sales officer and you and my youtube channel How to Kesaria Textile Company, where you are watching a lot of variety every day that the collections we have here are never going to get you one less Because in the coming days some new varieties keep on being looted, so is the design that is going to happen nowadays. That Banarasi Concept Banarasi So you all know that Banaras sarees are there, which ones do we call Banarasi sarees which we get according to the wing but the patterns are so many that you get here state wise so The numbers that have been given on your screen for mother’s and many more information, now we can message this director, mother can join and with this I would also like to tell you that because we will stay till today whatever it is for you.


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There is going to be a very special variety for this that children can easily include them inside their business, then subscribe we can see that, for this you are going to get it on full silk sarees, inside you see The very best saving design has been made because the kerry is inside the pattern and the designs that are there, you all know that the machine rework is going to be complete, you can see that now the pallu has been given inside it. The whole of you double color means that here there is a complete pallu of blue color, golden inside it. The design has been made inside the color, which is going to be seen with complete planning, every single WhatsApp that is there, you get it in a different style and here you can see that the pallu is going to be designed in such a way because The sarees that are the perfect titans for a traditional look, then we keep on bringing such patterns for you, inside which you are going to get the set voice necklace design because as long as we buy the variety, the jhaler color combination is not there.


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Till then the variety is incomplete, then the new design of utensils is going to come next week, like Karva Chauth is about to come, then red color which is our color and this white color is more preferred in every context, then you can see it. The design that you are going to get inside it, the whole work is done inside the red color, let all of you stay with the golden color, but if there are four moons in the golden color, then it can be seen small- You are going to get the small flower design, here you get the whole dies inside that which is the pattern which is It is always seen inside us, as if we have a pattern in some flower design or if some other best flower design is found in it, then we can see that now the pallu is going to be some small flower design in this way. That roses have been made inside the pattern that when the saree is red then there must be red roses as well, some concept you are going to find inside them, then the sarees that will die will remain here with 1611 you get the design combination in such a way We are going to see these sarees and which of our Banarasi sarees are started here, so from eight to last, if I talk, you get designs up to 3000 because what is inside it, you have to know about the rider concept.


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Patterns are also going to be found, if you want, then you get the designs of box packing from four back to sixties here, then we are going to see a lot of packing, but whatever is there for you, you will remain till the end so that all this If you can see the collection of very easily then why can you see this next birthday design Here is the pattern that is going to come next, this variety is going to happen in a good way within this year, it can be seen that you are going to get the All India test here because the Banarasi sarees are very much liked everywhere. Whether it is in the side or in our Maharashtra, it means that you are going to get the test available all the time in both North and South, then you can see that it is complete, in this way you are going to get this pattern, some lining inside it Which has been made according to the Lehariya and here you can see the complete border, which here is the border given in red color, the whole work of cherry has been done and here it sees the red color job, not the whole accordion dripping from the starting You are going to get the sari which is full of ghee, you are going to get the whole jack within half an hour, you can see in the pallu, in this way you also get the look of tens so that the beauty of the saree is different.


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In fact, even if you give time to the shift temple, neither will you. If you come to know that the variety is going to be checked and sold within the season, then send the button message, which one I am going to want next, you can see the patterns that we sleep in right now and our specialties like the most in Maharashtra. It is because the women who are very late and the women of the mother, or even the women of the new generation, will also like this test because the people who have it, the beauty of it, you will not find any fashionable sari inside it. If you are going to get it, you can see that now the pattern of Pallu is going to be very different. You are going to see it, you can see all that you have inside it, even if I talk about that window, I am able to personally feel it more that you get the shining inside it with a very soft look.


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You can see that you are going to get a very lovely shining, all these variety, now you must be thinking that if we had told the price, it would have been easier for us to do it every day, but we can not tell you the prizes through the video because You all know with whom you want to do business, so many of us are with you too – I am this unique wholesalers too, so if 5 days we will tell how to setup then what is the price then you will be able to sell further If you have more problems with your hair, then you can see that the model that has been made is very cute, golden means that the color of the highline is not the same concept, you are going to get it here and its pallu will remain in some way. Pallu is available, but every time we bring the style of saree which is ready but such are the sarees Those colors which are not there, they can also make the style of sarees, which people get absorbed in a lot and that means once if they unite in their shop and once all these varieties are opened, then the customer would take it like this. Let’s take all these designs so next concept or next which key I have shot one, so far we will give silk sari, but this fabric is still cotton, then you are going to get the mixture of against it, whatever you have inside it The whole concept is going to be seen inside this saree like the Kanjeevaram saree we have got the border in this saree with complete golden zari and so what you are going to get full care type pattern as I have.


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You can see what is the completion of the bridle, you are going to get a box of red color, the whole premium collection is going to be available in this sarees, it can be seen that in this way you get the catalog, you will get the complete work of the songs. There is a whole different design of the whole, so many such designs, you have a lot of packing in one place, so that means how you get it by joining the Kesaria Textile Company, then I hope you have liked today’s collection very much and together I also want to tell you that if you have not yet subscribed to our channel Kesaria Textile Company, then do that too immediately. Notification of new collection is not going to be received from us, because of which you ignore the new varieties, then you stay connected with us like this, if you like our channel, then there will be many more contacts in your personal channel like Proper you want to see many bridal, here you become this proper Whoever other people want to see, then they can see such designs together, so I meet with the question varitis till then thank you!


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