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Banarasi Saree Exporter: You are your follow back back whatever your stomach and questions are nano price channel america is in united fight hello how will I be himanshi with new thinking new direction once again warmly welcome all of you and as you all know that Kesaria Textile Company which I have here you get an option means if you are doing business of clothes then you get it very well from here that you should now be able to see far and wide that the collection is visible to you Here you can see that where you meet only in the language, but this is going to happen in its price and especially if your area-wise variety goes on, then you get all its ideas from here, so here you can You can see all the varieties of this saree you get in the segment and here you can see all of them, which app is going to be available in Banarasi, which tree goes to you bridal, in this way we talk about back typing The top gets backpacking in such a way that you can see the complete catalog wising you.


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Now in this also we can see that you get this premium collection in varieties like this which you are going to get very cute packing inside, now looking at it now but the design which is going to be very special Wali Special Bridal Collection is now available here, which you can see, there is no shortage in Colors Marathi because you want regular color or in this way you can see if you want bright color then you will get it. Along with the catalog, tattoo’s are easily available so that you can easily know about more colors and you are also able to convince the customers very easily, so here you can see the door design. Where the camera is going to go, you will see variety only if you want recording of daily routine or need for some functions, need more ID to be accepted or again according to gift design if you want So every once in a while IT you get here which is unit 210 persisting So in the same way, now I have brought the collection for you, you can see the full collection that is going to happen inside Banarasi, in this way you get the design because some different design is going to happen, the whole film is going to live inside The Receiver.


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Yes, you will be able to see this is a very beautiful pattern and the color which will remain is inside the pink color and in this you can see that the pallu is going to be because I am a juice thing and the attraction is on the pallu, so here You can see that the whole peacock pattern has been made here which is the giving concept and you can see that very finely, you get the design of flower tiles here but the valve saree means that the whole body part What is inside is going to get a peacock cub pattern in this way, which is a very classic embroidery pattern, you get it here, now if we talk about its length, then 6030 you get the complete length and that too with blouse piece. If you are going to get designs, then use new designs and so many designs are going to be there for this, you will remain like this till the end. So that you want to do the variety yoga purchasing, take a small screenshot, then you can see that the pattern is inside the cotton silk, which is very soft, you can see that even after folding, we get so much softness inside it. And now you can see that the design made inside it is golden zari and k accordion but this possible zari work now you get the complete combination and in this way you can see the complete pallu that you have in this way.


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In the whole work, the people in you who can also follow the accordion when the party is done, I would like to tell you this if you want to start a business or if you have given startup then if you want to do clothes business If you want, then this is the best option for you, that is because you all know that this business is a business that has been running for centuries and years, and in that too, if you do the variety in the route, then understand the status in the area. You get even more profit, but from time to time it becomes clear that we think that our This business is very small but in our competition, you find many other traders who progress more than you or are at a better stage than you, but we have to think about it at all. No, because if I want to give an example, you would like to give it to us from a Kesaria Textile Company, which started with only fabric that they made one and a half saree designs inside the big, after that they started improving the variety which means that if I talk We have here Ladies Bank Collection Saree I will wear 38 but Dupatta plazo Suit Materials and Blouse with each such variety and a new segment first has happened which is inside Bedsheet It is Pure Inside Cotton by experts. You get it inside the cotton, you get a lot of variety in it, you get everything in the manufacturing cost, in the same way, it is very important to have a supportive which is not bonding, that means if the intention is to be naik.


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Means we get the destination like this, so is today’s generation, keep the same concept and Suraj which you all know is the biggest hand of textile in which first if I want to name then how about Kesaria Textile Company The name is taken because the one who has come to such a big stage because with the quality witch product, the bonding that the customer believes in it, we have kept it like this because every time deal in the same way every time. You get the best and the price you are getting with the quality, how we also want to tell you that if you like the collection of the varieties we are showing you or you are also business related. If you want to take any idea and see with us, you can also add it, then now we move towards variety, then you can see that the floor is going to be variety, in this way you get the complete golden wing inside Banarasi itself.


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In this way, you are going to get this complete design with multiple colors which you can see that the beach silver zari work you get here in Camry Chain Royal Collection is now used in it and here you can see It is said that the sticker of Kesaria Textile Company is going to be found on every variety, inside it you have got the design and with it the fabric and it is going to pop, so you get it here manually, so that’s what we are. Want to tell you that whatever collection you juice from here and you don’t get the whole set voice but you get a screenshot, well so that you get the convenience of the whole victim from here, so the pot design is still good. The design is coming or you can see if you want to use it to take something, then which ones are available here or you can see the whole thing, you are going to get the wardo concept in this way and now whose pallu is there. It means that you get double color where in some way you get pink color in this pallu.


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The background is you can see the brahmin color you are going to get here and which is the border, in this way you get the profit match, you are going to get the topic design from here as well because if I talk about the hike collection, then the designs You are going to get a Twenty Plus seat, now if I talk about the entire product of Banarasi Saree, then you get a lot of designs in it, that means even the magazine can not tell how many designs you are going to get here How if you want a catalog Non catalog variety is needed every single WhatsApp is available only bar coding system you get all the pro till today anytime you come to Surat so how must you visit the Kesaria Textile Company which is 10 inches away from the station inside Millennium Market Champions in Block 530 Sure, all the variety that is there, you can see for yourself, feel yourself and observe yourself, you can purchase from here, so stay with us and if you liked it, then like and comment as soon as possible so that we too increases and we get to know which likes I am in the next video till then thanks for coming.


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