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Top Banarasi Saree Manufacturers: Hello friends Himanshi, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction and you all know that there is a manufacturing company where you get a complete collection and you get a lot of variety in it and as long as you keep telling you so much Everything will happen and you get it, I keep using it here, I am in the company that we keep showing you new to new variety every time and if you are doing business then your selection can be very much interest. Hope this is the time, that’s why we tell you every new variety so that you belong from anywhere where your test is going on, you can also tell by commenting in the Variety of How Varieties are used here. Now let’s start you can see that very well you are going to get this complete material which is given in very nice double color and you can see that this is a combination that is a very good combination you can see You get a very nice skirting pattern here which is very unique.


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And the Banarasi sari, which has the look of the skirt nowadays, is being liked very much and this sari is now being liked very much in general, there is anyone everywhere, whether it is Maharashtra or else. Be it Gujarat, that means all these sarees in every area, wow you will see the vehicle you like and you are going to get the same design in the saree, giving that you get this design and whatever shade of double color you get in it. It is a very nice collection and the designs in which you can see how lovely you can get and olive sari you are going to get the whole body part like this and this sari saree will give you blouse piece. With it means you get the cutting only of the sari, that too with the blouse piece, you get all these materials, in that too you all know how our Kesaria Textile Company deals only in one and only If there is any material, if you have money, then you have to take the entire bench’s accordion that we have here.


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If it is not done with heart in single, then you can see that this lover look is going to look like this which looks very amazing, now you can see how much royal feel is there in such a conspiracy, which is the concept of Banarasi saree. It is basically a very rich accordion, it is believed that the quality of the saree it washes is such that you can see the shingles, you get a lot of designs in it too, that doesn’t mean how lovely the collection looks, the color combinations of very amazing given that you can see arab in it very nice the sirowski diamond design you get in it is a very nice collection you can see how cute it looks and your pallu concept is going to be so we would like to see how good the fruit concept is You are going to get it, all can see very nice pallu pattern, you get the design of her diamond head in the same way and in this also you get the loon of the skirt, which is very superb collection, you can get water here too. ok then meet cute Vodafone stop here The design that you get in it and the line in it is also very good and you are going to get the design in the same way in the oil saree and only its diamond design is going to look very attractive in it and the college also you Mix very classic colors, I office, you go to the set in this and you can see that in this way you get freedom in the sari, which Vindhya has given full time in it and you can see the pattern of blouse piece in it.


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I would like to show you how cute you are going to get the pattern of blouse piece in this, then you can see that very nice color combination you get in it, you can see how much love is there which border app is going to get here Also you have been added to the border in the same way and in the sequence, it is going to look very good, means send the contrast blouses are there, although the variety is here for you, you get more than one quality, and like us Every time it is said in the comment that I would have given you the rate of variety. Why they do not tell, then we are not able to tell because the retailers who are there can profit in their margin, that’s why we do not tell for them because everyone is doing off business then it is also important to see everyone healthy relatives If so, everything is taken care of very well from here, so whenever you come to the Kesaria Textile Company, then you must visit here, which is in Surat.


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You will also find block first 60 in the market, visit all the variety of You can see life, you need any variety in saree, whether it is a normal daily routine or whether it is a wedding or party office collection, you get all kinds of variety here and that too in manufacturing cost you get it then You can see that I am going to show you many more designs here, so you can comfortably see all this from the video till the end, how cute the collection is going to be available in dark color, all these varieties are going to be available to those who can see hai full banao sequence lass in this you will get you can see that Krishna It is a royal color and a combination of very tree colors and very nice saree, you get a huge look in this too and you can see how much you love the border concept, which app gets this powder. In this, you get more than one design, how in the Kesaria Textile Company, whatever material is made on the fabric, you get thousand plus designs in it and if you are setting up business then set up your business in minimum 10,000. You can keep a lot of variety in it and if you need any help related to business, that anyone can carry you, you can make a dry call on the number that is coming on the screen to us and you have all from here.


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If you go into it, you can see that you are going to have a very good catalog hair design and you can see how many lovely color combinations you get here, so in the same way, there are many varieties that you can find in the whole catalog. Basis this design is going to be available to you, so you can see some light colors in it. The designs which are liked very much now happen to many people that light colors have liked them very much, so even in light colors, in this way you get simple designs completely and given you the year of the whole wing. Gaya which you can see how lovely the collection is going to be, it means that all this variety is used a lot in parties here according to the official, so in this too you get the satisfaction of the catalogue, now you can see the complete four Tips are going to get its set and the color is also very bright colors you get in it different collection is going to get very better here and you are going to get your according to your test as if you can never come to Surat And if you want to order online, you can automatically take out the online order, whatever variety you like, screenshot the piece print there and you can WhatsApp on the number given, then you will get the relative from within the periods. From here you can see that this is the name of Love with Bread.


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You are going to get the combination in this, you get that very good nomination here, meaning you will see that the set up of the color combination is also very cute, so you can see how good in which the fringe because you get a lot Hi good three, in this this whole design concept is found, so how do you get such great and many more collections in Kesaria Textile Company, then you must stay connected with us and to get many more updates like this from our social media network You can also add with them Like Instagram Facebook and this YouTube channel You can also tell us in the comment about whatever variety you want by adding with me in this YouTube channel and if you want to join direct If you have the number given to your printer, you can call us directly, then see you in the next video, acting with you.


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