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Pure Banarasi Saree Wholesaler: Hello, how will my brother-in-law companies, with these new thinking and new direction, Himanshi welcomes all of you to our place and the variety that I have brought for you today is going to be from the saree of Banarasi concept, inside which you will find very new new Designs are going to be available, which options can also keep you very well inside your business and if you want according to your daily routine, then by the way, I will give you the starting price by what I have given here. The tiles that we have here are starting, yes, 250 rupees are starting, we have sarees inside it and in the same way, if we talk about the collection of Banarasi sarees, then you have to take whatever bridal comes. If you want, then you get the variety store of work packing, you are going to get all the varieties from the same place, you have to take everything else in the opposition raid state wise because here we have all the sex for a few years.


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If the heart is done, without taking much time, just start the variety that Banaras The saree that we are able to show you only half of it every time and we see the whole saree, which design do you get and how much special variety you are going to get here, then you can see that there are going to be some different varieties. In this way, you are going to get cotton silk only inside which you can see that the pallu concept is complete, which is going to be found inside different concepts, different designs of golden color have been made and so is these sarees which are the whole of you. going to get different but with very cute little little daughter you will get a very soft material if I talk about the length then complete you get the length of c30 with which you will not get your blouse piece also You can see that in some way you go from blouse to it, you are going to get full cut here and talk about the designs inside it, neither you get many designs, for that you get connected with our online team So that if you get the facility of your PF, then move towards the next design, inside which you now have complete training.


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The pattern is going to be available, in the same way you can see that you get the whole variety inside the check, in some way you get this saree which is going to be inside the lion, if I talk about the pallu hour, then golden You are going to get zari and inside which you get the entire tax pattern, now you can see the border that bad you are going to get thick border here, that too with the issued design you get it and here you can see And you are going to get the obscene border concept here, inside the zari you get the whole check pattern, inside it you also get the silver zari work, the golden zari and you are going to look stupid inside the whole saree. The whole design goes to keep the sari recipe, in which the designs go to the Kesaria Textile Company’s main, so now the sari is in red color, then you get the contrasting blouse, some can only see that inside the green color, you are going to get the full blouse in which Also where do you get the complete border so that you can draw the pattern of the back side above please When you are able to attach it very comfortably, margin or will be able to set up very easily that you all know that the season is going on for wedding and Ramadan, then basically such a saree 100 is very much liked and it Everything.


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Which is a very popular thing and in this saree designer, you can see the designer’s accordion to it So you can see which pallu you are going to get the whole pallu, inside which you get golden colored zari lines and in the same way you can see the whole border which starts the very best snake gets the border which That you get the complete wing concept, the flashlight closed colors were used, so that we get something out of the way that we don’t cry about the sari, so here you can see the whole slim border which is yours, so if CSRD London nor Banarasi saree The best thing in this is that we have got the border also completely. According to the D’s, this and the design is very special in it, so you can also see in this that you are going to get the blouse piece inside the Congress blouse piece that if I talk then you get a cut of full one centimeter. There are going to be a lot of designs inside it, for that you have to add it through our online team because we can not tell you the price of each variety, you get complete details for it, so why the neck design increases then you can see it. Here you are going to get the best collection from the very best, inside which you can only see the following, in such a way that you get water inside the colorful patterns that if I talk, you can see that you are going to get the wing border It is here which is very but the most and most of the bright sarees according to astrology, you get it here and in this we can see the complete check pattern has also been given along with the flowers that you can see.


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You get the color inside the green pendant blue color The combination is going to be a lot because you take back the whole setup of it then it becomes even easier that whatever your customers come and don’t just leave empty handed just question awards variety which is what they are going to buy If so, you are seeing that you also get a blouse in which you get all the variety inside the contrast, you are going to get it in a different way, how the Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company, so every time when IT is made, then everything is taken care of. Keeps that you get the quality base of the material, I can get you in such a way that you have never seen and according to the train, you are going to get all this design concept here, just if you ever come to the sun, then once how in the Kesaria Textile Company Of course, the rest of the visit you have to pick up and drop if they die, then you can eat very easily, so take care of the new design, so you can see that you are going to get something in this way and you will get full steel.


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Here you get the pattern, now we would like to first see how its pallu concept You are going to get a bit because the saree looks very good, nor is it going to be very special in its design, so you can see that in this way you will get the complete design, what is your discretion? This pallu concept is going to be made which is made from whole silk thread, now if we talk about its border, then you can see the complete golden zari and inside you are going to get all this water in small five sentences. I find you inside the saree and you can see it with full length means that Sikh exact this full cut if you go here then you can see that in this way you are going to get blouse piece in blue color Inside this you get a blouse piece, so as you see all the designs you must have liked it very much, everything else inside it you are going to get 500 plus designs available all the time because whenever you come here every week something changes.


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Sarees I am about to get you, similarly by clicking on the button above, you can get more information about all this variety. So that you get information about more mod designs, rest if you like the collection, keep the minimum budget top 10 thousand to 20000 so that you will be able to purchase comfortably while sitting at home, this is how it is through video call See you only in the next video, I will bring some new collection for you, till then you will remain like this, but do not forget to leave a comment, when we do this comment, then I can know more how you want to see more acid designs.


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