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Banarasi Silk Saree in Ahmedabad: That if now you want to do the business of sari, if you want to keep the variety of Banarasi sari inside this sari, if you get a bridal party wear look, even if we get a daily routine sari, then you all know. Teri Masti, we can recognize this very easily and in the same way, if we are not short of collection, then we are able to do volume setting very comfortably, so that’s why you have to do that by adding it with the manufacture. Business should be started so that from there you can send margin as special as you get variety, set up alarm, then I Himanshu have brought some new varieties for you from Kesaria Textile Company and new thinking and new direction Our slogan Well, you get the variety here every time in some special style, so even today, what I have brought for you through the bridal concept, I have brought in Banarasi sari, inside which you are going to get many designs and patterns and That too only 225 of us here, you get started it is absolutely the best film. There is no shortage of designs you are going to get with fabric, again the patterns are shown in the video in the evening, while the patterns are delivered to you at home, even if we talk about the varieties, here you can see.


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You can see a very cute collection, this right looks very special in it, the whole Siroski diamond has been used here, you can also see the complete length, if you get it here, then like this Also, for many more information, the numbers given on your screen have to be called, you have to connect with online so that you know about it now and with that if you want the facility of periods, then that is First of all, you get that on the basis of that we know how we are going to get the colors along with the designs, so I tighten the variety in B. The collection that is about to come is a very lovely color that means bread and yadav. You are going to get the combination of, but send it inside, this design has been made in some bad type that you get the designs here, which You can see the pallu concept that is going to happen here, you can see this saree is going to be found inside a very cute Banarasi concept, which is going to be its pallu, in this way you will get complete golden zari time inside.


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And here this figure design has been made inside the pallu which you get the complete words-style inside you and you can also see the pattern, you get the use of the entire Siroski diamond. You are also going to get the pattern inside the pallu in the same way and the length will remain within it, you are going to get the c30 length, then the designer can see and in depression you are going to get this design in the same way with the complete length you will get And if we talk about blouse, if you want blouse separately, then you also get such patterns very comfortably, how in the Kesaria Textile Company which starts from just ₹ 90 here, we have the variety of blouse pieces and we have here. But if this Banarasi concept blouse starts at ₹ 70, then there is no need to design towards a new birthday design.


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There is no shortage, stay till the end so that you can also message us by screenshotting what you have so that you will get the facility of stomach, then man can see the new design has arrived, in some way you can see it very cute We get some different designs and what is there in this flower pattern has been made using multiple colors, which you get the complete weaving design here, you also get the whole of the tiles and in this you get 119 It is available because silk saree is a Banarasi concept, so the material is also going to get you the best quality when the diamond of the cross goes to you and how the Kesaria Textile Company because it is a manufacturing company for 40 years, whichever makes the collection, the customer’s test is proper.


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Keeping this in mind, we make it so that you can get the collection of All India from one place, then you can click on the i button to see many such collections so that you get the idea about more designs. So take it like this, the new design was seen, it is about to come, you can see something like this From Rike you are going to get this design inside pink color and you can see that you are going to get all the different feats here Pallu which is the best thing is Banarasi saree inside it and this is the most liked that The Banarasi sarees that were on this side are very much liked and inside it you can see the whole thing that is here, according to the flower pattern of the flower design, you also go to the computer of the stones made here. Everyone is liked in Banarasi sarees that the most man thing is coming and you are going to get everything in weaving style, it is winters now so you can see the complete free nation as well as what you are having. If we get time or else, even if we talk about colors, then color does not set it back to you, but state-wise, you are going to get the idea here because we have only what is here and in gender only. Serial is done, if you want the facility, then you get the facility here for PDF, then put it in the pot.


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Why has the designer made them in some different ways, as you have seen all the variations so far, you are not going to get any repeat test here, you get all the different designs here, then you can see this absolutely marriage You are going to get the entire collection here, in this way you get the catchup of Siroski Diamond, the Rajwadi is fast, you can find it here, so you can see that in this way you will get the complete discretion, which accordion The design is going to be available on both sides, which will be the border of the similar type, what border do you get and on the basis of what Suraj did, it is decided that the biggest week of textile, here you get a lot of variety, special places, but how in the Kesaria Textile Company Junior Artist will get you the most unique fabric, that quality is the best fabric you are going to get, whatever the design will be, you are not going to find any repeat design here, whatever pattern you get, you get the Deru design concept here. Because this saree is here And you are going to get treasure, so whenever you come to the sun, how come the essential things in the Kesaria Textile Company are 10 inches away from the Yogi station, inside the Millennium Market, more than 1500 SS come to the office, all that variety should go by doing some fields. You can see and you also get the experience that the collection we show you is going to get you the same collection, so take care of the new design, so you can see it, now the pattern is very beautiful, you get it here in a very beautiful way.


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Because you are going to get this grade II combination of people here and the pallu is shubhendu, we like the pallu pattern, so in this you can see that the entire Siroski diamond has been used here, in fact, which is very I look beautiful and in that too you can see that by using silk threads to match the color very well, all these variations have been made here, you all know that it takes more time to make this red variety, but when When the collection is ready, we get a completely different one so that it is made in new fashion and designed. Send us the traditional accordion here, then you can see it complete, you are going to get six digit length finance blouse piece, then this is a low sari, you get a suicide colored blouse here, you can see it and The sleeves border that you will get here, in some way you get the real spotter in the same way, so if you like our selected varieties, our variety store will definitely tell you by commenting how you liked the collection and how website If you want to know about this, which varieties go well here, then you can comment us on the website, there is not going to be any shortage of how the Kesaria Textile Company makes whatever collection, from it to the designs, you will be here all the time. There will be no problem of transportation, world wide shipping is available from us, there is no issue of language offline, online, if you find these sales executives in your language, then just I will get some happiness in the next variety with the MP Till you stay like this Tata bye-bye thank you!


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