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Banarasi Sarees Exporters: Hello I am Himanshi How Kesaria Textile Company I warmly welcome all of you once again with new thinking and new direction in our company ok to Kesaria Textile Company which you all know is a manufacturing company here you will get lyric one whole design You get a lot of patterns and mix them all then it is going to be saree scooties but every variety like dupatta plazo suit material lehenga is available to you in factory rate but everything you have to take set voice that we have only wholesale here My heart is made for you, the biggest double is made for you because you get a lot of colors inside a single design, so to get more such information, the numbers given on your screen should call you. And we are able to connect sitting at home with us because you all know that when we do a deserted place, then only by adding a real manufacturer together we are able to set up all the details very easily then even today The collection that I have brought for you is going to happen inside this saree that you all know.


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That’s how hundreds of rupees are started in the Kesaria Textile Company, yes and similar recipes that take variety and here are going to be made in Banarasi concept, which is 150 rupees system gets stalled here, so inside it you will find many. There are going to be a lot of patterns to be found, if you want cotton silk, we want art silk from a variety and want it in MP Idol Collection, then every single WhatsApp is available here, just have to take state wise, then you zoom variety will show you I am, if you like any of these collections, now you can do it as soon as possible and the numbers given on our screen, you just have to call or message, if you get the facility between periods, then the collection is now Let me start, I want to show you the design so you can see this is the symptoms of crops, you must have seen what I am showing you in which you are going to get this whole red color inside there are whole different designs happening inside it You can see that in this way you can get multiple colors.


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I get this design inside the pallu which is complete work of golden zari work here also the pallu which you are going to find inside each and every saree inside a different collection and you can see it inside it That’s the way I get you from Vodafone, the border which is a Banarasi saree, there is a woman thing inside it and this border sleeps like this, you are going to get some different designs in each and every saree that the collection is so many, for that you have to It doesn’t happen anywhere that stay connected with us like this, I have brought in the connect design, you will be able to see it is going to happen inside the cotton silk, in which it is going to be sent, in some way you have been given inside the check pattern And from the design that you are able to see that if the design of the steps is given then it is more liked in it and it is very nice to take something and the whole is going to be completely cut, so you have to Which is that you are going to get this saree and if you want, you can get it here, only 19 is done here, so come here.


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You can see that there is a very cute color design, that too in the same way you get golden zari, at the same time this saree is made designer, there is a company where you get quality products that no one folds you in it. If you are going to get many such designs, then you are able to see that it has gone inside the blue color inside the similar color and you are going to get golden zari and many more work inside this whole pattern and this Whatever the design concept you get here, whatever design you get here, you get it set up right here on the phone from this startup, which happens here, like 150 rupees. We told you that you get all these varieties inside it, even within 80, you are going to get the complete digital print, you are going to get all these designs, then it increases with the new design and what is coming now, this inside the white color The test is going to be bad, now the Bengali test is also going to tell all of you inside it, this festival’s recording is very much liked. It is closed and on this we can see that the combination of white bread done in red color is very much liked and what is going to get this whole wing in that also according to the Kanchipuram test you will get the complete border Which train goes to the bottom, here the design is given here, in this way, you are going to get the complete weaving inside you, but the pallu inside the saree is the most expensive, so you are able to see That is very cute here made from pallu here, which is not able to tell the complete planning and designer variety you get here, so for this you join our online team and all the products belong to them.


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It is known that you keep watching the collection and definitely comment so that we also know that we can get more for you and the test is going to be done, then the coming color is going to come inside which you will like very much. If you are looking at this, then you get it inside this way, but here you can come in this way. Inside the paco double color, you get the design whose design has come, the pattern you are going to get inside it is the wing concept and all that is cat clockwise you are going to get catalog non catalog whatever variety you want available here you get it Whatever designs are there all the time, you get every concept here, just keep the minimum budget which is 10,000 to 20000 so that such a collection can be ordered sitting at home, you are not going to have any problem between transportation. White Ship In is available from us here, so why is the button a design, so you can see that the whole variety is what I have brought now, the whole of the variety that is going to be a tester, you get Kathiawadi Tej inside it, you are able to see In this way, you will see a very cute and thick design, which is going to be found in the pallu part of the whole sari, in which in the Ab Dekh sakte border, you would get something like this inside the twist type pattern.


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Saree is the day we get you with different look and traditional name. If this is done then you all know that Banarasi saree is very much liked and if I talk about packaging baby, then you can see that in some way you get packing, you are going to get computer and how textile Whatever design you get in the Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get it all within your favorite, then you are going to send an ad designer, something is going to happen inside which one you are able to see orange color which is very It is a unique color and I get rid of you very cute inside it, so look at this, what is its color combination in this way you are going to get this pallu inside similar, in the same way you will get the balance design moon You are also going to see the jhaler look completely and all these patis have been made using the diamonds of its serials, so this is the saree design, if you like any of these collections, make a comment and all the other varieties which are now home You can sit and watch so that you also get a little idea how you are going to get the variety that the All India Test You get all the variety of tests according to your own test, so that whoever your customers are, stay connected with you like this, then I will come with some more new collection but by commenting I will definitely wait how did you get the variety. Brightness Thank you Tata bye bye till then you want to see more.


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