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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers in Kolkata: I have brought this Banarasi sari more for you, in which there is a lot of collection, we see a big tree inside but today we have brought it for you Hello I am about it but saris breaking but sari traditional look means that these banarasi sarees I have a lot of collection but today we have brought for you and a lot of information is very easy to get by calling the number, first of all you all know that I am not able to tell for which you have to go online. With this you get to know and if you get how much you can get, yes, from here the for-salaried middle is done, then all you have to take set wise, so now without taking much time, start the video, then you can see the first collection. There is a complete silky pattern and when the mole is in various prince witches, it means that he went only after this and anyway inside Banarasi it is because that feeling happens then win10 is not made then you can see this Very cute multiple color threading has been added to it and with the same it is made in Kerry pattern here.


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So that you are going to see both the sides and in the same way I talk about its bottom means that you can see its border in the butter, in some way you get the border which gives you some little belt you ever see you. It must be coming and that’s how I am going to meet you on the front side and that’s how you get the computer villain who is given six digits because there is a common cut of Nice Day inside every sari, that is always you every one The sari with blouse is going to be found inside the sari, it goes in that if you want to take the blouse piece separately, that means there are blouses with profit which look very luxurious, then you will get blouse cutting in the collection.


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In that you get what is going to be different, whose pallu pattern is going to come, if you can see the way you are going to get the design rangoli and you can see here in triangle time and it is complete- If you are going to get it from the whole, then you can see that you also get a blouse piece inside you, the collection that is inside it. So that subscribe button has been given for them, you have to click one, there Banarasi saree collections keep on bringing customer demand but customer demand may be this Banarasi saree too but you can see that which is very You get all these pallu inside the pallu.


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You are going to get it here and you can see that this design and here you can see that small designs have been made that means you see If you are, then you can get it easily but then we are going to get more design similar that like Kesaria Textile Company is the only company here, whatever variety they make is made keeping in mind the customers, All India test you like this Get it, need to visit once here, now the number on the screen which you want to call, just whenever you tell us, I will tell you here, whoever goes to pick up the driver.


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200 subscribe because if you come to know then there is another one and it is very much you can see it and new design has been done inside it, you are going to get the whole of love and pattern here, which is very cute for you. From here you get the catalog saree that is Marathi. You are also going to get the pattern, be it cream color chart or dark colors and if we talk about it in this way, then you get the packing in such a way in which you can see the color, dark colors are given but whatever color you want If you do not get it with the design of some height, then take this new design is going to be black color inside the black color, no matter what the suit material is, we like it very much even inside it, then it is that The whole is Banarasi, so it is going to like 2 minutes inside that black is such a color that it is very attractive.


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A big step is to wear it means that everyone’s eyes are going to be on us that you all know that wherever we go, first let’s see what man she is wearing, what she is wearing and according to her we have all the designs We have brought it just for you that if you want any such as you have to type you can set up the cash margin and how you want to use then you get the complete details of it, it doesn’t happen that it happens here and These steps go ahead whether it is small or big and what is going to happen and you can see that there is a very beautiful pattern, you will get the flower type button which means that we can call it very well before the game.


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You are going to get it inside and it is a yellow color, it is available here, so now you see the design, but if you like any collection in it or if you have a small wish in your mind, it is going to be fulfilled. It is not possible, neither are able to watch all the videos and keep whatever if you can If I cannot believe that I am going to get it, then you will also get the facility of video call for that because here you will be told the price I am going to get you, if we talk about the rest of the silk sarees, then such a variety goes to you inside it. If Bridal Bridal Banarasi then you see in this way if you have not subscribed our channel yet, then you have to press the button and get all the other notifications and you can watch by clicking on the i button but till then thank you!


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