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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer in India: Priya you can see the design is very cute, you have been given a deep pattern on the whole pallu, this Siroski diamond is used, if you get the Kanjeevaram test too, then you can see this and you will get many more patterns too. Hello, how Himanshi brings you particular sarees from the Kesaria Textile Company every time, but today I am going to show the complete loot treatment of Banarasi sarees, how you get the designs from here, so here you will also be able to see That you get many patterns here, whether it is cotton silk or Banarasi, which toxins and sarees bend, if you want a Khan saree or if you want box packing in any seal pattern, then you can also see it here. You have to take two sets from us that only more settings are done here, the order of single piece is not taken from us, for the rest and many more information, the numbers given on your screen are simple. Have to call and the rest is going to be present for our online Radhe Maa all the time.

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When I have brought some variety for you, it is going to be overall, so whatever pattern saver we would like to show you some selected varieties, then you can see that we start with red color from some bridal side so you can see it. The design is very cute, you have been given this pattern on the whole pallu, its daily diamond is used for you and like this, the pendant which is born once a different prince, who is going to get his own, like this for a complete destroyer. You all know that wing designing is more like what a person is like, whatever you get inside it, you can see it is going to be inside cotton but you will see folding dreams so much. If you are getting it, then cook it in the same place, then how wide is its gate up going to be, then such varieties can definitely be ordered sitting at home, just need to make a video call through video call, I will give you numbers also mentioned With that, you get the address so that sometimes there is such a desire that how have we made those calls in the Kesaria Textile Company?

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Isn’t it very easy to clean pick up and drop facility, then you also get this pattern of the collection in which you get the line you get, this design is made inside golden color which is If it is the most demanding, then you get these patterns which are rarely seen and if you do not like it very well at such a place, then you need a separate blouse or readymade. If you want a blouse, then you get it here, only in 19 form, the blouse piece starts and in this way, if you don’t get the blouse of Banarasi concept here, then it moves towards the new design. You can see that you are going to get some more new collections, which have been used in multiple colors, that means silk thread has been appointed here, you are going to get the complete flower pattern inside that means it is a complete bouquet, right? Dies inside it and just such varieties if you add them once, then you all know that if Banarasi is not there We don’t take the look before this secret, it is a traditional sari, it is a concept and if such design time is found inside it.

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It does not mean that the Noorani style becomes inside the Sir Dahan design that you It is going to be found inside the check pattern, in this way you get the zari pattern here and on one side you can see a very big border that you are going to get this inside the kanjeevaram test and in the same way the length will also make you happy If you get it and double color combination means this border concept is found inside blue color and on saris you get police inside red color, so this is how we talk about something inside criminal colors if you want, then which one you get here You are going to get something in this way, you can see the whole pallu concept, you get this unique missile in an easy way and here you can see and similar small flowers were made inside the long wide Those who take the whole weaving concept according to the full quality, the best product, you are going to get any effect or It is not going to be found inside it because whatever variety is made from us here, all the checks are OK, after that it is taken out for sale so that you are also doing business ahead, so will the customer who is associated with you but with the same confidence.

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If you are able to connect that quality, if you get a very pattern ring, then take care of the new design and what is going to happen, the work has been done on the entire stake, you can see it, rather giving flowers means that it has been fed inside the person so you can see It is found here that means so many will go to see the design but it was about to end, that’s the only problem you all know why we don’t get because we are the customers who come so that you can see what you get Which is meant to make you traditional people, here you get this complete color design, its accordion has been made here, you can see and you can see its complete background, some small bouquets were made in this way. It is here inside the sari and you can see that in the back side you can see the full blouse piece.

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The pattern is found, in this way the whole lace water has been attached to you here, so such a complete sari, if you improve, then you all know that your body gets sold like this, so now is the wedding season. It is also going on, small functions keep on coming and washing a sari is in demand every time, so if we talk about cotton inside it, then you get complete Android looks in cotton too, you get it here. You can see that the whole design has been made, in a moment you can see that you get the whole zari border, you are going to get the pictures in an easy way and you can see it and other people too you can see something like this. So the collection of saree is going to be a lot if you want in black color side then you get it in black color shades and likewise if we talk then if you want senior color like here you can see some bengali test but you You get this saree inside the white color pattern of the saree and in the same way love color gift items if you want then cream color Inside that you are going to get like here you can see that in this way you get designs, the color of the day of BSP is going to change 22 sarees and combination verification you are going to get and here you can see some Plastic box packing.

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Which you must be seeing that in some way you get plastic box packing, inside which designs are made on top of important properties, you are going to get collections but whatever varieties of plates are not complete bench vice you get but The way it is clearly visible, which is very much gone and you get it here and inside you can see that some pattern is going to be found in this way, you are going to see tensions like this, so its overall look too. Have seen and whatever person you do not like, please leave a comment as soon as possible, the number given on the screen, we have to call, we have to go like seven such emphasis, you get all the details through our online team and such Never ever the sun goes, don’t forget to visit the pin once, which also gives you the facility so that you do not find any problems through the brokers and the language which is not going to happen to you at all that you are the sales executive in the language If you get it easily, then stay tuned with us like this, if you have not subscribed to the YouTube channel of the Kesaria Textile Company, then press the subscribe button on it as soon as possible so that you will continue to get notifications of such collection and you If you can see the sex organs with this then I will come with some more new varieties but till then I’m making Tata bye-bye thanks.

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