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Wedding Saree Manufacturer: Hello friends, how are you all, you all will be very good, so today I have brought very different varieties for you, only from the collection as you are seeing the whole department is ours and from here I have a very different collection which Welcome to the Kesaria Textile Company which is in Surat, this entire collection is being shown to you by the Kesaria Textile Company, today I have taken out very different varieties for you that you are in any corner of India. If you are in out of India also, then whatever kind of collection suits you or the customer demands from you, then you are going to get that girl collection in Kesaria Textile Company, see this very cute collection which I have open and show you It’s summer like it’s going to be understood, so this type of collection is definitely what you have, customers, see this is a very cute collection, see only what is worked and the color is also very beautiful food color, so like this Let’s see the whole sari of sixty meters is coming to be reminded of one thing I would like that we are a manufacturer, we do not deal in a single piece of wear, so look at this way you are becoming the whole of what you are going to get, the catalog of this area, which is you with complete photos, they are going to come to your home now.

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By contacting with our online team, you can also purchase online whatever you like, whenever you feel or the Kesaria Textile Company welcomes you, you must come here and you have seen the variety which is once with us. One point that you can join us by making this, then I would like to show you the variety in the next, see I have come up with a very cute collection in gray color with Tehsil which you are going to get this collection Cotton silk I am showing you in this collection Look, the entire collection of booties will come and what is already filled will work, so if you keep this collection for the rest of your life, keep it in your shop or if you are linking to it from home, then this type of collection You must keep variety at your home, I am going to open a very cute collection, this color is also very cute Which you can use in turmeric etc., and if you have such a collection of party wear collection, then if you are having a party, you want to get married, then you can buy this type of collection from us.

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But single face is not yellow so when you have to take the bandh butt is that even if you take all this in bandh then you are going to get a lot from bill price next see this collection in chanderi silk I am showing you pooja, zari work will come and multi-coloured flowers will come in it, now that even before you see, the complete work is about to come, everyone is seeing all kinds of variety in any corner of India, as you are here. Bhi moves fast, you are going to get the collection of Uttar in Kesaria Textile Company, this is just a department of silk, we have different segments like you will get a collection of cotton, you will get a collection of dance Rajasthani collection, you will get a collection in work, then a lot All the collection is available, you should contact us on the number given on our skin as soon as possible.

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With no jai take all the videos and you can see the collection from whatever is there and you can do it daily between surat aa and from here but next i have opened patola saree for you thus patola class which is what you are going to get this This is Rajasthani test and very lovely saree, this is such a collection for your shop, for your home or to take it as your requirement is you answer the collection which you can take this one thing from us And I would like to mention to you that if you like you think that sarees are getting expensive in oil, then you can also purchase it by getting an ideal friend like you, but you can take orders and distribute what you have. In second I would like to say that our minimum purchasing is of a 10,000, 1000 u should be purchase but you can also understand that by doing business here.

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Whether you are doing business from home or shop and on show then definitely now 10,000 If you are doing it from home, then you should order at least 25 to 30 thousand because you too Understand that if we ladies are never satisfied by looking at a sari, then 81020 if you go from here for purchasing or 10 20 pieces, then even a cup of it is not going to satisfy your customer, then you will get the minimum The order should also be at least 25 thousand, so you can take it according to your department, as you need, the minimum mode is on 10,000, what we have here in the next video, I am very much for you, any other lovely collection of this Me and whoever took the corrections of Bill Price and if you like the video, if you like our collection, then subscribe to our channel, like and if you have any comment, then today you can post whatever is in it, according to which we will give you.

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You can also show the collection, where are you from, what kind of collection you want to see, then we will take it for you in the next video, friends, if you are ever coming to Surat, then you must come to the station and call us once on the number given on the screen. Save it and keep it that you are going to get many products here. So by contacting the number given on the screen, you can take the facility that you get from us, as if we have the facility of apk drop, then when you call, a part of us will go to receive you and bring it. If so, you can order online collection by selecting whatever is available from PDF but we would prefer that you definitely have one side from which to come and visit this Kesaria Textile Company so that you get to know the quality and how saffron If you come to know what kind of things the company deals in, then you are going to have no problem in the quality of the channel, not in the quantity, then you can take 10 pieces silver 1530 of the same set from us, then you can get it once. Surely how this Kesaria Textile Company has come and whatever facility we give you, you can enjoy it by connecting with us who can further their business, till then Hello on behalf of Kesaria Textile Company.

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