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Surat Bridal Sarees Factory: You are your follow back back whatever your stomach and questions are Nano Price Channel America United States Hello I am new thinking and new direction default from Kesaria Textile Company for Himanshu Warm welcome to all of you all the collection you have in Kesaria Textile Company 101 It starts with which you are going to get a lot of parathas inside the saree, so what I have brought today is the variety coding what is going to be the bridal concept, but inside it will be the variety, what are the tips of the party, inside which there are many patterns.

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If you are going to get it, I was thinking that you can see that this collection is going to be complete, it is completely within confidence that you see it in this way you are going to get this complete pattern inside the viscose fabric and The design has been made in this whole, 400 types of people, you must be seeing that you get a similar design in it and the lace border in it will not be a lace order, but the net fabric, it is the border of the whole links. I have gone to see this whole saree I am going to see you, in this way you get this complete pattern, I am going to get you the pallu concept in this way, then you can see these sarees, you can see the weakness, you are going to get the work in an easy way, the border will remain and it cannot be seen.

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It is made over the whole net fabric with katwa border, you get the length that you are going to get with the city, now you are going to be very happy to know this sari from us here. Toe Pieces With Toe Setup You Get That Every Time Amazon Office Set Up You Get Seven Pets Stable Sentences But How This Kesaria Textile Company Is The Only Company Where It Doesn’t Set Up Only Two Pieces That too goes inside the sari, so you can see it, now you can see the pattern of the blouse, you are going to get the whole of the back side in the same way, which is made above, what you get is proper anyway. You’re going to get what’s designed you’re going to get with one so that it’s going to be your subscriber’s how-to. Paco is going to get Properly from Russia but it has been used, in this way you are going to see the full path of the fabric here, it is the people who don’t, they emerge and appear inside it and like this you can see the full You get the length of the whole saree, you are going to get Siroski diamonds because even after having the voice, it will not get spoiled at all, you get the whole of the whole at the time of the machine, which makes the inter believe that you are going to get it intact like this.

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Seeing this, remember that this blouse pattern can be attached in the front side also, you can attach it very easily in the back side and with the same sleeves, you can see that regular length accordion will give you class. If you get a ticket, then the products that you are going to get, if you want its facility behind, then you also get it, just for this, the numbers given on your screen, first call and message the online team every time. Birthday is going to be the next designer designer who is present for you, but there is something different that you should check. Or it is known that you are going to get it within seven inches, it is a very beautiful pattern, if I talk about Sabri, you are going to get a very soft fabric and you can see that the entire border of the net has been touched here, which is You have used it completely and with the pattern of cutwa, you are going to get this design, for this you will get two colors, which you get according to the dark color starter, the price will be that of all these varieties of tiles.

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If I talk about this size, you get starting with Sikh accompaniment and inside it you can see that in this way you go to the blouse, you are going to get the full touch, you also get the border of the back side. If you get the complete design, then it is inside the family blouse but if you want readymade blouse, then they are available from us starting from just ₹ 70, if you want only blouse piece separately then it is here in our 19. If a startup happens, then use it like this, why the next design, then the next design which is going to happen now is a Gjam schedule is about to be formed which is the point this is according to the party wear concept, you are going to get the complete crush pattern inside it we can see it is a saree but inside you can see more design, that is the complete crush of the whole and you You can see that you are going to get the whole sequence, here you can see the black color, if you are driving, then you can buy very comfortably and there is zinc inside it, you can set up very comfortably Now all those who want to start a new business, we invest them first, then we are a little scared that how we will invest in profit or our business channel does not start torching, that’s how textile companies get you very comfortably.

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Here you are going to get the statement price of Saree Variety, which if you know in the comment, then you will add the space executive, you are going to get all the experienced people so that they get the information about you very well, so fill the next pattern of the next design. something like this is going to happen Well the system is acid design but you can see some different cut and when border inside it, the color is very color but you are going to get very shiny materials here now you can see the border which is not there. The very best sub border has been searched here, there is complete zari work inside it, you get the sequence poetry and at the same time you are going to get the flower pattern from the silk threads which you will get the designs very beautifully.

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That’s how in the Kesaria Textile Company, there is some new to new creativity inside the product so that the customers get some new ideas related to gas and get their products with others in such a way that you are not going to take it. We would say that online purchasing, you keep talking about everything, but you come to the direct face, immediately see on the fire, how you get a place here in the Kesaria Textile Company, that means you are going to get the collection, for this you will get the sari suit material and With that which you are going to get, in which you will find the essence of all such I can search here with a good name, then all this is going to be found, so there is no limit, you can do it very comfortably and will stay with it till then if you like it quickly you can like and comment Give me a comment, you will definitely tell me from where you belong, how do you like to see more of the varieties, so this time in the same variety, I will keep bringing it for you, till then thank you for that.

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