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Hello, A warm welcome to all of you in the Kesaria Textile Company, you all know that the slogan is there, then it is seen that you are going to get quality products and if you talk about sarees, then the collection gets only 10 becomes one. The collection of sarees starts, whatever your question comes, you have to take state wise box packing and if you want Catalog Boys Non Catalog Varieties then it is very easy to get every single WhatsApp from here so now we kill Have gone to the bridal collection where you are going to get many designs and I have brought some Chinese samples for you so that you should keep the collection means you can withdraw cash and call for information so that you can get all the details.


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I am going to get how many inside it, so I have used some of this method here, that means design and complete is going to be available, you can see the lace border all around, you get it here, discover in it is about to be found and the bullets that have been made here You get Kerry patterns, even here you are going to get some patch work at here, the person who is inside the same saree, you design which is very different style, if you get money, then you can see in it which is now partly pallu It is going to happen that you get something like this inside the like update, inside which similar patchwork has been put here so that you can keep such variations very comfortably even in lehenga style.


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There is also bike test and you can keep your area wise variety so that you also know how the demand is going to be and how you can set up the margin for that so as you can see the work is going to be done here And the inner side of it is found here and in the meantime the whole whole Siroski diamond is going to be patched which is not going to get spoiled even after having the voice that if we connect with the manufacturing then our mind is going to get a lot. There are all questions that we have the variety, the quality that is going to be the best and what the price is going to give, then for that you need to contact our online team. If you want to join together, then you can see them, in this way you are going to get inside the bizarre office, inside which updating small booths have been made, you get the accordion of some kundan work patterns, here you get the complete border concept. What you are going to get here through the stones, you get the typing concept, here the length inside the saree, which is in the saree, you get the length of 630 and here you can see many collections that you get here.


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The person who has all the new varieties inside, which is the earliest, if you ever want to chat through video call, even then you can do it, then the new pattern and it is done inside this saree which is the dupatta with saree Yes, you can see that in this way, they get a full scarf of two and a half meters and inside that you get this whole sari which is going to live as the whole family has been worked inside it, so that’s it. If you like variety take a small screenshot so that you and I message then you will suffer The facility is also available very comfortably, so soon you can see this nice collection, it means you are going to get it here and here the full meaning is going to be available to Kashmiri and you can see whatever You are seen here in such a way that you get a pallu in a saree that you get the test here at one place, the collection that you will not find any shortage here is also going to be available on tap on flight mode.


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In this way, you go to the lace border, you are going to get the entire chapter of the stones and here you can see that the design has been made, in some way, you get it through five patterns, the small ones that are built here Those oil sarees that have been made are going to be available to the mother in such a way because the pride collection is there, you all know that we like some heavy patterns more, then because of the new designs in it, then in this way you will get deep patterns. Whichever border you get and the design that has been made here, you can also get it inside the kerry pattern in the same way.


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Ne wala hai zari and all the work has been done but what is inside it, five to six pieces cut toe is not set up, if we talk about the same way you get packing points, you get the complete set of bar coding You can see that the system is going to be there, you get all the varieties of bar coding system so that the varieties that we show you in the video, the collections which are also delivered to you at home because it is available in strong shipping from here. So take the new design, whatever this coming starting is going to happen inside the G, in which this whole design has been made from the thread by falling inside it, you get all the bright colors inside it, you need dark color, you need industry color face red color available to you.


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If you are going to get all the collections in one video, then you can stay like this to see many more collections and click the I button so that you can see more variety and what it is. You also get to know how I have done business now by joining factories. You can and how you can get the collection from here, then come to Surat at any time, how you will definitely get the thing in the Kesaria Textile Company which is at a distance of five inches from the station Blog Utsav-2010 in the market all Marathi Live Chatting It is going on, you can see it in their language, you get it so that it becomes easy for you to know about it, in recognizing half the reverse, prosperity in the next video, then you must comment and tell how you felt.


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