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Dulhan Saree Manufacturer: Hello, I am Himanshi, I am back with a new thinking from the Kesaria Textile Company, but who should play it, yes you all know that we have a manufacturing company, here you get an option if we collect If you talk about joining us, then I will definitely go to our place, take a dupatta, yellow suit material, and after that you get it here, you are going to get it, you get it because just stay here in our video. If you want to know about any quality inside, if you like it, then just make a call to the numbers given on your screen, online time is going to be present for you every time, you need any facility, meaning the victim Whether you need it or how much design is going to be in it, you get every help from here, so the variety that I have brought for you right now is going to come inside the bridal concept, yes, we have the variety of sarees here that if I talk. So here we mean by 101 that one starts with one rupee.

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And in the same way we have 150 rupees system inside the bridal concept that is going to happen, so the duty collection that I have just brought for you, just let us see how the design is going to be, you can see that it is going to happen. Used here is something that is hot with double color combination, in this way you can see whatever you are going to get inside your foot, screw work, lace border used here, which you can see golden stones katappa You are going to get something like this here, inside which small booths have been made which are going to be seen here and here you can see that you get very good inside it. If you are with, you are going to be attached to it and it is complete to meet something in this way, such patterns are very much liked inside it, you have something about them in such a way that it is going to be completed. There is a lot of love inside, coats have been made which you are going to get the complete pallu concept and here you can see the border, no lace is used.

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It has been done that the entire design is going to be found on the fabric and if we talk like this, then you can see that there are big bullets and you are going to get the same in red sari, so what you have inside it. Colors designs are available a lot, for that all you have to do is call the numbers given on your screen, now if you get what you are related to, then you get to know how you are going to get the designs. That we have 500 plus products inside every one of our WhatsApp, you are going to get available at the time of defeat, first let’s see another design that how it is going to happen, then you can see it has been designed here for 1 minute. That Maurya is going to get you inside the phone, send it inside, you are going to see the whole turning on the cut worker, so you can see that very cute colors have been taken here and very nice you get on don’t design You can see more that the whole wing concept is going to be found, inside which you are going to see the drip of stones and screw work.

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If used here too, then all these varieties of batter can be purchased means that if I talk about the minimum budget, then keep a budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that such a collection of will be able to purchase very easily and out of it Also, if you like any design, take a little screenshot so that if you message us very easily, then we can easily get you the same variety, then keep moving towards the new design, then you can see it coming back. The one is on the top of the velvet, so you can see it will give a very nice circle shape, inside it is the velvet used with lycra fabric, you are going to get it within 20 minutes and you get healthy skin and stomach, but touch here is what you are You are also going to get the accordion of Guava districts all over here and you can see that you get the complete heavy pallu concept here and this question is, in this way the sewing fabric has been used inside the cream color. Inside also you are going to get the use of the total page and the lace border here is going to be Chief Minister.

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According to this, you get lace water completely, if we talk about its blouse, then you can see that inside each variety, you are going to get a blouse in this way, with which you can see the lace border in this way. Ready if you want a blouse, then we get it here for only ₹ 70 starting, so take care of this new design, why the new design that is going to come now is the starting shiva inside the phone which is very silky and it You can see that in this way you get the complete pallu pattern, there is a complete heavy design force variety, which is when Bollywood then you get the complete pick up tight you are going to get the pattern, then you can see the complete golden color You get the time inside this, you are going to get the design of peacock inside the colorful patterns as you can see the whole pattern way you go to me straight line is going to be all variety.

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As if we talk to you in this way Parking is available, colors can be seen all according to your regular routine The colors are going to be found here so that you also do not have any problem in selling, then use new designs or you can see which is the best play which is going to come on top of georgette and the design that is going to be given to you By typing taking the whole of the whole, then you can see that the way you are going to get the whole of the whole by typing it, which is the pallu pattern, you can see the whole heavy designing has been done in it, you will get the tonic. If you go, to get updates about all such beds, then you must click on the button that you have, so that its design will be able to do all the purchases through another video, there is no problem, it is available from us here. I will definitely tell you two, how did you like it and how we can bring the designs for you, you must tell us once and I will come, till nothing happens, stay the money, come to the tower.

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