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Bridal Saree Wholesale: Do a lesson of red, then we have an increase in starting here, the sari starts from above hunting inside it and if we talk about bridal then only one is going to start from ₹ 50, then there are many such corrections to see. Stay tuned Hello with us Himanshi how I have come once again from retail company with new thinking and new direction for you saree with its variety and nothing samples have been taken inside it which is going to be a very cute design All of the catalog basis patterns you find here, talk about red, then we have an increase in starting here. The saree starts from the hunted top inside it and likewise if we talk about bridal talisman ₹ 50 starting If you are going to see many such corrections, stay tuned with us, how with the textile company and send your screen there, the numbers are given, the dance calls to be made, all the rest of the information is available to everyone, meaning what is the price going to be Color Hum Relations How many are going to get that whatever variety of ours if you select it?


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If you want, you have to take all that bench vice, that means we are going to have a designer with us here, so this is a very cute color to be interested in everyone, it is very cute so you can see that you have to The pattern is going to be found, but it looks as if you are going to get it from a distance, which you can see that you are going to get, you are not going to get any bad and in this way you will get small and big Means if you can see it is very well made so all you get is machine brain so you don’t need habit of watching anything just once glimpse if we like to see now order online now You can do that too through the video, then you get it in which you have been given, people also get it in the same way, if I talk about the one you get attached, then one centimeter goes to you for complete and if you do this separately then you who meet here If you get an option here, then definitely subscribe, you are going to get it complete on top of the sari, which is the machine that you have been given the design of the colors of the mobile inside it, and the kundan work which is specially very much.


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It is rarely seen, that too you get it here and here you can see that you have been made very cute but you are going to get small and like this in a full and red sari, you can see the button Inside you get a pattern like this, a straight line which you are going to get complete in the saree and similar finance blouse piece that you can see if the saree is so heavy that the pattern of the blouse is made then you can see this It is in this way that you get a blouse kiss because it is a designer because the design is given in the back side that is why you all know that the blouse back design which is very much in the saree, stay tuned with us now. You must be thinking that madam designs, but tell me the price is going to happen, that’s why we will not be able to tell you at all. You all know that it becomes difficult for the hand to tell the price, in setting up the margin, you can see that it is a different style of white color, so the sun is very sweet in it, you get the whole thing inside it. You are going to get the whole inside of them and the little ones are looking amazing in them, so keep watching, if you order inside this video, then you are going to feel something different, then you can see what you will get here The one who goes inside, which everyone likes and which is from the budget.


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That the rest you get all the details from our online team, you are not going to talk about languages at all because whatever is online in your language or the lines go in your language so that you do not have any problem then you can see You are going to get you inside, in which you can see what you are going to get and you can see how the pallu of the whole designer saree is which looks very cute if you and your coming in the subscriber world Talking about that, you can see that it is about to be completed, inside it you get a set up of two questions, now it is a matter of how many colors of the color are found, then you get the facility for that so that You get to know that the first question of Colors is that but it is very difficult to understand women of color, they do not know and that is why everyone must keep you in your business and you also know that as in marriage Different and some such small fat which is in it.


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Which means month means that every year is very much liked, then you can see that the design which is about to come is a very lovely color which we cannot even call proper yellow color Here you can see that the combination of pink color has been given to you, which is the complete typing concept you are going to get here, inside which you get Niketan, that too you can see that the whole look is given with multi color And here you go to you in some way like this Inside that you get, you get less, it goes like this, whereas you are going to get the pattern from here, but whatever you have to do, if you must subscribe to the entire collection channel, you get it in the rate itself, then when a There is so much to be found under the roof itself, don’t you have a look at once to see how it is going to happen, you are 10 minutes away from the bus station, you will get the idea on arrest inside the block vs inside the market, you can see yourself and the rest of the wires. You are taken to the sales executive and on top of all the other samples, you are going to get a bar coding system so that the variety we show you in the video, neither do you order it sitting at home or you take it even after visiting nor the same Everything is going to be available, so now let’s go to the neck design, then you can see that you get it inside some light color, which is completely new from the variety of new designs and inside that you will be able to see a very cute little contact.


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There is more to be found, when the variety goes to Guddu in our shop, neither its roll nor its light, then you can also see the plan in it, complete you are going to learn the length of Sunday, which border app should be used in the same way in valve sari. And now like we blouse, you can see that you can get blouse in similar color only. So that is also going to be found inside small flower patterns, which means that inside each sari something unique has to be thought of, which is how every time in the retail company, care is taken that whatever variety it makes. If the customer visits once and pleases like this, which app is going to get this, then you can press the I button to see the rest of the Marathi, as well as you get the details of other collections and so far which Also, if you have not subscribed to our channel from Universe, then press the red button so that you keep getting notifications of new varieties of news and stay like this, I will keep coming with us with some new new concepts but one Don’t forget to comment a small comment because when you comment, we keep on bringing full slip demand yellow variety, then I have some new concepts etc. But till then you stay like this, thank you.


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