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Wedding Sarees Wholesale: Hello, I have brought nothing special lantern for Himanshu from Kesaria Textile Company once again that the festival season is going on and in which the concept of bridal is going to be very much liked then if you do business So there are such varieties, they must be chatting while sitting at home because right now you are going to get very good margin, profit is very good, you get it, so that’s why if you start then you can see that in this way you can see the complete heavy collection. I am going to get you the complete bridal saree, how beautiful you get the pattern, you will find many designs in it too but cropped if we talk about whose packing we can see it is very cute here you go to packing that too red You can see here in red color inside the color that the very best design means that gold with red has been given in the combination, it looks very beautiful and according to such a gift, I can definitely keep the variety. Even if we talk about its design, today I am going to tell you about it.


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For whatever sari I have brought, I would like to show the sari in someone’s decision, then first you can see that in this way you get the design because today the concept that I have brought the whole bread that I have brought from the red sari to the bridal According to the red color, now everyone knows that it is a very auspicious color and it is a very bright color, so this type is going to be a fruit saree, I have brought a saree in full force inside the bridal collection and Georgette In this also you can see it is a very heavy bangle design, you are going to get it in this whole golden zari box, it goes in the design with double border means a glass border too so you have to put the saree in this way Which border you get, you are going to get it here with a lot of beauty, all the collections you come to meet but it is very difficult to show all the collections, it is very difficult in the video, you all know, so for this I am going to share with you. The way I have brought it, you can see that its pallu concept is very cute, which is completely heavy.


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In this way, you can see that you get the bra wahiriya pattern that you get very beautifully, you are going to get the stones at even when the golden colored stones mean more to you then it means to know about many such side designs. Just the number that your friends will give, call now and through video call also you can see all this variety live, now you must be wondering what is going to be its rate, then you see a little more collection, now we will after that Will tell you how you are going to get its rate because you are going to get all these varieties in the whole factory rate, then the collection is also voiced with many designs and doing business, so it means that if you keep such variety then on gold Honey means the profit you are going to get on top of how many side designs and with the same hobbies you are doing or doing business from home, then there is a very good increase, then you can see the complete blouse pattern on the back side. Some of the celebs get powder in such a way that if I talk, you can see complete you every one In the variety, the 9 meter sari which has a lace border, you are going to get complete in the cassette excise room because whatever variety is made from us, it is made keeping in mind the test of the cropped customer.


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It is a very big thing to do business of clothes, because when we get profit in it, now we go into it, nothing is known, so if you are doing business for this, then first of all keep the planning that we have to go anywhere first. All you have land in the manufacturing companies there, see how the variety is going to get its margin, how you can set up because the first thing is that we start with the business of clothes but send the quality to the product It is important to keep it because if you have quality maintenance, then the customer will also start connecting with you very quickly and according to their test, you will find more variety of that start when we start according to our have all the variety but in that What is the profit, I come to know through the customer, so other things keep going on with this, but for that we see new designs, new designs are going to be added, you are going to get results in the same way, now you can see a lot. This is a lovely collection, you get the full kundan work that is done at this time, you can see it is very cute here you are going to get from Vodafone the whole pipe inch people you have, you will get it in this way.


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People of typing will get folded and the sari is made in this way, you get it very beautifully and you get all the extra starch that I have in an easy way, you will get complete only that means golden Color is the fear of stones, you get such varieties, but you can see the party fruit concept of this saree, in some way you get it means that such booties are according to the original lehenga. I think you can get this concept in saree, so you will get very good variety whatever your tightness. Customers carry such varieties, you all know that the overall look they are going to have is going to be on it, which means that such a variety of lights for the wedding season are completely different varieties and send margin in it and very well. You are able to set up how a Kesaria Textile Company is such a company where you go through purchasing all the variety that is inside, do you ever take a bribe, then once in a Kesaria Textile Company, definitely 1505 all the variety which can be seen live and if the budget If I talk, we always tell the budget of 20000 from 10,000, so if you come here and buy purchase, then everyone knows that you are the one who juices a lot of variety, but in that too we get a lot of collection that Variety The stock of saris means that you get a lot of designs in the variety of sarees and you get them in every fabric, so take care of new designs and noble designs are going to be even more beautiful than that, the loss of help that is Spartan in itself If you are going to get something different, then you can see how you text in this way.


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On top of the sticker that you are going to get, the name of the catalog is given to you, so that now even sitting at home, if you order online, then you send a simple thing screenshot refill number has been given to you. I have to message you through the rest of the online team, you also get the facility of PF, what is going to be the price, it is also known because all of you know how the Kesaria Textile Company is, I can tell you what is saree script writing from ₹ 1 And there is a collection that if I talk about 145, which makes you turn on the variety of heavy collection and there is such a demand for saris, you all know that the women who give sarees are absolutely crazy for it, that every one who Also saris they need something different who like to be designed so in this you can see the whole cut work design you will get this pallu concept filled pallu khan can dream that you are going to get the design on very luxurious serum You are going to get your work done in the Golden Zari class and with that you can see your everywhere. The touch up of the stones is going to get you complete with very good feeding, so if I talk about Allah Saree, then you get a proper cut on this Sunday and 500 plus juice lip burst children, that completes you.


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There is a new design and which is a very nice pattern, then you can see that you are going to get it inside the lever and you are going to get so many variety in reddy festival and this catalog is going to be named festival then you can see very With detail this saree has also gone to other districts Gabbar Singh South Movie Goal The complete Android look is given in it and the songs given in it are very beautiful and you get such designs which are very much liked from afar means if you are running bootable If you want to do business from home or if you have a shop of devotees, then definitely keep such varieties of color combinations, many messages also come and color combinations that if I talk about a lot of customers, that means which color in all the varieties. No one knows what they like, so that is why it is very important for us to have colors so that you can sell them comfortably and the biggest things happen is that how our business is going to be at the forefront because you Tell everyone whether it is small or big, but it is a business, so that is why it has earned a very good profit in it and stay connected with us like this so that you can know about many more collections and you will be on tiffin. Will give you the bus number, you have to call and just go with us, Pakistan Information, through our online team, you will be very Get it well and hope like this, now 20 of our seven such stay connected comments, definitely tell your opinion so that we keep bringing many collections for you, till then stay connected for money and many more To see the collection, you can visit our how-to’s Kesaria Textile Company ‘s YouTube channel, there you get a lot of meaning that if you get the complete collection of ladies bags, then you will get till then bye-bye.


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