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Saree Manufacturers in India: Complete Complete Collection In this way, you are going to get more printed design catalog variety of designs. If you want to accord packing, then you get very cute little red color box packing which is completely collection along with dupatta. If you want a complete collection of Banarasi century inside chanderi cotton, here you see the accordion variety of handbags, then see this, which amounts to 165 startups, then you need to keep a minimum budget of ₹ 10000, just whatever collection you order State Vice is to be ordered, you do not order variety in single piece here, I warmly welcome all of you to the Kesaria Textile Company and today’s video is going to be very interesting because how women welcome in the Kesaria Textile Company You get the complete complete collection, which starts collection from 29th and last which is you get 5 6000 designs here, neither increases with the designs now and that means this is the background you see who can do this full sex It is not going to stay, it will be the loss century inside the print sarees, you also get a collection of 45 rupees here, which is a party test, the barcoding system is going to be there, you get complete information on every variety from here.

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Through a catalog, you can see all these collections which are there through the facility of PDF, if you do the purchasing, then you need to keep a minimum budget of ₹ 10000, that is exactly what you are going to get fabric georgette. And the entire catalog is available in the name of Kashish only, it is very important to have the name of the catalogue, so let’s move towards the next segment, which is going to be a section, inside which you are going to get many collections, whichever is our part. There are salesmen, they are also present here, whenever the customer Come, neither it becomes easy for them to understand that what is the concept which is inside which fabric, which is the pattern and which side is going to run a lot. Whenever they come, it becomes helpful to them that they come to know what kind of design is here, which test is there and which test is going to be our test because what is here in your language you will also get sales executive. Let’s go so that we can tell you that what is the design here, if you want the accordion of the asking packing, then you are also going to get the accordion of the packing packing, which is the collection quantity of the bridal century, which is starting from 150, inside which you can see.

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You are going to get the patterns in this way or you want a party giving concept, there is no shortage of any collection in the design, you get some very cute red color box packing in this way and now its Look at the design that is going to be inside, which is completely similar with the dupatta. This collection is going to be a complete catalog under the name of Dulhan Sajjan, so beautiful pattern when we will not visit saffron directly, nor what is there from such a beautiful collection, you will not be able to know which variety we have to include inside the business. So we can see that we move on to the next segment, and quantity 99 becomes starter, inside the variety which will remain inside Garhwal cotton also you get something if you want varieties like cotton cotton inside chanderi cotton or else you Sabalpuri test is also needed, not every concept here you are going to get packing, if I talk about packing like I told you earlier, in this way you get packing, here you get catalog, every variety I am going to get you because From that we can guess that after not wearing the overall look, how do you get it after wearing the entire Banarasi century collection, you see it is going to be a four piece setup, want a collection of bridal century or Kanjeevaram What is Dharmapuram or if you have a pattern like near silk And in these also if you need any material like organza pattern or every collection you are going to get here you can see that there is live purchasing jewelery, sales executive is found inside their own language and now is the festival season too.

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Everyone wants that new pattern which is included in their shop’s According News, you are going to get Banarasi bridal collection here, now Banarasi Sadia, so you all know that Banaras has special taste and there are such varieties. Pay market starts from 200 here, from four pieces to the last one, you get designs available here, if you want something according to the variety of handbags, then see this, in this way, you also get varieties of handbags. How do you get the complete branding of this Kesaria Textile Company here, we also get collections like pay bed sheets, any double bed sheets are available in this variety, you also get double pillow covers, you get printed only Goes full cotton Lection If you want to know the price, then you have to join our online team directly You are going to get different designs inside the 12 piece setup now, so here you can see the whole segment which is, in this way you are going to get the Banarasi century packing, you can see what will remain. In this way you get the packing Completely Rainbow color if you want it is also available inside the Rambo Particular If you want Chunari concept then you are going to get that too here you can see it completely you can get an idea of ​​the overall look If you want a yellow pattern then you also get the yellow pattern, now it will extend the entire segment with the lehenga and the lehenga is such a variety that the train never goes, yes here you can see this western touch up You also get the lehengas, inside which you will find more than one design.

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It is going to be available if you want a collection like net, then in this way you get many patterns here, very best collection is light color, cut work has been reduced inside it, the quantity which is according to its setup, you get You are going to get the overall look in such a way that if you have a separate sandy, then you can also take it separately, if you want to accord with the contrast of the collection, then you will also get it, so now this section is going to give the kurti. Will stay special and if I talk about Curtis, it is the manpasandida variety that everyone has and our collection starts from 189 here, yes, here you can see many varieties, you are going to get any of the patterns. You do not get any shortage and the collections in 89, you are going to get cotton basis, if I talk about its complete packing, then in this way you get a 33 piece setup here too, the matter is now if we buy kurti If you are doing it, then there is retirement of size in it, then you are going to get the size too. In this startup, if you want variety from L size to big size, then that collection will also be found here, you want three piece concept, you want piece variety, you are going to get that collection but if we are keeping kurti then we need bottom If it falls, then you also get the bottom here, which you can see, you are also going to get the accordion of the three piece setup, I have heard in the same way the name which I have got you the complete brand which is going to be available to you.

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If you find the place at the place, then according to the women there tell us It is necessary to keep the suit because the test of women keeps on changing and many varieties are included in the collection, so in the same way comes a variety of suit materials, which is why women Likes it because they can buy their favorite varieties and get them stitched according to their own accord, so women who want to start a business sitting at home, then if they want to include new varieties and they are very comfortable inside suits. Because from a small business, it becomes easy for us to pursue what we have suit collection which we have here, the quantity gets started from ₹ 145 Particular you can get the sales executives who are here. If you want something, you will get the concept even inside cotton base variety cotton loan cotton If you want the concept, that is also going to be available, then here you can see, in this way you also get back packing Inside which you will find more than one designing variety.

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If you are going to get all these collections then you are going to get all these collections in factory rate only, in cases delivery is also available to you Keshav delivery which if you belong in any corner of India through pin code if you have code available So you are definitely going to get whatever collection you order, you have to order state vice, you are not allowed to order variety in single piece here and at the same time shipping is available from us, you get the facility of video call. Hai Kashyap, we have seen the overall look of our whole today, how you must have liked the Kesaria Textile Company very much, then we would like to say this once direct because according to the festival season, unless you buy from variety milk, according to your own accord Till then you will not be able to know that the area vice test is going on, so I will meet you in some new videos with the new collection but which variety you want to see, then he will definitely tell us through the comment and In which language do you want to see that too? Please comment a bit so that it will be easy for us, we have to bring collection for you till then thanks for watching!

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