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Pure Banarasi Saree Manufacturer: First Floor is in 3031 & 3032 Catalog Sarees Complete Semi Work Heavy Shadi Collection Suit Material Cotton Sadi Leaves & Knits Complete Collection Kurti Segments & Touch Up Lehenga Blouse from Segment 79 Started So Overall Look You Want to See It is true that the collections that you will get here, you get it in a very best way, Hello, how are I Himanshi, Kesaria Textile Company and not thinking and warmly welcome all of you with a new direction, how are we in the sales office of the Kesaria Textile Company? First of all, when you visit here, how did you come to our Kesaria Textile Company? It is on the first floor, it is in 3031 and 303 where you go directly to our office, where are you going to enter our office, first of all here you can see many parcels which are ready means That whatever we have online customers, then they do online inquiries. If you don’t care, in this way complete quotations are made, you also get all the facilities of transportation from here. 10 of our subscribers have been completed, how about the Kesaria Textile Company ‘s YouTube channel, so if you also want to become our member then You can subscribe to our channel as soon as possible, so here you can see this is our reception area, so all the varieties are scanned from here, here you can see the varieties, whatever you can get through the channel here If the pay is scanned, then we have already come to the direct sales office of the Kesaria Textile Company where you can see that you will not get any shortfall in the collection, slide purchasing is also going on, so that means the customer who is his own.


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According also want to purchase the varieties from here, they can do it themselves because all the varieties, all the quality and all the prices are going to be in front of you, it starts with 45 rupees, but the whole collection is set to you. We have to take only whatever hall is here Deal is done in selling only, orders are not taken from us inside single piece, both online as well as offline, so on this side you can see the collection of complete semi work, let us take something if one of the century. If it is retirement, then you can take it comfortably from here, in whatever box packing is there, you are going to get don varieties here, inside which if I talk about some bridal collection, then here you can see it with very beautiful packing. You are going to get all these designing varieties in me, so if you want to know about all these collections, call us and message us so that you get a very good response from the online team, just like the customer who is now If you are doing live purchasing too, then I would like to ask them directly.


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Hello, how are you feeling so by purchasing here, it means that you must be getting the according variety of your test, if you think that you are getting that satsang, then we We also want that the customers who want to join with us should be satisfied that they leave from here. So where are you from this property Pune and you are purchasing it here, according to their test, they are getting the collection as well, so in the same way you can see that this entire collection of our heavy century is going to be where they are now. Live Purchasing is going on means whatever segment I am going to show you right now, not everyone who is purchasing is going on now because this is what everyone wants in the festival season so that we should have so many collections so that even a single customer never comes. If you don’t go empty handed, here you can also see new to new patterns and many more, there are varieties of cotton sarees, which we have here, the quantity becomes 99 rupees startup, yes you have heard right and its Inside too, if you want saris like Garhwal cotton or cotton cotton inside chanderi cotton or we have varieties like Rashmi silk which are more liked on the side, then you are going to get such collections here too. On the other hand, you are going to get a complete collection of silk century and you can see it in silk century too.


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Live purchasing is going on, so let me just tell you a little perspective from outside, you can find a lot of their collection which is according to their collection, so now this segment is going to be completely dupatta and you are going to get the complete collection of nights. Which is started here from 29th Bridal Chunari If you want collection of nights then quantity starts from 125 to Bandhani and Lahariya which is special test of Gujarat in our Rajasthan nor same variety you get here It is particular segment vise how many fishes are setup, which fabric has been done in them, you get very good information about all of them like if you want some digital print like variety, then here you see you also get digital print The designs are going to be found here, along with the catalog, you get the concept of 12 pieces, the complete setup is going to be available, so there are many such collections if you want to order, about the color combination if you want to know about the price if if you need any information What you have to do for that is simple, you have to call us, message and join the online team, then let’s move towards this segment, here you can see this entire segment which will remain the kurti segment from 89. Variety is started Waterways which will remain 75 to start, which is inside should be accorded to single order double set, inside plazo pattern or need three piece concept, you get each variety here but you also get particular segment vice. Whoever the sales executive gets, that’s because they know how the collection is going to get you from here, so here you can see the live purchasing is going on but if the customer is with me then I would like to ask him hello Sir, where are you from sir, it is here as if you have come for the first time or you have visited before or how did you come to know about the Kesaria Textile Company.


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How are you feeling the collection, how are you feeling, according to your test, we have seen the phone, as if we directly connected with the customer, he also shared his man’s talk with us. They are being shown, they are feeling much better than the man, which is 45 years old experience, you are going to get to see it here, that’s why if you take it directly here, you can see it here now. The collection of lehenga is done means that we are going to go inside the segment of lehenga in which you also get Banarasi varieties in this way and here you can see set vice if you want collection inside lehenga or not quantity 2 pieces setup Starting with the price, if I talk about the price, it is going to start from 735, inside which you can get Kalis lehenga on net basis if you want or heavy pattern accordion inside silk key pattern if you want some western touch up lehengas It is going to mean that now is the festival season A, so this is the retirement of girls It is felt that the collection of gender should be such that we can also get readymade blouses inside it as well as we can also get this design enabled piece together, which is completely what you want variety of bridal accordion bride’s accordion also you get collection here.


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Many colors are also going to be found inside it, many designing variations are going to be found here, if you want the Chennai pattern inside the shehnai pattern, then the complete detailing of its puri is sent to you from here, so that the customer If you want to see the overall look in this way, then you can also see the overall look, but there is still one more segment left that means that the part of our blouse is ours. Blouse segment is going to live where if you want inside blouse then our pay collection here starts from quantity 15, everything you have to get set vice in which you can see petticoat if you want then likera basis here you also get petticoat If you find it inside cotton If you want variety, then the quantity is 69, collection starts here, don designing inside the cotton inside the petticoat, you are going to get the balkonding system on top of all, the price that is being shown is going to be fixed for you, someone inside it Whatever it is, you will not get the change, if I talk about readymade blouse, then the quantity which is 79 starts from 79, there is a setup of 10 pieces, designing is what you get different, apart from that, if you want some party way concept then Party wear concepts are also available here, if you want variety inside the blouse, you also get hosiery blouses, that means through a short video only I can show you a view of what is there, you can take the idea. The collection that you will get here, you get it in the very best way, so whatever it is, stay connected with us, how will you stay connected with the Kesaria Textile Company, till then subscribe to our channel, press the bell icon and so on.


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