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Latest Long Kurti Manufacturer: Kurtis which you all know, we get a lot of patterns inside it because the specialty of readymade kurti is that patterns are also available in many sizes, we also get a lot of sizes and whatever is there in it, then wear it after that. The look that comes is a different way of coding we get, so how can I not think of Himanshi from the Kesaria Textile Company and warmly welcome all of you once again with Disha, so here is what I have brought in varieties. There is going to be a lot of designs inside kurti, so all this variety which is there if you want to do shopping sitting at home, then pick up your phone immediately so that the numbers given you need to call direct and video You can buy all the variety through the call, so let’s move on to the design, look at the complete which I am showing you in the first collection, Rayon Basis is going to be Rayon file is inside the print in which you can see the complete Throat work is the same way you are going to get sleeves inside the machine given embroidery work You can see that you get the full length accordion and here you can see that you are going to get the bottom even inside the very cute sleeves, now there are kurtis, there are many sizes inside the kurti, so here we have every You get the design in one size, now you can see the length of this kurti, you are going to get full here and what is inside it, you will get the puri which is stitched with proper finishing and you are going to get it here.

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Moving on to the next variety, look at the next one which I have just brought for you in the concept, it also comes with the daily routine’s accord. You can include these varietys, if you want to grow your business as quickly as possible, then do something that has variety, according to the daily routine, vaping fruit, which you get in multiple colors. The stand collar is found inside it and you can see it here too, the look of the buttons is not that all over you are going to be seen inside the kurti because this variety, this completes you according to the sherwani cut. You will get the whole circle inside it, because whatever it is, you get the accordion of umbrella cutting. We like such varieties that after wearing it, it is completely loose, which means that such variety is not too tight and there is no loss, then you are going to get all these concepts here, then move towards the next design. So look at the next pattern which is about to come, this is something you will find according to the official look. Here we get Curtis, which water goes everywhere, which means that women who are there also like them very much, but those who are our college girls or are working, then this design is perfect for them.

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This is a very wonderful pattern because the variety which is going to happen now is the complete anarkali concept, but in this you can see that you will get the full length, in this also you get the design of the stand collar, you will get the complete cutting of the C cut, you will get the front Inside and here also you can see the design that has been made, we call it saga work because if we are doing business of clothes and also if we are keeping a collection like kurti then we have to keep every detail Because the customers who are there, there are many questions about what is going to be the design inside it, how much it is going to be non-existent, then if you keep complete information about the whole, then only what is there will be easy for you to sell further. I because the perfect salesman is the one who is according to his language. The ordering which is there impresses the customer right away, then you can see that the variety is there right now, it is complete, you get the full length accordion, the file printing has been done inside it, now this variety is the puri ki puri you will get tomorrow.

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Only victory is going to happen because tomorrow there is such a variety, inside which we get a very good one and here you can see that this design has been made inside the gear below, according to the skirt type look, that will give you a perfect look here. Pay mil hai means that every day you get to see some new to new creations in the Kesaria Textile Company because the collection is what you get according to the test of All India, now if I talk about packing then here Pay you can see that in this way you get the packing, you are going to get the setup of complete four piece, the price will remain, you have been given the barcode here, the size is also mentioned inside that what is going to be the size of the piece. What are the colors going to be, if you want the facility of PDF from here then also the facility of PDF If you get it, you will have to do this, call or message the numbers given on the screen immediately and when you message us, then definitely keep in mind that from where you are billing, if that thing now I will tell. Neither we will also be able to show you new new designs and we move on to the next design, the variety that is going to come now, some light colors, which I am showing you only light colors till now, like colors which are very much crazy now.

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It has increased more because the variety that is there is as simple and sober to see as it is, the look that comes after wearing it looks very luxurious, so you can see what is complete here in this way. You will get pay work which is Kashmiri type, this design is made according to machine work, now it is Kashmiri type but the pattern which is very cute is also made by hand, then you are going to get this complete design and in this You can also see the sleeves you will get with 3/4 sleeves, here you can see the complete This fabric is going to be found according to the list which is this cotton and you get interlock finishing inside it, every variety which is there, you are going to get stitch along with the finishing of puri, whether it has interlock finishing or its The size that is inside has been maintained because the design is such that if the customer wants to join you, then there is no folding in the varieties, but what is there, they can also be purchased further and the customer is able to judge what they have. Han how we are going to get the collection from the Kesaria Textile Company in the same way, then move on to the next design, so you can see the next pattern which is about to come, in the same way you get it inside the dark color.

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The whole neck pattern has been made inside, you can see that this design is going to be found with great detail, with a lot of finishing, the look that is very professional, neither you get the same inside it, you can see the sleeves or you can see 3 -4 sleeves are going to be found here also, some new according to piping concept The design is made in the sleeves and what is inside the Puri kurti, you are going to find small flower designs here, the colors that will remain if you want light color, you want dark color, every collection is available here because we will give you It would be said that if you are starting a business, then it is definitely okay to take care of clothes, if you are doing business from home, then there should not be a single clothes shop till your 10 kilometer or whatever is your 2 kilometer. Whatever collection you are keeping, you will get it there as well, keep a variety of different things so that the customers will come to you quickly and along with that they will also be able to know that the designs you have are something different from us here.

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Because you all know that the kind of designs that come in the market, girls will wear it twice, but later some new concept will go back and they want some similar variety, then you must also keep in mind that which is your grand. Which variety is going on, whenever it is being liked very much, it is very important to include that collection, so let’s move on to the next design, look at the next one which is going to be a pattern, in some way what it is Empty cotton core, this variety is found in the room you are going to get inside the dark color, inside it you get the hero design and here you can see the touch up of pearls you are going to get the saga work has been done flower Touch up is found here and here you are going to get a ring type pattern which we call the design of the selection, nor that concept will also be seen inside the golden color, so many such variations if you want to see more So you stay connected with us like this, then I will come to Himanshi with some new varieties if you like the video. Come and like it as soon as possible, don’t forget to press the bell icon because until you do not, how will you be able to get the notification of new videos, thanks for watching!

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