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Fancy Ladies Suits: If you want to do business, then you all know that there is a risk inside every business, but the only clothing business is such that despite the risk, we can make very good profits because you all know Cloth whose retirement we live every day means that it is our routine in which we need to retire clothes according to different patterns, so I am going to show you many such collections, so in today’s video, how did I stay with Kesaria Textile Company which is yours and our own YouTube channel, where you keep watching all these collections, that means the complete collection of Ladies Way, as the variety I have brought for you today is going to be inside the suits which are special. We are going to test, I have brought for you the concepts of Ludhiana and Punjab side which are not the same as there are concepts because you can buy all the varieties in your area vice from your own area but the problem is there. It is known that the price at which you buy those varieties.


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What you can sell from C price means that I mean to say that if you come to Surat directly from the business of clothes, if you do purchasing, then you get a lot of profit, it is like this because if the cloth inside the whole of India The trade is going to be the supply of cloth, neither will it be from the sun because you get many factories here and when the variety comes next, you all know that they sell within double the price, so that’s why if you are small If you want to start a business from your home, then how can you buy all these varieties directly from the Kesaria Textile Company, because whatever shipping is available from here in all India, then it increases without taking much time for collection. The quantity which is going to be available today starts from ₹ 145, you have heard right that 145 rupees collection starts, but as the design changes, the price of the collection is also going to change, so you can see whose Inside you can see the suit material you get in the very best way And all this variety which will remain catalog vice you are going to get, then the first one which is the collection is going to be this catalog.


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Whatever collection you just like, you have to take a screenshot and what is in it, you just have to call us and you can easily order all these collections while sitting, then it grows, you can see the next design which will be complete. You must have seen this catalog that a complete pattern has been made in how its look and look is going to be and first what I have brought for you in this next design Complete Complete You can see it inside the crepe. The best material is crepe type, you are going to get this design, inside which there is less of plastic mirror work. You must have been watching and if I talk about the length inside the suits, you get 42 + length here, now let’s move towards the dupatta, then you can see the dupatta is very special that in some way you will get the complete sequence of the sequence. The dupatta is going to be available and inside it you will be able to see the complete lace border of the satin bandage, which you get the touch up all around, right now you must be thinking that the suit materials are being shown to us, so you can not tell us the price. But if you get a little idea of starting and ending, then you also get a lot of help in purchasing varieties, so what we have here is starting with the quantity 145 and the last which is up to 200000 designs. If you get it, then move on to the next variety because every design you are going to do with a very unique unique pattern, that too specially with special offers, so you can see this variety which is going to be completely now.


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This design will be found inside the jam cotton, only according to the semi work and the variety of semi square. It is very special because the accordion of daily routine is also liked and some functions are small and fat, they run more in them, then you can see that you are going to get complete inside jam cotton, inside it complete threading work The throat pattern has been done, you can see it and in this also, you get less of the water sequence above the A linings, here too whatever is the border, which is found inside the entire sequence, the gota patti is found inside the lace border. Together and now the top cut will be 2.25 meters, you get that bottom with a cut of two and a half meters, you are going to get 2.5 meters now, but there are some concepts that you will get 3 meters at the bottom. If you get variety even with this, then the next variety which is going to be grown means that its scarf can be seen that complete which is going to get this scarf with digital print, you will be seeing the full printing of it every day and you all know That’s how roses are not liked, everyone likes them very much, in which you can see you in the dupatta. The border concept of the entire sequence is going to be found on both the sides, that too with full length so the variety is becoming more amazing, you must be very curious that if we had told the price of these, then you would have been easier to purchase.


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For this, all you can do is pick up your phone quickly, the numbers are given on the screen, make a video call and all these varieties which are not there, you can see yourself and do the purchasing comfortably, then the next design increases, you can see this Right now the next pattern is going to get you in a similar way and it looks really great to see because its get up which you are getting is found in a very different pattern, what is in it now you get complete Rayon basis fabric is going to be available, it can be seen that something is complete, this fabric is found which is very soft, it is more liked in winter and also in summer because the warmth it gives is very different in less. And in this you can see the complete Cirrus diamond which is in silver color. It is inside and in this you can see the whole of the print inside which you can see that the whole is going to be found inside the printing means that there are such varieties which are not liked very much in the south side because there the variety of contrast is very much in demand. Now talking about its dupatta, it can be seen that you are going to get a printed dupatta with flower design and you get a satin stripe lace border all around it, which is from Sirose’s diamond or Then touch up is given, it is not going to get spoiled at all after washing, if I talk about softness, you get softness inside all these varieties, the collections that are there, you will also get a batek test here.


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It goes if you are semi work heavy work who want this design of jaipuri test or what water suit materials of banarasi also if you want every single design you mean at one place how you get it in Kesaria Textile Company then move on to next On the design side, you can see the next pattern which is this throat work. This design is going to be found inside the Daman work, in which you can see that the entire threading work has been done and inside the double color shade, you can see the Daman work done in 20 such that there are variations. It is very much liked that because there is no throat pattern inside it, it becomes easy for us to get stitched and what has been worked on inside it, this complete cm means whatever functions are there. They are very much in demand and why talk about the functions as we have on the Punjab and Haryana side, then there are similar concepts like Delhi Rottence Accordings are preferred, so now we can see it on the side of its dupatta completely. Which is you are going to get this dupatta of naazmeen inside double color shade means tone to tone you get this design and inside it everyone will have lace border which will be starting only you are going to get the softness even inside the dupatta. Because the girls who test you, you all know that they absolutely Different varieties are needed and colors are also needed which are very bright colors, so I keep bringing some such colors for you, just whatever collection you like, it is necessary to take the complete set vice because we are here only.


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Whether you get what is being shown from here or not or whether the fabric that is being shown here is going to be found or not, otherwise you are not going to get superstition from us at all, whatever you will get, one faith and one If you get it with quality, then it means that for today’s video Along with today’s variety, I am going to show you in the last variety, which is for you inside the last step video but if you are going to get many more concepts here, then you can see it completely you are going to get the design inside the crepe means We can also say that the graping is started, which is complete, you get the piping concept inside your neck, here the threading work has been done, that too with the touch up of the diamond of Sirius, the dupatta will be just a simple chiffon You are going to get a scarf with a cut of 2 1/4 meters, right now you must be wondering how the colors are going to be inside it because I have shown you the catalog of each variety, it is now moving towards its colors. You can see the colors that are going to come, in this way you get yellow color, blue color is going to get green color also means that you are going to get setup of total four piece, so all this collection which is very You can easily purchase that too at a minimum, I have already told you the order and today’s plan is for you. The last offer which I was going to show you was going to tell that means from now onwards the code is also available for all the customers who have special information code available for them from our old customer new customer you can deal in the code 10 The minimum budget is 10000, so I hope you like the collection very much and I will come with some new varieties with the new collection till then thanks for watching!


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