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Designer Wedding Sarees: How Himanshi used to do new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company, once again warmly welcome all of you, so as in today’s watch bridal which floor you must be able to see how many variety of updates you get to get such a beautiful pattern. We are going to get that too only in the manufacturing rate, which means that if you like any variety, then you have to take the full punch’s accord that we are dealt here only in other settings, so today I have brought a saree for you. This is a good collection, the whole new dress design is going to be available to everyone and you will definitely tell your opinion through the comment so that we can also know how you want to see more variety or if you have any witch carry then very comfortable with us You can see Utop by taking a special design for you, very nice here you are going to get amroli design with multiple colors, you get the complete mori design on the overall border and this is what is going to happen in what ways From which pallu you are going to get, then you can see the whole thing in this way.

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The favorite look is going to be found from here, the golden color response of literature problem of multiple colors fault states is going to be found in the saree, the small booties that have been given to you are also available here, so you can see that this saree is going to be It is in this way that you are going to get the look of the whole sari and by typing here, you are going to get the full pension of typing which you are going to get your lion, something like this goes to a very good office collection and you The blouse that I am showing you can see how beautiful you are going to get a blouse piece here, with this whole booty, it means that if it is going to be completely different then it is going to look different then there would be similar variety if you are in business. If you are doing such a collection, now definitely keep all these varieties from which we do not profit very well and according to the festival season, we must keep all these varieties off if you do business from home or Then you have your own remnants, definitely subscribe to yourself that you all know that the business of clothes It happens that it is very risky, it is because of this that what we have is the business that happens from generation to generation, how can they say that means from where you do the chat and how far that startup is going to go, no one knows. If so, we get so much profit in this, soon you are going to get the whole stone work design which is very good in new design and neck design that you can see that you are going to get such a beautiful sub title here.

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The design which is given in this, you get a very unique collection over the pallu concept in this way and you can also see the color that you are going to get the complete dark color fabric, if I talk about the complete georgette material The stopper you are going to get, you all know that there is a material and such is the saree, then the daily routine is the saree which is the saree of the video team, but the pair is always liked, now you can see That the way you go through the whole design, people can see the stone and the lining of the sequence, you can also see it. Here you are going to get the notice in the same way as the pallu of the full and lovers jokes saree and you can see that the saree is going to be six and a half meters and the piping that I do here so that you can see the full 9 meters Here you are going to get the look of this pattern, which is now going to be blouse, then you can see that the whole structure remains its change, when you are going to get your complete design of the back side, then the women who sit at home If she is doing business, then if she knows how to do stitching, then keep such material in the sari too, because now you can change it very easily even by stitching with a blouse and you all came to know.

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So the customer does not like the things that are ready, because if we get all the simple things, then we never go after the material, you all know, so soon we have once ID and collection You are going to get a lot here, to see many such collections, send those to your friends, you have been given the number only. We have to call in and connect with our side and this is what I like to own a collection means if a designer is liked in the house then we think that if we want to order then what can we do then simple logic of Only the numbers given on the screen, then you take a screenshot of it, message us, you get relative with generations, and there you get to know the rate that is going to be given to you, then this is coming in your mind right now. That is why I do not tell moderate, then we are not able to tell the grade because we will tell you all there are customers too, there are many different types of search, wholesalers make details weeks to do business from home anyway if customers go We are not able to tell the margin for them because there is a lot of problem in setting them up again, so that’s why we tell you this, just by calling you have been connecting with us like this and very good you are doing this in your sales too. If you keep on progressing like this, then the neckline is going to be very similar in this way.

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You are going to get a beautiful pattern, now the police transit design is going to be found here and you can see that you get the full camera people from the stone sub table color, you are going to get the designs of the stones here, so who is the pallu to you? Now you can see in the same way that you are going to get the whole body part of the sari, it also mixes with Honey Singh in the same way and as soon as we saw in the next sari that the whole you every teacher will give you You are going to get it here in the same way you get it in a blouse, you can see the whole website or design is going to be available, so you can also see, so on this I go to you in the pattern in an easy way, both hands free which is why So whatever collections are there, you can definitely order by sitting, so with this, if you ever come to the sun, then how must you visit this Kesaria Textile Company because it is only 10 minutes away from the station, you will find blocks in the market too. Processes in tow and whenever you arrive your schedule once you must tell us what’s on your skin To call the number, whatever drivers are there from us, they want to pick up, that you get pick up and drop from us so that you can easily come here and visit and live, which burns if you see all the variety of It’s going to be the next flight, it’s going to be a very nice design but the material it’s going to be is going to be in a strange fabric and you can see how beautiful the collection is, you get the whole border, which is the same.

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In this way, you will get a golden ambrose look with Amazon districts, when you are looking for stones cutter, which is a very cool collection for bridal, then you can see that this is going to be a pallu concept. The first concept that you can see in this, the body that has been made here looks very nice, run which is very good, here you are going to get catchup, so here the Ab Dekh sakte which is going to be this sari in this way The body part that is going to happen and you are going to get complete work here too, the border given to you is complete. It is in this way that you get the meaning that how beautiful this pattern looks and the variety that is there by looking from afar, which is very attractive that you all know that in the case of this saree, which is the women’s There is no test, it is very difficult to understand it, but if such saree shoes are very demanding, then you can see that the blouse pattern you are going to have on the back side is going to be complete and so on. As soon as I showed you a very small collection and you all know that the collection is so many that we are not able to show you in the whole video, that’s why we always say that the trapped money is associated with us or you ever If you had gone to Surat then you can definitely visit, so with this, anytime any Marathi becomes such that the sale is not possible, then the one who gave my access policy of this type, now he can change his own Everest by changing the variety of wages.

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You can take a saree, not even a saree, you all know how to get a complete collection of layers in a Kesaria Textile Company. But the dupatta which is the corpse means that you are going to get all the total words under one roof and this blessing is started from here, tomorrow the meeting is having hot beans so you are not chatting on the fly You can see all the remedies through the video, such as how beautiful the designs are here and you will also be able to see that if you want semi work in bridal collection, you want the regular routine, then you will find the whole concept here. There is going to be no such variety, there is going to be a designer who is not going to get you from here because if the manufacturing company has been there for 40 years, then its according junior artist is made, something is different and also by commenting what you are your own. Will definitely tell your opinion so that we can also know that how you want to see more varieties or if you have any witch carries then you can share with us very comfortably and to see many more collections, our how Kesaria Textile Company went to YouTube channel Here you can see all this variety by going there. All the corrections are going to be available means that if you loot so many collections, then everyone knows that you get a very good profit, then just the numbers given on your screen, you hope to call your whole collection. It would have been nice and if you stay with us like this, then see you in the next video with the next few concepts, thank you!

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