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Designer Bridal Saree Manufacturer: Hello I Himanshi how retail companies warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction like every time I bring many varieties for you that sari inside it, in the same way today Vivek brought the variety of sari. There is going to be some very good time inside, in which you get semi uniform, full heavy designing page also if you want, then I also go here to you only all the variety which is available in factory rate. How is that too in the Kesaria Textile Company, so if you want to order from home, then you just have to call the number given on your screen and get connected with the director through the rest of the online team. If I get all the information, I have not brought more samples to be Marathi for you right now, but whatever variety I have brought, something special is going to happen. Designing is also very different, you get it, which if we discuss then there are varieties. It is very much liked because you all know that such animosity There are cities, they can set up the margin very well in them and the business that we have here also starts very well that there is such a variety that where do you belong from, then test everywhere. Whatever it is, it comes because the saree that is like this is very much liked, if you do business from home too, then from here you have a hundred percent guarantee that you will get very good margin and very good profit.


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If you earn, you can see this is a very cute pattern, in this you can see that you have been given the full sympathy look of golden color, but with that, you are going to get it very well and what is going to happen here The catalog name is also going to be very different from the Snapchat name, so if you order online while sitting at home, then take a screenshot of it and you have to send a message to the number given on your screen so that our answer Bye that if you get the information about its color, what will be its price, then now you can see Its design, which has been given its look and fighting with it, you can see that you are going to get the design of 9 meters of full piping in the whole sari that nowadays you all know the loop of typing, isn’t it Something different is being liked more and each one has all these things which are very much visible to you, so you can see that you are going to get the width of the blouse piece, in this way you will get a complete cut of six and a half inches of tape. If I talk about the color combination inside the sari, 526 you can see how the Kesaria Textile Company gets packing in such a way that you can see the whole variety of color, you can see the packaging of six classes.


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There is every variety that you are going to get in the bar coding system, in some way you can see the price shown to you in the price, if you do the purchasing live here as well, then you are going to get the same price then the customers. That which is a lot means that as we talk about lie then maybe the rate goes down or If you do it online then it costs more money but we are a manufacturing company, so if you do online offline, it is going to be from the budget for you that all the variety is going to be available at the factory rate, then move towards the next flight. The next variety is going to be very beautiful, you can see that the color is also very unique color and with the same winter, the designer who made the whole kundan work inside and the embroidery designed golden color knowledge that very This is the classic pattern, that is the complete georgette pattern you are going to get on this or you can see how you are going to get this pallu in the same way, the complete leheriya pattern means that now you can see the complete embroidery tappu gets this small of stones Small buildings have been made, it is very good with Honey Singh, you get that the sari that is fresh, you all know that the rasa that women have in the sari is very special that sometimes it is called a function.


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Sometimes someone else also gets married, here many small functions live together. So if you are doing business, then definitely keep the collection of saree school and you get the hundred percent profit that you get here, then you can see it and now the saree is complete to you, in the same way in the wash. The whole segment is going to be available, but whatever blouse piece I talk about, you can see a very beautiful pattern you can see here in the back side, you can see the whole designing is going to be available, so its pattern that you get Complete li and add that too dad, all these materials are going to be important thing about sarees but if we are keeping saris then sometimes it also happens that having blouse is also very important so how do we rated Gabru I will give you ladies way You are going to get a complete collection of sari kurti but also dupatta plazo blouse and suits like lehenga materials, I get you here that means when all the variety is getting in one place then definitely visit once how in Kesaria Textile Company which Only time is inches away from the question, you will get better in the market.


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Just look loudly on the blog so that you can see all the variety with your own eyes that hey all of you it is very difficult to believe them until we see all the variety schools so that’s why let’s move on first we see it once Let’s take which is going to be the next design then you can see it is very good also you are not going to get the judge basis pattern, you can also see that color orange color which looks very nice and now you can see the design in it You are going to get work in this way in this whole pattern, here you can see a very cute collection, you are going to get the whole saree on top of the whole saree from Vodafone, the whole typing pin you want.


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In this way, it is found in golden color, you can see that you can see that this lover design gets you complete with blouse piece, which means you are going to get all these varieties, which means that the diameter is complete. With blouse piece but sometimes it happens that without blouse kiss if we want saree. If so, you also get it from us here, out of the 102 that we have here, this sari starts its collection in printing designs and at the same time 150 forms in this way you can see heavy patterns start Out of which you are going to get more than one design, but you are going to get a lot of Batista, which bridal washed Banarasi or cotton saree which is this printing collection and here you are going to get some different designs, then also take new designs. This new design is going to have a very nice pattern, you can see this whole catalog is going to be named Kusum and you can also see the color, it is a very cute color and here also you are going to get a complete fighting look because today I I have brought a sari, although the design of typing for you is different, so now you can see in it, in this way you get this design in SIM lehariya pattern, we look every day with a lot of feeling. And such is the variety of school, sometimes it happens, can’t you forget the anger?


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Your area wise, just give me a call to the number given on your screen and 121 which is the blood of my accident policy from here, it changes in it but it is necessary to be in complete lineage and instead you You can take the other variety according to your own test, so with this you might have liked the variety very much and you must buy such a variety of Remedies sitting at home and if you come to Surat, then we have to pick you up from here. Even if you get to lie down on the strength of up and drop, you are getting very good facilities, so you just have to start the business as soon as possible. You are able to get it easily ordered, let’s refresh it, the business which is going on will be going very well and continue to progress further or go ahead, only our hope will always be like this and your friend tips number given to more collections. Thank you for knowing that you can connect with us directly till then bye-bye.


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