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Bridal Sarees Suppliers: Hello I am mental acid one year competition I warmly welcome you all again with new thinking and new direction like saris bring lots for monday I keep showing you many new new designs and today’s also Variety is going to be that bridal concept I am going to get you that told all of you that you get a complete pandal of sarees here, someone has appealed design in the Kesaria Textile Company so many concepts you get so many then such a saree dhoti It is now the festival season is also going on so very good you are going to get profit, all you have to do is to call the number given on your screen and join us like this and many more variety for its collection. Facility of periods is also available so that you are going to add color combination, that too you can see very well, so the saree that is going to be made today is going to be in the same way you are going to get it in bridal only very super collection you will get. If yes then let’s start first geography is going to happen in some ways like this So now tap that very good color you get in dark color, you can see and but you are going to get the design in this way which way you can see the complete border, you get very nice kundan stones in it. And but the hidden day has been given in it, there is golden color, that too you get to spend very well, you get the flat of the song apart from you in the sari, British you can see that so many beautiful celebrities make you lazy in the sari.


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I get you the concept of pallu and here you can see what comes right now, if we talk about the partly moments in the sari, then you are coded very well in this way, which means that the contact of this style would be If you get it in it then and love saree you get the complete cut of 630 you get in this way and blouse piece you can see how great blouse piece means that the whole back side design wich leaves katappa you get the same Gets together and the collections that are there, we all know that we are very much for ourselves too. You can take more of all these varieties, even in letting you take such variety, two are very much liked and doing business, then you know how the varieties that make our business shine, then such words are definitely from.


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If you keep your sari, which is going to be a boon schedule design, you are going to get it very beautiful, then you can see the color zone, it is a very lovely color and now you can see the definition you are going to get, in the same way we are going to get two and a half locations. I go to the stones which is silver color pattern I go to you The whole gray color which has been given English look in it can be seen in a very lovely adjoining and fitted saree which is made of small herbs in the evening It is a lot only with Honey Singh, this saree goes in the design, which is the result material, so all of you know that the result is very soft, which is a saree, then you can see the border concept, you will get complete Hai with blouse piece which is going to be sari, you get the complete pattern s matup of the back side, then it means who is a woman. If you are doing business sitting at home, then she can definitely get such varieties, along with you also get selling of clothes and till now, like me, I have nine blouse pieces, so you can stretch yourself and all the variety that is there in you.


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We get a very good profit ourselves because doing business we all know that Bigg Boss we stop, no matter what the clothes are, but in that too we get a lot of options with us, so for this today For all the details, the number given on your skin to call you in a simple way and the variety that is there, even if you want to see all the variety through video call even while sitting at home, you can still see you complete facilities. We get from here, whatever our celebrities are, you get this variety very well, it grinds you very well, then instead of the new variety that is going to be, the collection inside the sari itself is complete in strange fabric. Right now the saree I am going to show is very good, which app is going to be available in this too, so you can see that In this way a very good bootie which has been given to you and but which is its border, you get a chapati bordering the type of banna, in complete you are going to get six and a half half of your saree but the marriage does not take place in it.


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So you can see and love sari you get the work in this way you get the stitching of complete piping, I am going to get you from complete but now the blouse piece which is going to be done, you can see that in some way you can get the work done in the office collection. You can see the variety, you get very good smoothness in it and the small notice given here is also a very good collection and you get the fabric very good, so there are many such designs to see. As for the problem, it is said that the number given on your skin should call us and as soon as possible. The varieties that hail the common man sitting at home, but if you ever come to Surat, how can you visit a lot of companies at once, because there is a distance of vitamins from the station, even in the Millennium Market, the slot first processes in tow now Fifty Shades Off small size azharuddin packet but what is better than that is that you get pick up and drop bracelets from here, means you also come to Surat station, then you can call us so that you can get the driver from us.


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It happens that if you come to pick it up, then let’s first see the quality inside this sari, then after that there are many more details that will definitely tell you, then they grow next by writing and some like this snake and double border Which is also a bridal concept, you can see, for this you have to go to the lace border, now like Tulsi, what are the borders found on the flower sari as well, you can see a very cute collection. Variety of stones that go into it to set up multiple stones on texture If it is for a bridal concept or if you keep all this variety according to it, you still get it here but if I talk about these budgets, then you should keep a budget of 20000 to 25000 so that Bloody Mary’s in it. Complete collection can be ordered sitting at home, you all know that we start the business of clothes, but at the same time it is very important to have variety that it also takes a lot of time to start the business of clothes. You all know but it is also very important to have a quality waste product, so to know about many such collections or if you also have any opinion, then you must tell us 20 through comments so that you can know us too.


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That how else you are going to like the collections because now is the wedding season it is the festival season also you have golden opportunity you can start up very well and you will get very good profit that means with hundred percent solid You can say that with Candy, you are going to get all the remedies from Six One Action Replay You also get, if you are going to get all this with full facilities, then you must send your skin with us through the number you have given, you just have to call and in the same way you get all the details sitting at home. Those who order Radheshyam are also delivered to you very well that worldwide shipping is available from us, so hopefully you must have liked the design concept very much as you can see there are many designs behind you. It must be coming that whatever this collection is, you are going to get a new collection here, so just stay connected with us like this and we will see you in the next video with some new varieties but like this which variety also many designs in this You are going to get but now you must be thinking that the price is going to happen, then you all know that we are not able to tell the price because the customers we have, the challenges also come, the details go to the business by doing something. When such customers go, it becomes difficult for everyone to set up raids. So that’s why you just have to call our online tips, you get all the facilities, so stay connected like this, you are going to get all the variety from here very beautifully, till then thank you.


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