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Bridal Sarees Manufacturers: Hello I Himanshi how this Kesaria Textile Company welcomes you all once again with new thinking and new direction so you can see how beautiful the pattern we get you get goes in full fulleriya pattern inside the saree that too complete android Then along with the stagnant of the stones and the water given to you of the flowers, it looks very nice and here you can see that the whole pipin is the combination of the palaces you get inside the red color in such a way, Joyfully you will be very happy. You are going to get super and the reason is going to be a sari, in this way you get it and now you can see that the blouse you are going to get is also available in this way, so friends, now everyone knows how the Kesaria Textile Company That is the manufacturing company where you get this complete collection of laces that too only within the factory rate that means if you are getting so much variety from one place that very big things if you ever come to Surat then once Sure things on what day send all the given numbers you just have to call and go with us directly Whatever the other details are, you are going to get everything very well by our online team, you are going to be treated very well, that means how can you keep variety, if you are doing business then how much budget should you have So let me also tell the budget to them, you should keep the minimum budget which is 20000 to 25000.


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It is delivered to you from here so that the variety that is there, now if you want to do business from your home or if you are on your show then very easily you can change the customer’s test that is going to happen. They can also recognize it very well, so let’s see what I am going to show you sari right now, like the pimples variety you must have seen yourself, think which variety is this variety of ours, which are all the bridal gifts you will get. Festival season is going on. Weddings are going on a lot now, so you know such a collection, sometimes we see many people having noble designs. Very beautiful all buttons, you can see how good it looks, according to the party wear look, the perfect bride is perfect and you can also see in this that the glass water cut given to you without any meaning, the complete golden color embroidery people inside the cut. You are going to get the perfect touchup of stones here and the biggest thing you can see in this is that you are going to get mirror work here too, from a very small design, now I get you that the manufacture is like this Where whatever design you get, the concept is going to be different and here you can see how the other logo of this Kesaria Textile Company is kept on top of every saree, so that if you have a catalog name.


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If you do purchasing at home, then you can easily order all the variety that is there according to the catalog name and you get to know the color combination very well through our online team, then in this you can see the blouse pieces. Inside you are going to get the complete lace border, very beautifully you go to the quarter and The lock that will be there is not going to be very beneficial and the heavy saree collection we have here is only starting from Rs 150 and the variety in that if I talk about 500 class not only 500 plus you get variety We will get it because there are so many varieties on us, then you can also see behind me how many designs you must be seeing, but you take this idea, you have to take the whole 121, that means if you like any contact, then That whole Bantu comes means that the party can be set, the brightness of the beans can also happen because it happens that you customers come to you, they also rise from the color combination, so it is very important to have the color combination with us. It is very important to be in the design, only then the customers who are with us get attached to us like this and are never able to go anywhere else from here, this is the biggest benefit one is selling atrocities which is also the shop is driving that quick toe bay, let’s go to the new design and the new collection which is going to be complete in the digit you want.


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You are going to get a very classic design here, you can see it is very cute, whatever withdrawal I have brought for you, I am going to show you all in dark colors, so you can see that How lovely is guava people have golden color inside stones then you get kundan stones inside it and in valve sari you can see that we are going to get notice from the shop in the same way fully colorful stones also You get the piping that you are going to get properly then you can see the whole sari like we tell the cut cigarette its proper 60th proper card is going to be received with blouse piece then with blouse kiss and blouse which is sacked The benefit is available, you can see that the design of the back side is not it, you get the heater chap with it so that we do not think that you all know the variety in sales, but when we go to get the blouse stitched then We have a lot of mind that how do we get the designs made, how this concept We brought something new in us, you get all that guidance from here that you also get blouses in your face, if it is a sari then it is necessary to have a blouse and if there is a blouse then it is also necessary to have a petticoat so that everything else is like this. You can comment us to see many designs, how is our YouTube channel, by the name of Kesaria Textile Company, you must also comment on it and tell us what other varieties do you want to see because we have a manufacturing company here. So the latest latest design is also available, if you want some old apps, then you also get that means that you are going to get the All India test instead of this, it is a very good thing, so we are moving towards ID this time.


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Because there are many varieties, you all know and are not able to show in a video, then soon new designs are going to be in the middle of new designs, in this way, georgette fabric is going to happen and the result is known to all of you. But if this dream defect is found in the kitchen due to this sari, then you can see the border loop in this way. You are going to get the border people very beautifully, the stones that live in the Hamro districts of golden color, you are also going to get them here on the heater in golden and here you can see which pallu you get rid of in such a way. It is available because you are going to get inside the flower pattern and the concepts that are such are very lasting varieties and the festival season is going on, the wedding season is also going on, definitely keep all such variety from us with guarantee. We can say that it means very well that you can get a hundred percent margin, then you can see that the lace water of 9 meters is complete, you can see the border of every saree, you can see the joint ok blouse from the whole saree. You are going to get this complete border look till the piece, which is the biggest thing because it is not necessary to have the manufacture as well as the quality bus products that are there, it is very important to get it, so how come the Kesaria Textile Company does not have a pack name. The biggest trust is where you are Bhopal, then you must visit once.


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It is said that you also get the facility of pick up and drop from here, it is okay that you also get the actions that you follow within the manga and with the same, whenever you say then take it as if there is a language problem. Yes, we go to many places but we can’t find any celebrity in our own language, so here in our language you get everything effective, but we have been in these large variety, it is definitely possible to show last Friday, then it is actually At your last, he wants a lot of demand with us, a lot of bones keep on being made whenever you come, something goes on that you are going to get to see, then you can see which is very cute you are going to get here. In this way you get the cut work designs and the kundan type tubes you are going to get from this point it is very beautiful that you can see the waterloo which is given in this way you get the complete kerry pattern And here you can see that this complete pallu text is going to be found, the design of the whole Kerry which has been taken is somewhat different. We have got the style in this and the concepts which are like this are also very much liked, you are going to get full spinning inside the saree, that means the stones which are going to be washed will not come off even after washing as you can see Stones are not going to come off at all, that means with all the guarantee, all these varieties are available to you, you are going to get a lot of color combinations, you are going to get the complete schedule set, this variety is available to you, you can see it inside the blouse piece as well. The overlock is found in the same way in the back side and you also get the starting number which is on the sleeves here, then the number given on the screen has to be called again and you have to go to sex with us, all the other details are there for you.


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You get it very well because of my online team, you all know that according to our slogan, new thinking and new direction, you will not get the variety, you are going to get the idea as your business, keep progressing like this. Or will run more because the festival season is also going on then you will have golden Opportunity is there, so stay with us like this, how this Kesaria Textile Company went to YouTube channel, there you can add so many Facebook is also Instagram, you have remained with us like this, many varieties you will get I am doing research, if you want its address too, then it is going to help you completely, from here you get some special variety with the next variety, this time some different special variety is going to come, thank you watching!


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