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Punjabi Suit Wholesaler: Warm welcome as if you all know that how I get you complete collection of womens throw in textile company, if I talk about it, variety starts within 45 from quantity 45 which is the whole collection which you are purchasing online. But you will not be able to know until you visit directly, but today the variety of suit materials will be of suit materials, you all know that our Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and West Up move a lot, that’s why Because the trend that is there, the dress is only suit material, so here our pay suit material quantity starts from ₹ 145, yes, 145, which is inside, you get according variety of four piece setup cotton The variety that is there, you also get the accordion of the setup of the four features because you roam anywhere, but it is very difficult to find the variety of four pieces inside the cotton but here you can see Wherever your eyes will go, collection is the only collection.

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Question: Here you are going to see everything, you get the bar coding system here, see this, in this way you are going to get packing, you can also see the colors here, if you like the color, then you are going to get it in the same way and Here you get the complete catalogue, the barcode system whose price is going to be fixed for you, no foot will change inside it, so here you can see that many designs have been done, you are going to get these completely new patterns.

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Look, it is very light in color and in such a variety that you can get a full dupatta, yes, you are going to get a proper dupatta here, there is a designable variety of dupatta which will be cut, you are going to get 2.25 meters, the top which will remain You can see the whole of Puri which is going to be available with the designable Kashmiri work and the variety that is not there with 2 meters top, you can see here that the inner is also going to be available together, that too within 4:30 meters. Together, if you want to know the price of all these, call us immediately and message us so that all these collections What is the question, once you get the update that how many colors are there in them and how many setups of variety you are going to get, then move on to the next variety, that means today the varieties are very selective, so the same collection I am showing you.

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If I am, you can see this product is a complete heavy collection, this material is going to be found inside jam cotton, 2.5 meters full top will be available in which you can see the complete lace border when given here you get embroidery work stones When you are going to get the touch of that dupatta is 2:15 meters, you will get the chino dupatta where you will buy a lot of collections in this way, in which you can see if you want some suppression like variety then the quantity which is 585 Startup is done with the setup of four piece, just like from some customer who asked us through comment that madam the price you tell is without GST or if you are going to get the accounting with GST, then the price on us. I am showing you what is without GST which is what GST is for you To know, it is necessary to join our online team, only then you will be able to get information about all these collections easily, so now we move towards the special collection, that means now you all know that the festival season is going on but Karva Chauth is coming. It is the one which is the biggest festival of every woman, so you can see in this that you are going to get the complete design from us in this way, that means in our Punjab and Haryana only cotton is preferred, neither is it the same.

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According This is the whole collection Diamond work has been done in it, this is a variety of georgette, inside which you can see the throat work, this Puri is designed in a very nice way. There is a lot of collection which is there if you want to order according to your test then you get sales executive in your language so that you also get easy in purchasing and all this collection which is you set vice with minimum budget of 10000 It is possible to get out that the matter is set vice, so now some of our customers are here. We also think that if we want to order some variety not only inside the suit but also inside the mix, then can you order it then absolutely now you can order our sarees curtis leggings dupatta plazo suit materials lehenga as well as whatever you have like battery Every variety is available from here, so if you want to see a view of all these collections, what is the suit material or textile company on YouTube, you search all the varieties, you get all the suit materials so that you can use them.

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You will be able to get a view that the collection that we show here is not going to be the same for you, for that you will be able to easily purchase all these collections with the facility of video call, so which variety do you like more through today’s collection? I have come, call us immediately, message us and you directly join with us and do not forget to subscribe to our channel and you will definitely comment quickly, through which we get to know who is next. want to see and if you have any queries You can also tell us what it is, then press the bell icon and in the same way I will keep visiting Himanshi with some new to new collections with new to new varieties, thank you till then bye-bye!

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