Kesaria Textile Company Surat – Printed Saree Manufacturers and Wholesaler of Print Saree in India

Today’s variety of sarees is going to be in accordance with the daily routine means that customers wait, if we get a collection of some low budget sarees, then we can progress our business very well, then I am Himanshi. How do I warmly welcome everyone to the Kesaria Textile Company and how is the textile company where you get the complete collection of Ladies Way which is in Surat, if you ever come to Surat, then definitely visit once and what is here You also get the facility of direct pick up and drop so that it becomes easy for you to come, for the rest of the details, the numbers given on your screen, you have to call, message, our online three joe for you. It is going to stay together forever, so today’s variety which is going to be its collection is just starting Rs.45, inside which you are going to get a lot of designs that how are the daily routine saris in which Amrita Brick is also found a lot. As well as the design they have, the printing they have, it’s always something different.

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Inside the lug concept, it is going to be found in the back and the pattern is done, which I have typed in Leriya, should be tied or you are going to find some other variegated sarong designs here, so you can see why this design is on the rise. That I have brought for you today, it is going to happen, but the variety that is inside the phone, you all know, it is the design of others but it is also of the way, you can see that it is very soft inside the phone. And inside it you can see that there is a lot of material you are going to get here, which you can see that can make you feel very comfortable What you get here, you can see the blouse that will be inside it or understand that anything is going to be found in the same way as the Friend Chandra blouse so that the combination of it with the sari will be perfect, you will get it here and all the variety that it Starting with just 150 means first thing in 45, here without blouse, sari goes in it 101 rupees Our collection starts from Rs.165 only, which you would get pouch packing here and box packing if I talk about printed saree inside it, then only 235 provisions are started inside which if you want more features tomorrow.

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Need set up 70s need set up every concept you get here from one place so growing next design thief then next whatever designer is going to happen this you can see this is also just inside the phone and what is inside it You are going to get this complete contact with so much glass water, that too with file printing right now file printing, which you all know that we think that Bigg Boss gets spoiled after being but Boil Printing is done in many ways. It is here that all these are made with different machinery and you are going to get all the best quality designs and the blouse which will remain don’t Tony you get it and you can see the design which is very tree snake The pattern is going to be found here that I get you for printing on you, here you have some tech First pattern is also going to be available and it is all variety, don’t you have 10 plus designs inside the same which means you are going to get 10th class concept with more different designs, do top business even if through period If you want to get all these variations, then just message us, you online team will be present for you, but if you message, then it will definitely be kept in mind that whoever you are from where you are, which test is more preferred because if Area Wise Test Once we know too, then the website can tell you about it very well so that all of you are going to get the set price in an easy way, every variety that will remain, you go with different color messages.

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But there are some sarees that you get catalog wise and you get different designs and different color combinations inside it, so it happens that you all know that the daily routine is a saree. In this we can earn a maximum margin of up to 70%, but this 70% when combined with our different concepts. If you don’t get attached, you can easily set up the margin up to 15 sarees very comfortably, so that you all know that women like this special collection of sarees more that women only have sarees in India. I only like salutation because inside it our potato looks very beautiful, so you can see these sarees inside chiffon, you get variety inside chanting friend lace border in the same way tone you You are going to get the tone within which all the work of the woman has been done, you can see the complete, you get the length, you will get the same length if you visit the director here, if you want to take all these variations by measuring Even if you are, you can buy this whole collection comfortably and you can see in this also you will find some varieties here that with 9 meters of lace water, you are going to get all these varieties, then saris we have something for you. They bring only a select few, but if you want to see many more such contacts, then go home.

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Sitting sitting, subscribe to our channel so that you will continue to get notifications of all these collections and can see that now the variety that is going to be complete, you get lining in the same way that you are going to get lining because New thinking and new direction is like our slogan, nor are new designs coming here every day, in which you can see that now you can see the lace border, you are going to get the tone tone, the material is going to be very soft, which you see. You can get the complete cover of what is not there within a handful, you get such a collection here that Surat Textile Industries and biggest of all, yes, we get a lot of brokers here, due to which cheap and cheap We are also ready to take varieties, but if we are doing beans, then all of you know who invest wholeheartedly or weeks, then you will also keep in mind that not bloody or quality, buy the best, not above the price at all. Before going to know the price, it must be seen that if we will get the quality then it will not. Mara business will become like this and customers who are not connected with us will remain connected with us that you all know that customers add guests, Gods are the ones who are very important to welcome, which option is the customer who comes to whom? Even if you do not know, then the next sari brought for you is going to be tight inside the georgette, yes send 60 grams, the parrot is going to have this pattern inside it, which will give you the same way for the computer.

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You are going to get the point print hardcore chap inside it which is made inside the rose pattern and roses you all know that everyone likes very much and the saree is inside the saree if we If you get the flower design, then it becomes icing on the gold that this saliva pattern is everyone’s favorite every time, inside which you can see the lace birthday that has been used here, do not kill the very best snake, complete the lace border. The tub goes inside it and the color you are going to get inside this saree, you will find the entire English color chapter in this tomorrow. These sarees are available in the section, now you can see that the whole house is going to be found inside the design in this way, you get all the material in this way but as customers add all the variety with us, that purchase Sometimes it happens, but it is not able to move from place to place, so what you have before six minds is a pile of returns, but whatever you have, it is very important to give a little time to each variety. Surely you give time to it so that children will be disappointed once but they will definitely come to know that we get the collection that we get from All India from this place that how Kesaria Textile Company is recognized all over the world today.

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You all know that the complete collection of Ladies Way is available here, now the collection which is going to be found here from here, so whatever our new Way is associated with us, then I would definitely like to tell that Saree Scooties but Dupatta Plazo Suit material lehenga kurti and whatever is there, you get to sit here like variety and accessories here But it is drummed for selling, the order is not taken in a single piece, then you must keep in mind that five is here, until you do not digit, now you will not know how the retail companies give you the variety. -How is it going to be received, I hope you like today’s collection very much, then I will come with some more new varieties with new concept and thanks!

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