Kesaria Textile Company Surat – Ladies Suits Manufacturer and Wholesalers in Surat

So the variety that I have brought for you today is going to be very special because the variety that I have brought for you from the suit material and the suit material inside it means that whenever you come to Surat, it will take you to many merchants. But whatever collection you get here means you get the test, but you have to see that your grandfather is going to get here, if you want your location to move, then call the one given on the screen. By connecting with us, you can get a very good idea about this whole collection that you are welcome all along with the Kesaria Textile Company of our channel sees the symptoms of dengue that gives you the knowledge that you How is Indore inside you should input the collection which is subscribed inside the suit materials in such a way that you will get accordion of Daman Prem which means that you are going to get the whole thing inside here lace for diet up to you.

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I get the price that if I talk, then such a place is right, we have to end it here. Starting is done, inside you can see that the entire zari work has been done, here the length which will remain, its quality is going to be two plus full length, so let’s move on to the next concept, why the dupatta of the thing means that it can see and its The dupatta is going to come, in this way you get the font design that is complete, you are going to get this dupatta and you are going to get the attachment collection all around, that means you get the complete setup and inside it if you have You can get it in cotton by the way, thank you, you can see this and the pattern which is coming soon, in this way you are going to get it inside cotton, you get this design inside the target cotton slap, you get the whole camphor sequence here Work done inside multiple colors, you will be able to see the stolen throat pattern in the recording of tower designs This pattern has been made in such a way that the variety means that you test all India from anywhere, such tests are going to run but you If everyone lives in a village or is a settlement type area, then what is it there? Many go to friends that you all know that the girls there are fruit material, now you are going to get more such designs of pans, that too within the factory rate so you can see this scarf which You will get the work of the sequence on top of it, you will get full lace water of golden color here, you can see the whole of it, which you will get according to the cut of two and a half meters.

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Dupatta is available here, rather the scarf which is available here is from two and a half to two and a half meters and how is it in the Kesaria Textile Company, then you get the variety of English plot of two and a half meters every time but you If you want variety with in a three meter pot, then whatever you are going to get here, then move on to the next pattern, you can see the next design that is going to come, in this way you will get the complete heavy creation. It is going to be found inside means that the whole machine is also work, you get the try step, which is the neck and neck with Sirosky Diamond. You can see a very cute necklace type, you are going to get the design that after the design is completely ready, the whole suit that is made is going to look very nice and you do not need to wear necklace that in this way you will get complete Now because if I talk about the entire flight, you are going to get the complete set up here, the whole stage has been done, all this variety and what is inside it, if you press till some preparations, that means some preparations.

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If you want, whatever you get inside our kurti department, it grows next. On top of this, brothers can see that the whole scarf, which will remain in the same way, you are going to get inside the katwa, so what is inside it has made a flower design. Even small booties go to you in them, if you want to see many such contacts, pick up your phone immediately, sit at home through video call with a sales executive of your own language who can do stitching here Volume minimum budget Happens to have Rs.5,000 and with a budget of Rs.5,000, the entire collection is multi-faceted. Only then can you easily order from here because we have worldwide shipping available here, if you are going to face any problem, then let’s move on to the next concept, you can see what comes next, in this way you can design it inside cotton You can see the button inside it has been completed, you get it properly, here you can see that you are going to get the work done in the same way, Gota is so beautiful with her husband, then you will get this scarf.

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With complete digital painting, you are going to get water too, you can see both sides, in the same way you get that concept, then you are going to get many collections inside digital prints too, that too within factory rate. The collections we have here, if you want a lot of such variety in just 200 to phase, then which ones you get here and last if I talk about 3000 designs you get available here. If you go, you can see the next design and what this fabric is, it’s complete. Complete what you are going to get this design inside the important and can see that this design is going to be made of its length whatever you get along with what you will get the dupatta here means that you can see that our A lot is coming in Punjab because there are such varieties of Patiala suits, there is a lot of according to the train, so if you want to see more acid collection, then you can click on the button that came immediately so that it Once you get an idea of ​​the whole collection, how the design is going to get you in the Kesaria Textile Company, but I would like to tell you that many festivals have started now, now is the time of this season if you want to earn office So as soon as possible you can order all this collection which is there sitting with the personality of COD, from now on, whatever question delivery is also available here, you should keep a minimum budget of 10,000, if you want to invest how much, how will you deal? If you want to get that information, then you have to do it inside our You have to join together so that you will be able to take all this information well, so let’s see why the design is going to be next, this pattern is very special and such a thing happens to us here, it gets a little better.

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You can see that this quaternary is going to be found inside it, there is complete machine work inside it means that you get the accordion design of the sequence and you can see the scarf in the same way that you are going to get this scarf, the whole work inside it There are a lot of patterns with big sequences done, you will keep seeing but this variety is not going to end from here because if I talk about this suit, then we also get bike test here, you will find some of Jaipur different. We need design inside office, we want this very heavy work Banarasi which prep designs and along with it Pakistani suit material which is not there in it also goes in designs inside lone cotton also which result should be fourth which date every one You are going to get the design available here, so take care of new designs. Why the next pattern is going to come, in this way you get it, it is quite simple, it is the accordion of burnt proteins, that means routine we can take such varieties, inside which a very cute little throat pattern has been made here which is small.

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Small red color tower designer is found here dupatta inside which you are going to get saburi concept Inside you get dupatta you can see the whole suri dupatta you are going to get inside it and patience dupatta you all know the name It is a very different e-feel to hear that what some are in this way means that whatever you will get from here with quality, you will not find any shortage in it because the trust of our customers here is the most. There is a big trust because I would like to tell you that you are going to get repeat customers who are ninety percent of the customers here because they get a trust, why are online those who do testing while you are going to get offline and offline which They come to do purchasing, they are able to do online purchasing easily. I also got a minimum budget of 5,000 and then through cash on delivery here of 10,000, so here you can see the side organization that is going to be seen here, this design is going to be done, then it is completely Pakistani. You can see that the gift of the suit material is inside the georgette. With the Jhalak concept, how did you like today’s collection? I get with pencil designs, in this way set voice is going to be available, of course you get set up here and in some ways you can see more designs that means if we have collection from Pakistani suits Talk about it, thousands of concepts of you are going to get that too if you want backpacking. A Please visit the light pick up and drop that you get the facility for a destination in the description there will be no problem in the language and when you come here this is the family which is the behavior nor what you are going to see So in the last I would like to tell you that if you want to do business then there is risk inside every business but it is very important to give time to what we have and along with giving time, you all know what is there. There is a lot of competition in the business of clothes, there are ups and downs, but how to move forward in this ups and downs, then we have to stick to what is there, that means keep the collection of the same, the customer who Will keep connecting with you and if you keep on boiling Vijay well then I will be this machine.

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