कॉटन साड़ी के सबसे बड़े मैन्युफैक्चरर Cotton Saree Factory | Cotton Saree Manufacturer In Surat

Cotton Saree Factory: No thinking and new direction with how I was Himanshi I warmly welcome all of you to Kesaria Textile Company and how for Textile Company You all know that Surat’s biggest manufacturing company is where you have the women’s way at one place. If we get a complete collection, then every time we keep on bringing a lot of collections for you, then especially the collection which is going to happen today, I have brought our South’s test, which means that cotton varieties grow inside now. Why this collection, see our collection here, which cotton sarees get started from quantity 99 rupees but this is the first collection going to start from quantity 365 and if I talk about the piece inside it, then the piece will get you with the setup of 6 pieces. If I get it, then see this first which variety you are going to get inside cotton in a similar way, you get a touch up of very fancy cotton inside in which you see the pallu, you will get the pallu in the very best way Triangle type design has been made inside it with touch up of stones. And here you can see that a skirting concept is also being liked inside every variety, so even if you are going to get the concept here, so why next designing why this concept is completely cotton inside cotton It is about to be found and in this jaripatta you can see the accordion of the Rambo you get inside it and here you are going to get the pattern of complete embroidery work, this will be a complete catalog named straight, inside which you can see the color of the century. With the concept of light color, you get the collection which is so great, if you want to buy then keep a minimum budget of 10000 and all the collections in this way, you can buy set vice from here Ji Han How the Kesaria Textile Company is dealt only in wholesale, if the order is not taken in single piece, then why increase the next collection, then see the next collection which is going to be complete in this way, it is going to be a complete organza pattern.

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Inside you get the price if I talk about the quantity 405 to Rs. Starting means that the price is also so reasonable, if this variety if you want to take retail accord, then 405 then you are going to get pay per piece here but according to retail, these varieties are what you get with dugnik dugnik And in which you can see that the lace border of a very simple quota strip is given inside it, you also get the pattern of tasls here, while you can see the whole century inside the pallu, in the same way. Color combinations are going to be available because there are colors in which such bright designs are very much liked, you can also see the blouse is inside the whole red color, that too with the stripe, so you can see the blouse. With the continuing linings, you get that too here you are going to get a touch up of the lace border, then the blouse is going to get you along with the price as I told you the quantity which is 405 to such a century would have started. So, when you want to get all this set vice, then you will get the facility of transportation.

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World wide shipping is going to be available, but if you want to order it in any corner of India, then you also get the facility of cash on delivery, that too through your pin code, if you are going to get transport facility. You will get it very easily, so why go on the next collection, then see the concept that is going to be next, in the same way, which is going to be a catalog named Highlight, now let me talk about its price, four four five means from Rs 445 like this Variety gets started, inside which you are going to get the setup of a total six piece. Tone-to-tone designing has been made inside this flower pattern along with Sirohi’s diamond, which is according to the mail printing, if you want the design here, then you are going to get the collection as well, then we will bring it for you. Collection keeps on coming if you want to purchase sitting at home With the facility of sitting video call, you can also purchase varieties from here, if I would like to tell you like if you want to see the collection of cotton sarees directly and not only what is there, now go to YouTube channel Searching option How are only cotton sarees inside the Kesaria Textile Company, if you search there are many collections, you will get an idea of how-to-how-patterns which are set vice you are going to get here because of the variety so we have countless thousand plus You get the concepts because there is a very big manufacturing company from where if you want to join then not only do you have to buy the variety but if you get the history of how you can grow in the business, then move on to the next collection.

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So look at the next one which is going to be collected in a similar way, in the same way you get whatever organs you have inside the pattern, the quantity which is such a beautiful pattern has started from 405, inside which you can see the brand new design. party wear concept If you want variety, if you don’t want the boutique test, then all these collections are going to be very much in demand because right now you all know that the festival season is going on, everyone wants to design in such a way that they get what they want. If you are different, then look at this is a very plain century, a simple border has been made here, you can see the tasals on both sides, you are going to get the pattern of tasals and inside it you see a very cute lotus type pattern with flower designing inside You get what is going to be received within the century till the length of 6:30, it is now a matter of how many colors are going to be in this century, then if you want to know about the colors, call us immediately and message us. Through the online team, you get the facility of PDF and what is the price wise of the whole collection and how and how many patterns are going to be found inside it, once you get the idea, then why increase the next collection. So look at the next pattern that is going to come in a similar way, which is very cute.

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I am going to get it with colors, if I talk about its price, quantity starts from 579, yes, you are going to like this collection very much because such sarees are not only specially in South but our Rajasthan I also live in a lot of demand because when it comes to gota patti, it is not the most unique and such varieties, their fashion never goes away, so if you start a business, keep a minimum budget of 10000 and in this you will see a lot of designing. Very lovely work has been done of gota patti and such collections are on the manufacturing company of the entire textile company and manufacturing has been done inside which you can see the colors are also very best you are going to get, now you can see very It is a beautiful color, now you are going to get the blouse together, in which language do you want to watch the video, then you basically comment what I am now, whether you are in Telugu, in Malayalam, in Tamil or what is you in Gujarati. If you want to see the video inside, then you also have the essence in it.

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You will be able to see all the videos of this because you will be sent the link aansor, then move on to the next collection, then look at the next pattern which is about to come, in a similar way, you get the cotton within the century whose price is going to be 6 0 5 g Han 605 Only for this price within this variety you get, in which you see the complete of Saturn Patti which is going to get touch ups within this century, this whole catalog will be named Tanya and inside you see the design which Wasn’t it a very best team, the pattern is going to be found inside it because the design inside it, we get to see it for a very long time and such concepts are going to be found on top of the soft material because when If such a variety is made in our factory, then you will also find many different patterns inside it, for which you get the facility of PDF, then move on to the next variety, I am hoping to take screenshots so that what is there You should not be left behind in getting updates about the varieties, if you have If you get what is inside this festival season, you will be able to set up your margin very well and in the same way, you can go ahead inside the business, then move on to the next design, why do you need to print in this way? You can’t go through the catalogue, what kind of pattern you will get and seven zero nine means that from Rs 709 such variety, we get started here, inside which you will get the full range of starting here.

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Inside which the entire fruit is printed, you can see the blouse, in the same way with file printing, you get Puri designing within the century, that means not only the front but up to the length of 6:30. If you get the whole concept designable in this way, then if you want to get updates of many such collections, then immediately call us and message us and join us like this because Kesaria Textile Company is such a manufacturing company. Where you are not going to find any shortfall in the collection. Because you will not be able to see much variety only through online purchasing, that’s why whenever you want to come to Surat, then you must take the sun once and come here directly, which is inside the Millennium Market, inside B Block First Floor 3031 and 3032 Saffron Direct visit to the Kesaria Textile Company, all the collection which is according to you, buy here there is not going to be any boundation of the budget as much as the collection you want to take if you have a single set that means here you can see in this way if you Even if you want to purchase a single set, you will be able to do it very comfortably from here, so you will get good detailing of the whole collection, that too through our online team because when we order variety through transportation then your inside it. How much budget is going to be, according to which charges you are going to get, then you will be able to estimate it only after joining the diet with us, so that is why the numbers are given on the screen, call immediately if you come to the diet by visiting here.

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