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Cotton Bedsheet Manufacturer: Hello I am Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you to the Kesaria Textile Company and how the textile company which you all know is the biggest manufacturing company of Surat where you get the collection of engine which is women spare under one roof. So especially today’s collection is going to be on the bedsheet, every time we see some sarees, curtis leggings, dupatta, plazo suit materials or lehengas, we keep seeing many collections but bedsheets also have a different demand. If so, the variety that I have brought today, here you can see the bed sheet because you are going to get the fabric inside the whole cotton, which will be very soft material, you are going to get and run and durable whatever you have here. Here all the designs are available here, that means if I talk about the pricing, then see this bar coding system, the price is going to be 589, and here you can also see 589, its price is from the price. But the designs which are there tell you different different here.

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Now you can see the design inside it too, a very cute pattern has been made according to the double bedsheet and along with this we also get double pillow covers, yes, if we get double pillow covers together, don’t we? Separately, we do not need to include the set, rather you have to come to the diet here, all this collection is there, you can buy the set here with a minimum budget of 10000, right now if I talk about its price. The price from Karoon is 589, you are going to get it directly, now we will see how you are going to get the design inside it, so see this packing, you also get very beautiful and inside it you can see something like this You are going to get folding, what is cut now, you get the proper one inside the double bed sheet and see this, in this way you will get the complete material, which is absolutely soft material, which is after washing it. You get even more softness and look at the stitching that is done inside it, here you can see.

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We are going to get stitching on both sides in this way with very fine detail and this is the printing, no matter how much you wash it but still it is not going to get spoiled, you will get complete guarantee from here. It is available because how is the Kesaria Textile Company on the manufacturing company, whatever the collection will be made, whatever designs are going to be made from here, if you get the absolutely wonderful collection, then it happened that we saw bedsheets but along with this you are also going to get pillow covers. Look at this, in this way, you get pillow covers here, see this, you are going to get a proper cut, that’s all of the pillow covers, we need pillow covers, then you also get this much cut. You are going to get the stitch, here you get the proper design of the machine, which you are going to get absolutely comfortable and you can see in this too, here you see in the back side you see the whole printing you are going to get together.

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At the same time, whatever is there from here, you have to add on the pillow, then you also get full facility for it. It goes here that according to the proper setup, variations are made here so that if you purchase, if you are doing business, then your customer does not face any problem, then I hope today’s design will give you a lot. If you would have liked it, then I have taken only a short time for you, inside that I show you some selected varieties in which you can see some other designs you get here, you want bright color, want light color, which is exactly the inflammatory colors if you want.

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You are going to get every concept here, but what we have to do is what we need to subscribe to the channel and what is there, you will definitely tell us by commenting that today’s collection was what type you were Did you like the designs or did not like it and where do you belong from, which is the next collection you want to see, then you will definitely tell us through the comment, you can call us, you can message, you get its facility. For now, we have seen the whole collection, but if you have any more collection under the bed sheet. If you want to see the rate, go to the YouTube channel and search there, how to do bedsheet, Kesaria Textile Company, then you will be able to see all the variety which is in one side only, then the update of all these collections which is there if you want to take more Join us through such a video call, you get Keshu delivery inside India where you get the facility of transport through the facility of pay pin code and with this I will keep coming with new products from some news thank you till then

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