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Brasso Saree Manufacturer Surat: The variety that is going to be there will be a collection of Brasso Sarees, the startup is going to start from 250, the last one you have is 1500 which means up to 15000, here you get the variety, you are going to get the very best, here the way you will get The cut of the blouse is found, the complete file is printed, now you can see how much rough and top do it, yet it is not going to get spoiled, how beautiful pallu you get here Completely which is the century, according to the carry pattern You are going to get a look after wearing the design inside it and we do not know it within a century. If I do, you get thousands of patterns available from one place inside the audio, that too all you have to buy the share price because here we only deal in fruit selling, order is not taken in single piece So in short these cities which are going to happen today, Brasso will be the collection of the century, inside which If you get different different patterns, then look at the first collection that is going to happen, in a similar way, you get the meaning that along with this you get all these concepts with blouse, then first of all this century you can see the length for you.


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6:30 is about to be found and in that the whole Brasso pattern is made inside it, Brasso designs are made on many fabrics and the pattern of the century remains the most different. Everything is going to be the best, here is the double border concept, so all these collections which are there now can be ordered sitting at home, in the same way you get the pallu, in this way you get the cut of the blouse, the proper cut will remain as many centimeters. Should be of as much as you are going to get, then grow the next collection, why see this, the entire file is printed, this entire catalog is going to be named Golden Lady, will take screenshots immediately if you like any variety, so that Whatever it is you will know the price better whenever you message or call us.


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No normally you tell the catalog name if you will come to know how many color combinations you get inside it, the next one which is going to be conceptualized now, in some way you get it, this is complete bull printing which is according to mail print You are going to get how much rough and tough you do it, yet this fruit print is not going to be spoiled, very cute, but it has been made with multiple colors, which is complete, which is here according to the flowers design you blouse If you get it then you are going to get such colors, you are going to get double shaded accordion as you can see that some collections of similar methods are now available with the facility of direct which is PDF, but if you go home If you want to do with the facility of sitting video call, you get that facility from here, the next collection which is about to come is very cute color because this light color accordion you get this variety then first of all We would like to see the blouse blouse that is going to stay Some small booties like this Which has been made according to the ongoing work, now the collection of the century is increasing and now this is what you are going to get completely pallu, here a very beautiful pick has been made, whose accordion its beauty increases even more inside the century.


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The flower design that has been made here, you are going to get it with bull printing in the same way, you can see that no matter how rough and top you do it, still it is not going to get spoiled, according to the zigzag pattern, the border has been made here. If you have all such collections, you can keep a minimum budget of 10000 sitting at home according to the festival season and all these varieties can get upset victory and the rest of the transportation is going to be available on us, then world wide shipping is going to be available here. If there is no problem, then you want to know about these sariter, you can also make a small comment right now that you want to see the accordion of the next Brasso pattern, the next pattern which is going to come, in this way you will get more different.


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Flower design comes with a different design concept Not the sign, but the butterfly pattern is going to be accorded, here you can see very beautiful all the patterns have been made, the colors which will remain very cute colors you are going to get and the most important thing is its pallu, you can see how much You can see the name of the beautiful pallu you get here, this whole catalog is going to be named Golden Lady, inside which you get a complete set of six pieces and see what the blouse will be, in the same way you will get it with this bright color This catalog is going to be named American Brasso, so see this Completely which is century, you are going to get the carrying pattern, the border is made, with the ongoing work you get this shining, here is the length of 6:30 You are going to get a plain blouse, along with the blouses of this type, we also have the retirement of Aster, so they are also available here on us, the quantity starts from ₹ 15 and that is what you are going to get the complete setup. Is it like color’s accordion or dark color’s accordion is needed?


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You get the concept available, the next pattern is it is inside some brassos but what is inside it you are going to get the concept of lace border and in this you see dark color, you will get the complete setup of the whole five piece and see this proper Braso name is going to be this complete catalogue of Kesaria Textile Company is completely made with very beautiful pattern seen in its century and there are many such collections we will keep bringing it for you but now give us a small comment Will definitely tell which is the next concept you want to see, that means, you are going to get many collections like sarees, curtis leggings, dupatta, plazo suits, materials, lehengas, blouses and bedsheets with the same, so in all these collections, your area wise which test is more Please give us a small comment, do not forget to subscribe to our channel, do it immediately, press the bell icon so that you will stay connected with us like this, I hope you liked today’s variety very much. will be something Selected concept but I will keep coming with some more collection till then thanks for watching!


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