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Saree Manufacturer in Kolkata: You wedding season has also just started, so why should we buy a very good collection of names to include in our shop and that too along with the color combination we get in the Variety World Activate, isn’t it too much? If I get more help, then how do I warmly welcome all of you once again with these new thinking and new direction of Himanshi retail companies, then I have gone to the growing first collection, not all of the collection that is going to happen today. I am going to show heavy work saree inside it because if Rakhi is about to arrive, till the heavy sarees are not there then the function is incomplete then she has brought it in the collection because it is soft for you and it is inside the fabric which you can see It is a very good design, but the color that is not there is going to be very open mother color, which means that you can get such designs as you like, it can be seen that Neeraj’s bad work has been done, the whole machinery and You get the typing that has been made here, it remains a sari, or you get a very good feeling in it, so you can get it.

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You get the complete attachment, you all know that inside the sari you get the voice of dreams, all the fabrics should have the same pattern suit, it is not necessary that inside all the patterns you have different designs inside different styles. You will get this work inside the whole sari which means you get the bushes type design in the whole sari now with 1611 if you get the sari then heavy work sari Heavy work sari also have the titan of blouse inside it If it is necessary then you can see that your blouse is also going to be designed in the same way, so even today you get it together so that the stitching you go to get done, neither it is necessary to have proper people with you. So there is a lot of variety that happens here, you can see state wise, you will be able to see only two pieces from its set up, which starts these heavy saris here, now we are showing saris but now you You must be thinking that madam please can adopt starting price once then more starting The price of our sarees here starts at just Rs.45. Yes, what I am saying is absolutely correct. Only ₹ 40 is the starting price, even if you want to come to Surat anytime, whenever the sun comes, once.

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Do visit us here again in the Kesaria Textile Company, where you will be able to purchase all these varieties very easily yourself, you will also see yourself that you all know as long as you do not buy any variety after seeing us. Even a little we can not believe that to tell all of you that a clothing business is such that when the variety becomes oil fashion, we do not know at all when it comes to the train, so keep the collection inside the whole mix because When customers visit us, if they see the variety once, then they know that this design is going to come back to us like how the Kesaria Textile Company Nokia is recognized all over the world, that is also the reason for the variety that is available here. Isn’t quality is available, but the design is that if you are not going to get anywhere, then you grow. Why the next design what is going to be the next concept in this way you are going to get this pattern and this fabric inside the net basic which has made its border you can see the whole new designing variety are a party they are according to their In this and also you can see the colors that you are going to get from the used or very unique colors and inside you can see the border, a very cute border has been made, the flower pattern is also visible here, you will be able to see the zari work.

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Till now there is no work of sari through and sequence inside it till marriage or functions are not highlighted in it at all and when wearing saris you all know that there is definitely an ideal of women that if we have a new If you have not seen the button, then we also want some similar pattern, then you will get this sari with different designs on the mercy and all of you and back, according to the 1716 set up on the store, here Varieties will be found. It is that if you have color questions, then customers will be able to connect with snakes easily, so here we have But what is the box packing variety, some if I talk about the set up again that you can see which variety of set up of pieces I am going to see you here, in which color you get more of the whole English color Victim that if you want convenience then you are also going to get period facility here that you all know the customers who are once if you see the color and other people see then they get the idea that the designs of this saree How is it going to happen so that we keep bringing very few selected varieties for you, want to see more good collections through videos, you can click on the I button and all this collection which once you have an idea You can take how-to designs you will get here, so grow next design thieves but those traders who are doing clothes business and are looking for some such new design sarees get time and many more then you who are dry one Connect with the manufacturer and you must know with the joining of the manufacturer, but the design is being found here, it is with it.

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Also how is the quality of that fabric that like these sarees you can see that you are going to get it inside this rangoli pattern but what is inside it you get the work of cut time sequence which is tone tone which is here You are going to get the complete work from the thread you can get because the pallu is so excellent, then you can see the work you get in such a way inside the whole body part and if we go to the whole work, not the saree. The one potato she has after wearing it inside comes very different that the identity of a woman does not mean that this Indian woman is incomplete until she wears that sari, that sari is our biggest say. So all this variety which is here, you get thousands, in which you are going to get news new patterns in the coming days, how the Kesaria Textile Company lives and the measurements that move forward very quickly are the pain, the next design thief then the next one. The concept is about to come, something similar to what I have come up with and all the variety jams inside this pattern are unique for you. If you all know which party they went to or official for that, if you want variety, then similar patterns are very much liked by girls, then you can see this whatever weakness Kashmiri type work was done inside it Which has been done very neatly because until the sarees are not inside, their appearance remains incomplete, but in a job in a Kesaria Textile Company it is made with full attention. Those who subscribe even after coming to our office, after that they are done with full chatting so that you do not have any problem inside you and if you do something similar in the news, then by the way, we will talk about something here. But there are such collections inside bridal that you get with dupatta and there are some such varieties that you are going to get the concept of sarees with readyment blouse, the collection of mantra is so many now you must be wondering what is the price -What is going to happen, then you get all the variety in the price, everyone has to meet the bar coding system here.

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Well, you can see this weakness, you get the tag here, the price is already mentioned to you and it will be offline purchasing and then online, the price is going to be semi for all the customers, how the name of the Kesaria Textile Company is not only There is also the biggest trust, here the collection which is shown to you inside the video, while the collection comes to you within the hour or delivery, then you can see that it is absolutely the material you are going to get because what is after is very less. And it has been made here, now it was done on Friday, you must be able to see that the border of the net is here, which is the complete machinery and that you are going to get it here, which is its beauty and what is it? Ab Dekh sakte is a very good friend but because of the people of its border, the view of this saree is not going to be found in a different style, so many such designs would have been found inside the South’s test. And all this collection that you can buy with just a minimum budget of Rs.5,000 but for you Which is a golden opportunity and it means that from now on how COD is available in the Kesaria Textile Company, please all of you know when you used to do online purchasing, then you face only a little problem in how to make payment. It is not going to happen at all from now on, but if you do purchasing through COD, then I will definitely keep a budget of those 10,000 so that it becomes easier for you to purchase more varieties and in the same way now move towards its blouse.

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You can see that now it is going to be a blouse, in the same way you get a blouse according to the patch work here, you are going to get the full cut here, so you can also see that in the same way you are going to get the design. Waverider If you want a village, then you are going to get the same design here and if you get it state wise, then I hope you have liked the varieties very much and you will definitely tell us by commenting that the next variety is named. I will write like this, okay now till we do not comment, we should also It is not known which test we have brought for you, so when our customers comment, then we also go to a little help in choosing the variety for you and like that, you can also subscribe to our channel so that you News new collection notifications will continue to be received, then I will die with some new varieties, thank you for that but if you have subscribed to our channel till now, whatever you like and not only then immediately reply back to all of you. Know that when we do 10 that too either of clothes or inside it we always need new to new design.

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