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Hello, I am Himanshi, if not from Kesaria Textile Company, I have come once again with new direction, taking some cotton variety, everyone knows how to start from 90 in Kesaria Textile Company, inside which something is very beautiful in this way. That you get Rashmi’s collection here and the collection is going to happen more, then this pure ghee and inside it you can see which you can see the whole thing but you will be able to see it and it is completely made inside that. Along with this you can see the ginger made through the carry pattern and in this you can see that you can see this border inside the top, you can see that very cute design concept According means digital printing The accordion has been made, now there are sarees, you all know that they are very much liked in all India, so whether for the concept in that party or if you like it very much for some office wear look, then you can see in it.

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Can something like this and the name of the games volume is going to be full can talk and if look You can guess that the blouse is very cute inside the printer and the people that you are going to get in such a way that you are going to get the utensil new design why but look at this next collection, I would like to show you first of all this you see. You can go to Contra Voucher with the very cute black color inside the black color, that too color can be seen in the perfect collection and those who have taken this complete catalog named snake can now see how the whole branding is done for you. It is going to be seen as well as the print of your choice I can see that now this saree is going to be black color but the flower design which was introduced in black color is not very classic variety you will get here And such varieties are in high demand, if you are running a boutique, then such varieties of beauty are going to be very much sold and in that too you all know that it is the festive season, there is a lot inside the festival season.

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All the functions are small or big, so there is such a design in them, Jyoti Fashion The K According is very much in the train, so the catalog of which can be seen back now, in this way you are going to see the complete overall look and the variety that is inside the same lineage inside it gives you different patterns. Along with who is going to get all this, then why the increasing Yagya 180, why the next collection is light color in this way, light color is light color but its designer that she is going to be very special in which you can see her complete There will be a complete catalog named Garden Beauty, inside it you can see that the design has been made very cute, now the suit designer is going to get you the complete brush friend’s accord, yes this point is going to be no machine work.

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Rather, the entire brush friends have been done inside it, you can see that it is not going to get spoiled even after washing here by using the front and that is what you get with full quality, now talk about it fruits So look at the pallu that will remain, in this way you are going to get the whole class of the whole class, which means that it will be cut right. Here through the border, you can see that the whole machine has been made here, you did not see any shortage in getting it here because whatever is made here, full care is taken that the customer should add quality companion products to them. Mill Management Design Look at this, in this way you live with it and you can design it all outside, it is very much in demand in every single collection very easily with reasonable price because all If the skin is too much, then you must do it, if you want that you want to take more inside it than you demand, then you can order it very easily if you want, you will get it here you want non people want variety If you get here from every angle, then the next varieties grow but we are showing you a lot of designs, do not forget any question you like because you message that if you demand then we will provide you If it is easy to do, then all of you like this white and white color, it stays in its own style. So you can see that this is the one, its design is about to come, see this collection which is complete, every effort has been made inside it and here you can see that it is very much seen at the same time.

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Which is how we get deputy in this Kesaria Textile Company because we have all such designs here, now if I talk about this collection, then you can see this very cute setup but flower design is made inside it belt You will be seeing in the pattern and here you can see that you are going to get a complete touchup of the type, so the collection that we have, you will get 2030 plus design inside it, all of which you will get back to its set up. Along with this and that too through the catalog you are going to get the design, so let’s move on to the next design, why if I talk about this design now, then there is another pattern inside it and see this design is going to come, in this way you will get something What is inside it is very cute, only made and I would like to tell you that such a variety is there in the party.

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Which is liked for but if you are driving then it is going to be very much liked, you can also see the flowers are very beautifully made inside it, so all these collections if you want to know Want price soft message on time so that you can easily know that it should be priced along with designs that there are many more collections like you can see within this year want variety or else you need more A lot of collections are needed here, the list has become like this variety or something like this, you want to test the whole South and like Garba is about to come, then Garba’s accordion if you want variety and mal mal cotton means then only in me. I am showing you through demo so that you like any design, now order all the collections that you have in a hurry, because you all know that the festival season is such that the customer who wants it has some idea of varieties. Neither does it happen nor can he set up his business very quickly, so with this I keep Himanshi coming. If you have a new collection of news for you, then subscribe to us, do not forget to press the bell icon, this will ensure that you will continue to get updates from new to new videos new to new varieties, till then thank you bye-bye!

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